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Bible and Christianity

Bible and Christianity | promienie |
Manly P. Hall - Lectures - Individual Tapes
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#philosophy · #Bible and #Christianity
— Lectures by Manly P. Hall 


• Armageddon - War Ends in Peace
• Christ in the Realms of the Dead
• Christian Gospels Not in the Bible
• Christmas, the Day When Divine Love Was Made Flesh
• Earth Is the Lords and the Fullness Thereof
• Face of Christ and Master of the Blue Cape
• Hidden Church of the Holy Grail
• Miltons View of Paradise Lost and Regained
• New Commandment - Love Thine Enemies
• Personal Experience of the Christian Mystery
• Reflections on Esoteric Christianity
• Resurrection Mystery
• St. Paul at the Altar of the Unknown God
• St. Paul the Initiate Apostle
• The Solar Christmas 


Scooped by promienie!

The Buddhist Dead

The Buddhist Dead | promienie |
The Buddhist Dead : Practices, Discourses, Representations by Bryan J. Cuevas & Jacqueline I. Stone In its teachings, practices, and institutions, Buddhism in its varied Asian forms has been - ...
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