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How Open Data Can Revolutionize Environmental Reporting

How Open Data Can Revolutionize Environmental Reporting | Process |
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5 videos on connected learning

5 videos on connected learning | Process |

Here are four very powerful videos from the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub that are guaranteed to make you think hard about learning, teaching, and schooling. You can watch them all in less than half an hour.

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António Maneira's curator insight, February 7, 2013 11:12 AM

Asking the right questions is always the most important. Thinking about learning taking into account the student experience is a great idea!

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How To Train Your Employees To Handle Social Media

How To Train Your Employees To Handle Social Media | Process |

An important step for a brand that has a social media strategy, and wants to avoid crises, is to ensure that employees understand how to use those tools.

This Infographic by Mindflash demonstrates that 76% of companies do not have a clearly defined social media policy.

Social media consultants can be an expensive addition to your business. But in this day and age, no company can operate without a sound social plan.


Your best social media team might actually be your current workforce. But how can you find your company’s natural social media rock stars and get your entire team on board with your goals?


The Infographic breaks down how your team members will likely react to the need for social media training. For example, some of your employees may already have popular social media channels in their personal lives, while others may be opposed to your business’ push online.


Keep in mind that your team probably represents a wide range of social media experience. This will help you know how to identify the different groups and understand how to best get them ready to implement your strategy.


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Leaders Online's curator insight, December 11, 2012 10:58 AM

Hoe kun je je mw social media dusdanig laten gebruiken dat je je organisatieresultaten beter kunt bereiken? 

Hier een infographic dat ingaat op de verschillende ervaringsniveaus die jouw mensen kunnen hebben. Handig om rekening mee te houden bij de uitvoering van je social strategie.

2DiFore Marketing Solutions's curator insight, March 15, 2013 8:37 AM

As you round out your work week our team wanted to share this thought with you to make your Social Media strategy that much more powerful! Companies have secret weapons, their employees and we bet they are on many platforms so why not encourage them to share your message with their followers.

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How To Train Your Employees To Handle Social Media


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