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Venessa Miemis is a pioneer and change agent, and every one of her posts is part of a mindset that is essential for anyone who wants to thrive in this new world.  I selected this piece because it is something that I am struggling with now, perhaps you are too.  There are great insights, and suggestions on how to create relationships that are empowering and productive.


Here's an excerpt:


**we embrace the gifts, skills and capacities of the individuals in the community


**We pursue common goals and not the goals of just one or two people who come forward but find a way to let everyone be heard


Only in the past few months have I heard this term “asset mapping” as a needed tool to surface hidden but available value, bootstrap communities, and get things done.


I could go on and on but want you to read the article.


My commentary:


I personally belong to private groups on Facebook, have various affiliations on other networks and I am continually struggling with the following:


**the ability to manage time constraints,  (how can I possibly be on 10 networks, be on tweetchats at night)


** do my work which is very time consuming


**find time to eat and sleep and still have time for my wonderful life offline


**come together with these people and create something meaningful. I'm living in the question, what comes next........


I feel a responsibilty to other members to do my part and contribute in ways that I feel can help move things forward.


**As a content curator, I can bring articles like this to the attention of others


**It is my hope this will stimulate discussions


**introduce new ways of looking at things 


**create tools and resources for us to function in a more cohesive manner


**make a difference in whatever way we see fit and create dynamic, meaningful relationships both within and outside of these communities


**Work together to help others grow and change


Selected and curated by Jan Gordon covering "Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions"


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