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Do you know what localization is ? If so, you can probably stop reading, right now. If not, you might want to continue.

A lot of people think that localization is just a fancy name for translation, but it is not.

So what is it ?

Localization is making a product linguistically ready for a specific locale.

Locale is another word for: specific geographic market.

It is important to note that it is about a product, and not just a text. Translation is about text, and localization is about an entire product. What is usually meant by product is: software product.

Localization entails making terms, phrases, words, dates, figures, icons, buttons, functions, and even colors specific to a locale.

Did you know that the color white often signifies death in Asian cultures ? Do you still want your product to be white, or do you want to choose a different color that does not signify death in that locale ? Did you know that that icon of a finger pointing looks really good in America, but is offensive in Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, and China ? Do you still want it to point, or do you want to change it to something less offensive ?

Via Charles Tiayon