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After the launch of their YouTube channel TED Ed have now announced the TED Ed video platform - with the strapline "Lessons Worth Sharing"


As you would expect, the platform is built around content from TED Ed partners and YouTube Edu Partners. Content is organised by subject and context and teachers can build various learning activities, and questions around this content.


More importantly the platforms potential reaches out beyond the featured content, orgamised into subjects and themes to any content in YouTube - and that is its strength.  As Chris Anderson of TED states in his post:


"the goal is to allow any teacher to take a video of their choice (yes, any video on YouTube, not just ours) and make it the heart of a lesson"


Teachers can register to join the platform and create their own video based  learning resources. I think this is an important development in video for learning and the important  thing is that it is open to all around the world.

Via theo kuechel