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According to one estimate, 3 million posts will be published today. Approximately 540,000 of these posts were written by professional bloggers trying to transition their audience from reading to buying. Others hope their posts are compelling enough to prompt a return visit.

However, most bloggers aren’t making a dime from their blog.

The reasons why haunt each blogger every night. Are they passionate enough? Are they engaging enough? Surprisingly, these are the wrong questions to ask.

The reason why most blogs don’t make money can be traced back to one decision (or lack of one).

The World is My Audience

Social media is the most egalitarian marketing discipline since broadcast media. Bloggers naturally feel that everyone is interested in their topic. You rarely hear people wondering if they have the right readers. They just assume that they do. Even when they think about their reader’s characteristics, it’s done on a surface level.

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