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7 Key Elements for Viral Content - Business 2 Community

7 Key Elements for Viral Content - Business 2 Community | Product Placement |

Creating viral content that taps into the human psyche is the holy grail for many marketers. 


Going viral is quite possibly the fastest, most cost effective method to publicize your business on a grand scale. The beauty of a viralYouTube video that when combined with a tweet and mass media, is that your brand will make a memorable impression on a huge audience within a short time.


A classic example of a viralmarketing campaign is Blendtec’s “Will it Blend?” series, which was viewed by millions and raised the company’s sales of blenders over 700%. And viral content means your viewers do the work of spreading your product and brand for you.


That is the beauty of crowd sourced marketing.


So a viral video is a publicist’s dream and a marketers hope for fame but there’s just one question: How do you do it?


What makes something go viral in the first place? Here are 7 key elements of most viral marketing pieces with some fun examples.


Via Laura McKenzie
Ella McGreal's insight:

A great example of viral marketing as well as direct marketing.

Social media is a great opportunity for organizations to increase brand awareness and equity, as well as being cost effective.

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How brands are completely missing the point on anonymous social ...

How brands are completely missing the point on anonymous social ... | Product Placement |
When it comes to anonymous social network Secret, social media marketing's approach has been business as usual: Leap first to be first, consider the ramifications and things like strategy later. How else do you explain Gap's ...
Ella McGreal's insight:

Brands are completely missing the point of some social networking sites.

They're so eager to promote, advertise, and gain awareness they're losing all creativity.

Consumers don't buy products because the company told them to, they buy them for a reason whether it be a need or simply social status.

Companies need to be sure they're continuing to market in a smart way before they make fools of themselves.

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Food Photography: How to Get the Best Shot

Food Photography: How to Get the Best Shot | Product Placement |
This article is brought to you by Samsung, from the company's website. For more information about BrandSpeak, click here.

Via FoodPreneurs
Ella McGreal's insight:

Great insight for anyone who uses direct marketing in the food business, whether it be a restaurant on their website or just a food enthusiast. Direct marketing is a great cost effective way of reaching your consumers.

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The greatest product placement ever? - FullStart

The greatest product placement ever? - FullStart | Product Placement |
For those in the marketing industry, product placement is nothing new. Iconic brands paying money to be showcased in high profile media is the name...

Via Thomas Faltin
Ella McGreal's insight:

I completely agree with the author when he says this is the greatest product placement ever.

Product placement is very important for marketers, however a lot of the time product placement is embarrassingly obvious to the consumers, which more than likely ends up with a less than great outcome for product sales.

Marketers need to think outside the box. The article states that ultimately "it comes down to taking advantage of social media".

Social media has been an incredible game changer in marketing and advertising that it needs to be utilized as much as possible.

Social platforms have changed the way product placement works how much they've changed the potential magnitude of an ad campaign’s success.

The value of product placement in marketing and branding is much higher when the focus is on the experience provided by the product, not the product itself. 

Mathew Weir's comment, October 1, 2014 8:56 PM
Iconic brands paying money to be showcased in high profile media is the name of the game. With the advent of social media, these product placements have gotten bigger, crazier and more expensive. Known as the selfie of all selfies it took the general public almost a week to realise that this act was not just a spur of the moment thing but was really just a clever marketing tactic by Samsung and ultimately boosted sales
Payton Cox's curator insight, October 5, 2014 2:32 AM

I completely agree with this, the Oscar selfie orchestrated by Ellen DeGeneres and Samsung was sheer brilliance! The reason it was so successful was that it actually boosted sales for Samsung, which is the main objective of product placement. It did so because it focused on the experience the product provides (A-lister selfie) rather than the product itself.

Millie Watson's curator insight, October 19, 2014 8:27 PM

The collaboration between samsung and the oscars was an example of the one most successful product placement campaigns. Ellen took a selfie with multiple famous actors which was then posted on twitter and received over 3 million retweets. This response was huge publicity for samsung and with barely anyone realising that product placement was happening right in front of them