Is Your Leadership Limiting Your Organizations Ability to Grow? | Prionomy |

This is the first in our series of articles that looks at leadership capacity and its impact on organizational growth and transformation. The full series will be available for download as a white paper once it is completed.


Leadership capacity is more than simply skill development; it’s about performance, growth, transformation and change. For the purpose of our discussion in this series of articles, let’s define it as;


“Leadership Capacity is the skilful use of leadership attributes for the growth and development of ourselves, our colleagues and our organization”.


Great leaders not only understand how to engage and inspire their teams to get the best results — they understand the need to create participatory and collaborative processes that develop the abilities of the next generation of leaders.


Leadership lays the groundwork for success


Successful companies do not happen by accident. They are the result of building effective leadership capacity and an awareness and willingness to take the necessary steps in identify internal talent and nurture them into the leaders of tomorrow.


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