Professional development of Librarians
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Professional development of Librarians
Topics considered of interest in the professional development of librarians from the public, specialist and educational sectors.
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We Think, YouTube animation based on book by Charles Leadbeater

A new book by Charles Leadbeater, 'We Think' explores the potential of the latest developments of the internet...


> The Internet as enabler of mass innovation!


"We Think explores how the web is changing our world, creating a culture in which more people than ever can participate, share and collaborate, ideas and information.

Ideas take life when they are shared. That is why the web is such a potent platform for creativity and innovation.

It's also at the heart of why the web should be good for : democracy, by giving more people a voice and the ability to organise themselves; freedom, by giving more people the opportunity to be creative and equality, by allowing knowledge to be set free.

But sharing also brings with it dilemmas.

It leaves us more open to abuse and invasions of privacy.

Participation is not always a good thing: it can just create a cacophony.

Collaboration is sustained and reliable only under conditions which allow for self organisation.

Everywhere we turn there will be struggles between people who want to freely share - music, films, ideas, information - and those who want to control this activity, either corporations who want to make money or governments who fear debate and democracy. This conflict between the rising surge of mass collaboration and attempts to retain top down control will be one of the defining battles of our time, from Communist China, to Microsoft's battle with open source and the music industry's desperate rearguard action against the web."


First 3 chapters here (for free):


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Teacher/Librarian Collaboration – From a Teacher's Perspective

"The library is one of most the perfect places for beyond the classroom learning. It is the place where students are, or should be encouraged to explore other worlds, to develop their imagination, to think about the impossible. This process of inquiry is what makes learning a beautiful thing and this crucial step, the jewel, is something commonly missed when teachers plan a new unit of work. Sometimes we fail to go back to the basics. We replace simple words such as finding out and enjoyment with success and assessment. Often teachers can forget about the process and cast their eyes only to the outcome."

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Curriculum Collaboration

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RUSA - Re-envisioning the Role of the Librarian as Educator in the Digital Age

RUSA - Re-envisioning the Role of the Librarian as Educator in the Digital Age | Professional development of Librarians |

This is an updated perspective on blended librarianship.

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