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Liz Wilson writes on the Paper.li community blog: "I had my first online argument recently.


I didn’t enjoy it, as I detest arguing in public (or even at all), but this seemed to matter. Not in the way that poverty or injustice or corruption matter.


But it was important to me because I felt my adversary was simplifying to the point of losing meaning, which seems to be almost a way of life where a new or complicated word is involved.

It was an argument about the term “content curator” and what it means. I had started an online discussion asking for examples of content curation in internal communications (because it’s one of my fields of interest).

The only response was more than I had bargained for.


My correspondent felt vehemently that “curator” was a lexical relic, exhumed from a dusty Victorian dictionary by software manufacturers hyping their wares. He strongly advised professional communicators not to confuse their clients by using this “jargon”. “Editor” would do fine.


I wasn’t convinced… but… did he have a point?"


Insightful. 8/10


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