Principles Of Marketing 201E
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Principles Of Marketing 201E
Hey SHU students! Let's hope for some really good topics which you can all see and learn from them. Make it fun...
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An Introvert’s Guide to Better Presentations — What I’m Reading on Medium — Medium

An Introvert’s Guide to Better Presentations — What I’m Reading on Medium — Medium | Principles Of Marketing 201E |
I am an introvert and I have always feared public speaking, and despite having given an industry conference presentation every year for the…

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Starbucks Aims to Move Beyond Beans

Starbucks Aims to Move Beyond Beans | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

              This article discusses Starbucks' new idea which will hopefully change the way that consumers view the franchise. Up until now, Starbucks has been a name synonymous with coffee and early-risers. The fact of the matter is that most sales at Starbucks occur early in the day and then quickly decline as the day enters the afternoon. Now what they want to do is incorporate the cafe with a bakery and special juice bar in order to change their look from only a place to get coffee to a place that will serve good food and drink throughout the day.

             Seeing Starbucks go through this major transformation and growth has a lot to do with what we have discussed in class, especially in the first three weeks. First off, one could say that Starbucks Has a Sales based Orientation. I would say sales as opposed to Market Orientation because the company is not making this change becasue it is what the people wanted. The company is making this change based on the idea that it will make them money. They are trying to convince people to buy these new products that aren't nescessarily wanted or needed by the consumer, and therefore that makes this a change based ona Sales orientation. 

           Second, if we look at Ansoff's Opportunity Matrix, we see that Starbucks has already completed Market Penetration and Market Development with their products. They entered the market as a Coffee shop and have attracted millions of customers. We now see that they are continuing the matrix in that they are going for Product Development and Diversification within their market. This is because, with the expansion and addition of a bakery and new juice drinks, they are now introducing new products into their current market, therefore attempting to attract more customers and increase their range of sales.

          I think that Starbucks is doing a great job as a corporation in trying to change who they can market their business to. They seem to be doing everything right when it comes to expansion of their target market, but I do believe that this needs to be wathed closely, as stated in the article. I don't think that it will make a huge difference in the type of customers that purchase Starbucks products, but it will continue to please their current customers. This is an important article to read for marketing students becase it is a very clear and real-world example of what exactly it is like to try and diversify a business, and a good example of the challenges that appear when doing so.


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5 Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

5 Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

             In today’s society running a business isn’t easy. Everything is constantly changing and if businesses don’t keep up with that change then they will get lost in translation and end up filing for bankruptcy. One of the notable things of our generation is the use of technology and the every growing factor of social media. It is an easy way for business to receive feedback from the customers as well as promoting their company and products to the public. For small to medium sized businesses this is crucial to get their name out so they can compete with the big companies such as Wal-Mart and Target. According to; sixty two percent of marketers say social media has become very important to their marketing campaigns. Also eighty seven percent of companies around the entire world have either a facebook or twitter.               

                Social media is a very smart marketing strategy because most of the people who are using it are teenagers. Teenagers have been shown to spend the most money and will use social media to get the word out about the product they bought. It is a never ending cycle that grants companies a lot of money. The amount of revenue companies can earn within the next two years substantially and reaching up to 30 billion dollars in total revenue.

                This is definitely a good article to read because it puts numbers and statistics behind the facts. Having social media is definitely a positive for businesses everywhere and will definitely be the main trend for the fore coming future. The internet has become a lot easier for everyone to use no matter what the age and marketers are definitely taking advantage of this.

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Google plans to make users the stars of advertisements, without first asking for permission

Google plans to make users the stars of advertisements, without first asking for permission | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

This article explains how Google is planning to use advertisements that contain user informantion. Google wants to use idividual product ratings, restaurant reviews, and sometimes users' profile information. Google is hoping to use this information as "endorsements" for products and services. This information could come up on any of Google's sites  or could even come up as a search result. Users who sign in to third-party sites with there Google account may see their activity in an ad.


The biggest cocern this has raised is the ads will be an invasion of users' privacy. Google plans to use user activities in their ads without any direct consent. Anyone with a google account can opt out of this ad campaign, but the default settings has the user giving consent. If a person with a Google account does not notice this setting, they are unwillingly subject to having their activity put into an ad. Other major sites have run into privacy problems in the past. Facebook had to pay 20 million dollars as a result of a lawsuit brought against them. Facebook users complained that their information was be given up for ads with no consent or compensation. Google may run in to the same problem if users do not take kindly to this new advertising.


Arguements for this form of advertising state that these social ads can be more effective than traditional advertising. Using real ratings, reviews, and information can create a word-of-mouth marketing process. Consumers may be more inclined to buy a product or go to a certain retaurant if they see a good rating from someone they know. People would be able to see real information rather than fake ratings or exaggerated facts. This, however, can backfire. If users see ads all over the inernet, the effectiveness of these ads will likely go down. They will lose their authenticity and will therefore have little effect on consumers.  

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Amazon's Jeff Bezos Talks New Kindles and What He's Doing Next

Amazon's Jeff Bezos Talks New Kindles and What He's Doing Next | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

This article is basically an interview with the Amazon Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Bezos. He is announcing information in regards to a new Kindle Fire that is going to be released. These new version, which will go by Kindle Fire HDX is going to have a lot of new features that weren’t on previous models. For example, there will be cameras on the front and backside of the tablet. Also, this new tablet will be more fitted to the needs that were fulfilled by previous Kindle Fire owners. The company states in this article that the original Kindle Fires were popular among families and businesses. The Kindle Fire HDX is now equipped with more features geared towards those demographics. This article explains that what makes the Kindle Fires unique is that they are at a lower price than most other tablets on the market. 


The Kindle Fire HDX is an example of a question mark in the BCG matrix. It has a low market share but could also have the potential to grow. It has a lot of competition with Apple, which makes its ability to “shine” questionable. It has a lot of competition with Apple and it’s hard to overcome them. Amazon is pricing the Kindle Fires at a low price in hopes of getting a spark in demand.   


I think other people should read this article because it is a real life example of a category in the BCG matrix.  This can help us out in relating the models we learn in class to real world examples.  I also think people might want to read this article because it is about a new technology release. Although Amazon is not the leader in the tablet industry, it is still displaying new features that Apple products may not have. Many students flock to Apple products but in reality the Kindle Fire HDX has almost all the same features and is less expensive.


I thought this article was interesting because I like reading about the new kinds of technology that are being released.  I found the Mayday feature to be especially interesting because it is tech support right on the tablet. A person appears on the screen and will help you with navigating the device. I think this is a genius idea to rival the Genius Bar at Apple stores but even more convenient. Overall, I think Amazon is doing its best to keep its place in the tablet market with the Kindle Fire HDX. 

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Steve Jobs Used A Simple Rule To Make People Fall In Love With Apple Products

Steve Jobs Used A Simple Rule To Make People Fall In Love With Apple Products | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

The lost art of tech marketing.


This article begins by mentioning how Samsung recently rented out The Radio City Music Hall to announce their new product: The Galaxy S4. The new product however, has not lived up to its large expectations. Since the release of the product, Samsung's stock has decreased by about 5% and Apple's stock has increased significantly. In the past when Samsung products have let customers down, there is an increase in the sales of Apple products. 


Time after time, Apple has sold more products than anyone has projected. An example of this was when the iPad was released in 2010. The most ambitios of all projections stated that Apple would sell at most 7 million iPads. The total number of iPads sold in 2010 ended up being about 15 million. Apple has used a marketing strategy that most other companies have never considered using. The strategy that Apple uses that makes their company so successful, is that they try not to hype up their new products. Apple will commonly under-promise their products so that customers will not have their hopes set as high as they should. One instance in which Apple showed this strategy recently was when the iPad was announced. When asked about the new product, Apple workers would talk about what the device didn't have rather than what it did. Once their products release, Apple tends to over-deliver. This means that their products are always better than what was expected.


This ties into what we have been learning in class because it is a successful marketing strategy. Different companies use different strategies that they think will best help sell their products. In my opinion, I think that this is a good idea for large and well known companies like Apple. By now, people may have caught on that Apple products are always better than what they expected, and this can help Apple gain even more business. Now that people know somewhat of their strategy, Apple can start hyping their products up more and more and the consumers are going to keep buying becuase they will expect the products to keep getting better. Others should read this article because it shows that large and successful businesses know what they are doing and what they can do in order to gain the most customers, and make the largest possible profit.

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5 Email Marketing Mistakes that Could Cost You Big This Holiday Season - Business 2 Community

5 Email Marketing Mistakes that Could Cost You Big This Holiday Season - Business 2 Community | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

This article talks about many marketers make mistakes done with emailing. There are five steps. It talks about making it difficult for people to recognize you through emailing. For 68 percent of consumers, familiarity with the person sending the email is the top reason why they decide to open an email. Overselling in the subject line. If you want your emails to stand out from the noise this holiday season, you need to put some thought into the subject lines you decide to use. Ignoring mobile readers. The easiest way to find out if your emails are mobile friendly is to send a test, and read your email on your own mobile device. Slowing down your readers. Like you, your customers will be busy during the holiday season. As a small business, you want your emails to fit that busy schedule, not slow them down. Forgetting to include a clear call to action. It’s important to make sure that your main call to action is clear to your readers. Be careful not to bury your call to action at the bottom of a lengthy email. Instead, place it front and center, and clearly identify why they should take that next step.       


I think this relates to marketing in general. How to market, also how to sell more. Aggressively. Marketing entails processes that focus on delivering value and benefits to customers, not just selling goods and services. Also, how marketing is important to businesses, society, and opportunities. This article is very true with emailing, you need to know the right way to market and what people are interested in to capture their attention.


I think other people should read it because its hold very true to marketing through emailing. If your in marketing and or business employee its good and important to know how to email somebody to market your goods. Also, many people shop online now a days. They ask their friends first if they like it or what they think about it. Its very easy and you don't have to leave your house to go shopping. Technology is better than ever. In my opinion I think that this article was very interesting. It shows how important it is to take the right approach to capture the attention of the consumer. 

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How Fortune 500 Companies Use Instagram to Build Their Brands

How Fortune 500 Companies Use Instagram to Build Their Brands | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

This article is about how fortune 500 companies are really starting to use the social media app Instagram as one of their main forms of advertising. Companies like Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Starbucks, and Whole Foods are some of the top brands with active Instagram accounts. TrackMaven is a competitive analysis firm that did a study on how these Fortune 500s are using Instagram. From their research they  looked at the percentage of active accounts versus inactive accounts of Fortune 500s and found that of the 123 using Instagram, about 22% had active accounts. They also did research on what performs better for these companies’ pictures or videos, when the best time to post something is, which filters are the most popular, and how the number of hashtags can help you be successful.


This relates to the topics we have been talking about in class like how social media is becoming a very good marketing tool. Social media has become real form of communicating with the masses and these companies are realizing that and taking advantage of it. In class we talked about target markets which are a defined group that will most likely buy a product. People, especially the ones in my generation, are always checking their phones and scrolling through twitter or Instagram. Nike has over 2.5 million followers on Instagram and they post many pictures and videos daily of famous athletes wearing Nike gear or just cool pictures of sneakers. I follow Nike on Instagram and I usually like most of their pictures.


I would recommend others to read this article because it is really cool to see how marketing has been turned into a science and because I bet more than half of our class has Instagram. I really enjoyed how much research TrackMaven did in their study and I also found out some good tips for becoming a successful “Instagramer”. 

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Local-Mobile Marketing's Virtuous Cycle — Deals Lead To More Data, And More Personalized Offers

Local-Mobile Marketing's Virtuous Cycle — Deals Lead To More Data, And More Personalized Offers | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

This article explains what location based marketing is and the different tactics used by companies to not only gain more foot traffic into their stores but to understand their customers buying patterns.  Location based marketing is also used for brand awareness.  Brand awareness allows customers or consumers to become familiar and build quality trust with a company’s products or services.  This form of marketing goes beyond just paying for specific ads online after one has purchased or looked at a product.  Tactics such as using social networks to attract a chain of customers through hearsay or offering Wi-Fi in certain areas are a great way to build brand awareness and customer loyalty.  Those are just a few ways companies are understanding, building, and attracting their customers through location based marketing.


If you did not notice already, location based marketing has a lot to do with target marketing.  In fact, it is target marketing.  Through using social networks and posting ads on websites companies are getting that data to know the demographic of a region and what the trend is in that region.  Yes, it does sound creepy but it is just another way for businesses to build their brand.  Technology is advancing every day and companies have to keep up in order to generate more revenue.  As I learned in class, the internet is a new way for companies to market their products.  Location based marketing is that and more.  It offers, information, discounts, and reliability in exchange for data to build brand awareness, customer loyalty, and quality products. 


I recommend this article to others so that they can be aware and understand what companies are doing to benefit customers and themselves.  Reading this article will also give people somewhat of an assurance that the government or whoever is not spying on them when they turn on the location services on their phones or see similar items buy on a different page after they just purchased something online.

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Marketers Chase Evolving Consumer

Marketers Chase Evolving Consumer | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

This article tackles the ever-growing change with in society, which directly correlates to the consumer. At the annual conference of the Association of National Advertisers, people were beginning to recognize the pace of how society keeps changing. Since the pace of marketing has become so fast many of the company are either with it or don’t get it. Those that tend to fall behind will in the long run fail and never come back.  As a result it becomes more important to recognize the consumer base and track quickly where these trends end up with in society.

            In class we discussed how it important to understand how to target the consumer to keep them interested. What elements draw consumers in and makes them feel they are satisfied, for example apples packaging. These kinds of marketing strategies are due to technology advancing among society. Consequently, companies are making sure that their brands adequately satisfy the consumer base by keeping up with the changes that occur. In the article for instance it states how Dunkin Donuts came up with the name “America Runs On Dunken”, with indicates the need for coffee, which actually is the future in sales. This brand name also puts consumers in the right state of mind who are going to work and need something to keep them going. This brand name is helping the company keep their foot in the door of mass consumers without falling behind in society. Strategies such as these, as we mentioned in class, help company’s stay with the up and coming trends over the years.

            This articles is important because it not only brings to light how fast trends and market strategies are failing with in society, but how consumers are actually in control. The article states “Marketers must acknowledge they are operating in “a new era, a customer era,” he added, one in which “the consumer is in control” and decides what hits or misses.” This point is so important because it allows for us the consumer to know that we can start the new trends and change business marketing models all by just a click of a button onfacebook, youtube, twitter and much more. That in society today company are not trying to draw us in but we are actually drawing the companies in and making them work effortless to produce a product that we will like in such high completion with in the environment.

This Article allows people to understand the major changes in society today. As we see this increase of technology there is this demand and constant need for products to change. After a person buys for example, the new IPhone 5s that recent hit stores in 2013. The consumer then with in the first month cannot wait to see what the IPhone 6 will be like in the next fiscal year. This relates to the article because; by understanding the movement of society we better understand the wants and needs of our culture.




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What Went Wrong at J.C. Penney? — HBS Working Knowledge

What Went Wrong at J.C. Penney? — HBS Working Knowledge | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

Kristina Burgwin

15 October 2013

Marketing 201-E

Professor Baruca


This is an article about the company J.C. Penney and how it is not doing as well as its competitors. Jim Aisner interviewed a marketing expert and professor named Rajiv Lal from Harvard University to help understand why J.C. Penney is not doing well from a marketing standpoint.  It all starts with Ron Johnson, who worked in many successful companies before becoming CEO of J.C. Penney. He somehow failed at being a successful CEO for this company. The downfall was not Johnson’s fault. There were many odds against him and issues he faced that he was unaware of. They may be able to stage a comeback if they receive new capital and use a new marketing strategy. It seems unlikely and that this will happen and will probably end up as being just another average department store.


My opinion on this article is one of surprise. I personally did not know that J.C Penney was struggling. I usually go into department stores in the local mall. The department stores in the mall are Macy’s, J.C. Penney, and Sears. I am more apt to shop in J.C. Penney or Sears first because they carry the same items as Macy’s but at lower prices. I feel like there are always sales at J.C. Penney and I probably would not buy an item from there if it were not on sale. I think that is the main problem, the issue of high low pricing, which is giving the product a high initial price and then if it does not sell well, the price will be discounted. I think the smarter marketing approach is to price an item at a lower amount or put it on sale immediately.


Others should definitely be interested in reading this article. As I stated earlier, many people do not know or realize that J.C. Penney is struggling. If you are a consumer of J.C. Penney products, this article may make you want to shop there more frequently to make sure that it will be open for future business.


This article pertains to marketing and what we have discussed in class in so many ways. To have a company like J.C. Penney, the topic of exchange needs to occur. Exchange involves at least two parties, which is representing the company and the consumer. It represents something of value that is the products, communication and delivery of those products, freedom to accept or reject the purchase of the product and desire to deal with other party. J.C. Penney does this by trying to draw in customers by different tactics. Another way it pertains to marketing is through demographics. A demographic is selected population characteristics. Commonly used demographics include race, age, and income. There is a certain demographic of people who regularly shop at J.C. Penney. They need to expand their demographic and customer base to increase sales and profits. Marketing expert Lal states that they could also do that by taking away some of Sears’ demographics and customers.



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A Blueprint for Using Social Media for Business Success

A Blueprint for Using Social Media for Business Success | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

In this U.S. New's article, Miriam Salpeter and Hannah Morgan offer insight into how much of an impact social media has on businesses today. Salpeter, owner of Keppie Careers, and Morgan, owner of Career Sherpa, are the authors of a book titled, "Social Networking for Business Success: How to Turn Your Ideas into Income". This book shares how important it is for aspiring entrepreneurs to actively promote their expertise and their skills on the Internet. The authors share "how social media and other networking methods can transform a business from an on-the-side-hobby to full-time lucrative career".


Salpeter and Morgan state that every business can flourish because of social media. Social media allows for companies to expand their networks and compete in the economy. Whether the business decides to use blogs, Twitter, podcasts, Pinterest, Vine, or online radio shows, each and every company would find that the implementation of social media would prove to be extremely beneficial for their company.


Now, more than ever, social media plays an extremely large role in people's daily lives. Success within companies lies largely in the company's ability to successfully market themselves. This story relates to what we have discussed in class related to the importance of marketing oneself. Chapter four focused on the importance of networking and marketing. Social media allows for the exchange of content, thus providing further exposure for a company and allowing them to get their name out into the world. Chapter four explained that 93 percent of U.S. teens are on the Internet. With social media, companies are able to reach out to these teens. Social media plays such a large role in our society today, and it is extremely important that businesses recognize this opportunity to market themselves and their product to the extensive amount of viewers.


This is an important article to read because it shows just how much of an impact social media has on our world today. Companies are being given such a large opportunity to get their name out there and target viewers to learn more about their products. This article also shows the importance of making sure that you are marketing yourself the way that you would like others to see you. As college students, I believe that we should be more selective about the information that we are putting out there. Many students have pictures on the Internet of themselves drinking and partying, and it is extremely crucial to realize that our friends and fellow students are not the only ones who are able to view these pictures. Every picture is accessible to people who could be our future employers and competitors in the job market. This article shows how it is not all about marketing a product, but it is about how you portray yourself.

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Why Barilla's CEO Has Demographics Working Against Him

Why Barilla's CEO Has Demographics Working Against Him | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

In an interview The Barilla Group Chairman Guido Barilla made a comment saying that he does not agree with homosexuality. By making this comment he was saying that women are the center of the household, and that is whom he markets his prdocut to.


This comment could affect sales for Barilla pasta products because 17.5 percent of gay couples have children whom they also cook for, and now they may choose other products to buy because of this comment. When you are selling products you need to be careful about what you say and think about how it will impact your customers thoughts. One of the most important parts when it comes to marketing is knowing who your target market is. You want to know which type of people are mostly buying the prodcut that you are selling. The reason this is important is because you have to market your product in a way that is pleasing to these specific customers. For example you wouldn’t try to sell pasta to young kids, because they arent the ones who will be picking it out or making it. The term that is used for this in marketing is the demographic factors. When you begin to market a product you need to take your location, age of people, race and ethnicity into mind, and in this article it shows you that sexual orientation is also a large factor in marketing as well.


I think that people should read this article because it shows you that when you are a leader and in the public eye that you need to be careful with what you say. The way that you present yourself is the way that people will begin to perceive your product as well. I do not agree with what the Chairman of Barilla said because I think that he should have thought more about the demographics and considered that homsexual people most likely do buy his products. When you are selling something you should want to try and sell it to as many people as possible, you should not discriminate based on anything such as race, sexual orientation or ethnicity. 

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Teenager Sells App For $40 Million And Why You Should Care

Teenager Sells App For $40 Million And Why You Should Care | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

This link talks about the different types of generations labels that we talked about in class and how easy it is to sell things on the internet.  How the market to create a business online is endless.


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@JetBlue Tricks and Treats Followers With Mystery Halloween Discounts

@JetBlue Tricks and Treats Followers With Mystery Halloween Discounts | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

In this article it talks about how Jet Blue, the airline company, lures customers in by telling me that they would receive a mystery gift  by simply tweeting at them with "#trickortweet."  By doing so the customers would receive mystery discounts.  The trick was that by receiving the discounts you would have to use the gift discount on October 21 and book a flight from then to October 31.  It is a small window to book a flight, but it is a way of luring customers in to fly with them.  Because air travel decreses for the holidays, Jet Blue wanted to come up with something unique for people to get out of the house and travel, but still return on October 31 to trick or treat with their kids or to be with their families.  I feel that this artle relates to what we have been doing in class.  It is a way of marketing their product when sales are low.  It is a genius idea to lure customers to hastag and spread the word over twitter that Jet Blue is having a discount.  It also a small window so that people who receive the discounts don't say no due to the holidays coming up because if you do not use it before October 31 then it is invalid.  It is a great way of marketing their product and that is what we have learned in class.  My opinion on this artle is that it is very clever for Jet Blue to do this.  Its a great way to market their flights and get people flying before the holidays and still come back and share the experience with their families while still saving some money.


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Facebook Eases Privacy Rules for Teenagers

Facebook Eases Privacy Rules for Teenagers | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

Facebook Changes Privacy Policy for Teenagers


In San Francisco teenagers are allowed to post items on their Facebook page that can be seen by the public and that makes it easier for social network to turn a teenager’s post into an ad. That changes the rules that have Facebook put for teenagers, that teenagers between 13-17 years old cannot share comments/photos to the public. This has come into the news because Facebook is trying to encourage its 1.2 billion users to share more information to the public. They also did this for the socially active teenagers like musicians and humanitarian activists, so that they can broaden their audience through blogs and posts. This is beneficial for marketers; they are provided with more information, ideas to target their segments, in this case teenagers.  The problem here is that, these are young users, who don’t care or don’t know what exactly they post. Facebook had to go through the federal trade commission, so that Facebook is given permission to take teenagers posts and turn them into advertisement for the public. The other issue is that privacy advocates have complained to the Federal Trade Commission that Facebook is violating a 2011 order that required the company to obtain explicit permission from its users before using their data in advertising. Whether this is good or not, the users should decided, since they are posting things online for the public. This is a way of exploiting teenagers and giving marketers more opportunities.


This relates to what we have discussed in class because, this is a marketing ploy. This is targeting teenagers on Facebook, that is their segment target. Whatever teenagers post will be a form of marketing, everything they post is marketable in many ways. Just like stated above, they want to advertise teenagers. They are interested in what teenagers have to post, so that they can know which way to market them. This keeps marketers in the loop when it comes to know what is still cool, what the latest fashions are, and what these teenagers desire to buy. 


People should definitely read this, especially teenagers on Facebook. They need to know what the privacy rights on Facebook are, and what Facebook will do with their post. Not many teenagers check their privacy rights, and for those that do, they will not like that their posts will be advertised.


Facebook is already a big advertising page, I do not agree with what they are trying to do. Looking at this from a marketer’s perspective, sure they are doing a phenomenal job because they have more chances to advertise and work with teenager’s posts. Looking at this from a Facebook users page, I do not agree with this new privacy change. I do not like Facebook, because of all the ads that show up on the sides. It should be strictly a social network, not a marketing scheme.  

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China Bans LeBron James Nike Ad (

China Bans LeBron James Nike Ad ( | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

“Fear Room” banned commercial~

Ethics & Social responsibility-


Cultural sensitivity when it comes to marketing in other countries is very important.  Ethics is defined as the moral principles or values that generally govern the conduct of an individual or a group. Since sensitivity and etiquette can improve cross-cultural communication it’s important that when marketing it’s better to be well prepared of the do’s and don’t in a different culture.  China’s most popular sports league is the NBA, and actually is also the largest market outside of the USA, of course, for the NBA.  There’s even a Lebron James museum in Shanghai sponsored by Nike. Efforts to promote basketball in China were hindered when the Miami Heat player, Lebron James’ Nike TV Commercial was banned from the country.  The market audience was directed towards children in China, but what the producers for the commercial failed to do was research what could not be added in the clip.  The best way to not step on anyone toes is by altering the marketing mix.  The commercial was said to be blasphemous for violating China’s regulations to upholding the countries dignity and culture. 


The way this ad plays in to the social responsibility is that marketers had ethical responsibilities to do what’s right, and that was to do research. In addition to that, Nike ad makers had legal responsibilities to abide by.  James defeating a kung fu master did not uphold China’s mandate to maintain the interest and national culture in ad making.  Communist officials weren’t keen on the misuse of Chinese symbols especially showing a foreigner defeating them.  It would have seemed that the culture could be beat.  Lebron is videoed defeating dragons, which in the traditional culture are sacred symbols.  The NBA player obviously did not know better, he was just doing his job, but he was still sorry for the offensive ad.  In the end, Nike respected the government’s decision to ban the ad. 


This article is relevant to an early class discussion we had back in chapter three.  When choosing a target market, culture needs high consideration.  For example, professor Baruca once mentioned Asia to the class.  Then he asked during his series of questions if anyone had considered India; only one student did. Most forget how large Asia actually is, not everyone is yellow. 

Other students should read the article and watch the commercial because it’s a good reminder of how easily anyone can be so culturally ignorant; that’s never good for marketing.  My opinion of this story is that this was a perfect example of how a popular brand can suffer the consequences from such a simple mistake.


Tyler Papania's curator insight, October 30, 2013 10:50 PM

Although this ad is 9 years old at this point, it still holds some relevance today. It talks about how Nike was unable to market LeBron's "Air Zoom LeBron 2" shoes in china because the advertisement they made was considered offensive in that country. China stated that the ad violated their regulations on national dignity. This shows that people in sport marketing and marketing in general should always be aware of the sensitivity of others to the content they are releasing. 

Dominic Formato's curator insight, December 15, 2013 7:30 PM

Ethics is defined as the moral principles or values that generally govern the conduct of an individual or a group. Since sensitivity and etiquette can improve cross-cultural communication it’s important that when marketing it’s better to be well prepared of the do’s and don’t in a different culture. It is very clear that in this case the producer of the commercial didnt take into account of the do's and do not's especially in a commercial thats topic is the biggest sport that has a tremendous amount of marketing as well as the sports most famous figure in it. There are probably reasons why that the commercial was aired the way it was but the actions were inexcusible. The viewers of the commercial not only are going to be offended but also have their mindsets changed on the NBA and Lebron James when they didnt even have anything to do with the situation. According to this article there is a Lebron James hall of fame in Shanghai China. There is now a good chance that the people were offended will visit the hall of fame and not consume the nike or lebron products because of some carelessness. This was clearly a mistake and there were apologies that were exchanged but that might not be good enough.


This article has to do with target market, you need to consider all of your options and hope that all research has been done and that the marketing target is convinced. An example is that in today it is no longer appropiate to say oriental anymore it is appropiate to just say asian and because some people do still use the term oriental it leads racism and which is why world peace is such a struggle.


I think that people should read this article because they need to understand how about doing things and that even professionals of all kinds make mistakes but those mistakes can make or break someones career Tiger Woods is also a good example. It just goes to show you how important it is to be prepared in life.

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Advertising to children: Is it ethical?

Advertising to children: Is it ethical? | Principles Of Marketing 201E |


This article by Rebecca A. Clay discusses whether or not advertising towards children is ethical. Psychologist, Allen D. Kanner, PhD from Berkeley California explains how advertising geared towards young children has a massive negative impact on the way they grow up and develop. He explains that in today’s society, when children are asked what they want to be when they go up they reply something that makes a lot of money because children have gotten an idea into their head that they would be “inferior without an endless supply of new goods”. The reason as to why companies focus so hard on advertising towards children is because according to a study in the article children would influence their parents to spend over $249 billion dollars of their parents money products. Kanner states that children can escape advertising because it’s everywhere they go, including school. This problem is affecting their values and forcing children to become very materialistic therefore, causing “narcissistic wounding" in the children growing up in this world today.


This article relates back to the topics we discussed in class, because in class we learned about consumers and who makes up the majority of the market. We also learned how companies advertise specifically toward a certain and specific group. We discussed how children and teens are targeted the most because they are the ones who spending the most of the money on these products. I think that sales and advertising will continually be increasing because as these children go older their materialistic values will stay the same if not increase because they’re getting older and they need more items. I don’t think that advertising towards children is unethical, I think it’s a smart part of business to make a lot of money and to continue that grow as they grow up with these values.

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What customers hate about your brand in social media (infographic) | C R U C E S

What customers hate about your brand in social media (infographic) | C R U C E S | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

In our class we have discussed all of the benefits of social media and the advantages of marketing through it. The ability to understand consumers and the social media is a key aspect of modern advertising. It is a way to better understand consumers and relate to their demographics. Social media such as face book, twitter, or even instagram all companies connect or relate to consumers. The following article is of diagrams and data that focus on an age group and gender. I think people should read this article because it offers people a better sense of what each age group is looking for. It helps us consider what to make a webpage aim for . Think about what age group or which gender and then think of who your audience is going to be and analyze which techniques you should use for that website or advertising.


The interesting fact about the age group from 18-24 is that grammar or spelling on a website really doesn't matter. They are more focused on the sense of what the brands have to offer and how often they will publish these new products online. They do consider the grammar but the product is more important.


By looking at the gender aspect of the site you see that both males and females main issue with a website are grammar issues. The next issue was that updates are salesy, which I agree with some updates are great when they don't try too hard to sell you something. Some information is great to see when spelt correctly and also persuading someone to an extent. No one really enjoys being told to get something or that it is necessary they want to be. People have always enjoyed being sold something, but being too pushy or aggressive can cause more harm than good to people. They dont mind not enough updates often though which kind of throws me off since i would assume more people would want new products and new posts. Then again most companies have a lot out there for people to look for and they don't always need something new.

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Five Predictions For The Future Of B2B Social Media Marketing - Business 2 Community

Five Predictions For The Future Of B2B Social Media Marketing - Business 2 Community | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

This article discusses the future of business-to-business marketing through social media. There are five key topics discussed each providing a prediction. The first prediction is that LinkedIn will become the primary source of social media marketing. It is said that LinkedIn will switch to a more professional audience that will increase return of investment and engagement with current and potential future customers.  The second prediction is that social media will become more professional. This is stating that social media marketing will become such an important aspect for business to business marketing that entire departments in companies will be created to support its importance. These departments will carry out all social media activities. Third, social media will begin to gain tools showing the conversion of social media marketing effort to sales. Tools will be created to show the conversion of media activity to sales. Fourthly, they predict that the world of social media will continue to expand. For business-to-business, this means more potentially ways to turn these social media sites into marketing opportunities. The fifth and final prediction is “Moore’s Law will continue”. According to Moore’s Law in ten years social media should expand by a factor of twenty. This means that the quantity of social media marketing in the future is going to explode beyond fathomable measures.


This topic relates to our discussions in class pertaining to social media marketing. Social media is becoming the most major form of marketing to date. Often related to youth or unprofessional ways social marketing is transforming into a major business. Business-to-business marketing is about promoting ones business to the people. Due to over 90 percent of the population using the Internet this shows the vast opportunities that lie ahead in social media marketing.


It is importing to read this article to have an idea of what lies ahead. Although this prediction may not be for certain they are accurate. The colossal increase in social media within the past 5 years is mind blowing. To even try and comprehend the level social media marketing will be at in the next 10-15 years is impossible. I believe that the route predicted for social media marketing is accurate. It is to date the most applicable way of marketing a business to a group.


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iPad 5, iPad mini 2 and More: What to Expect At Apple's Oct. 22 Event

iPad 5, iPad mini 2 and More: What to Expect At Apple's Oct. 22 Event | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

"Apple has an event scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 22. We round up all the rumors and see what we might expect when Tim Cook takes the stage."


This article talks about the new Apple products that are coming out soon such as  the iPad 5, the iPad mini 2, and a few other products. Apple has pressure on their shoulders since other companies are coming out with new and better products. The article talks about the new designs of the iPad 5 which is thinner and smaller to the iPad 4 and also the edges are more round are just a few improvements of the look. The topic of a fingerprint reader would really set the bar for other companies to compete with apple. The question is that since with the new iPad 5, what internal improvements have been made? There is talk about better and faster technology and how the new iPad will be better for playing games. Also the battery life will be just as good if not better and a better and clearer camera. In the article it brings up questions about the iPad mini 2 will come with a Retina Display and if it doesn't Apple will have a huge set back and have to play catch up to their competitors.


I think the story relates to something we have covered in class because we have talked about Apple and other componies about what they need to do to stay ahead of their competitors and that they try to make the new and better thing to set themselves apart from other companies. If companies don't put out the next best thing than their company will crumble just like Blackberry.


I think others should read this because it shows what new products Apple is coming out with and what new improvements they have came up with. Also it shows people what the business side of products such as dealing with other companies and if they don't equip a product with a new improvement that people expect, the product will fall.


My opinion on this article is that I really liked seeing what new and improved products Apple is coming out with. I am an Apple guy and have a Iphone so finding out new products that I can buy is always exciting. It was interesting to read about Apple's future plans and what improvements they have applied to the new products.

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I Am Canadian

Molson Coors Brewing Co.’s commercial  “I AM” is just many in a long-standing trend of marketing brew by tapping into the Canadian sense of national pride. This commercial was a hit for the fading Canadian market brand at the time. Fewer than three days after being posted on YouTube, it had been viewed more than 940,000 times.

This case shows how Molson Canadian bounced back from a market loss. Over the three years of the 'I AM' saga, the brand met or exceeded all marketing objectives. It more than recovered lost shares of the Canadian market, and continued to grow after the slogan was faded out.

         The target market was significantly applied with entry-level drinkers, particularly the college-educated group, which tends to be opinionated and trend setters. They penetrated among the 19–24 group; especially the more educated community, who tend to be peer influencers in brand choice. The commercial displayed a fun outlook and celebrated the young Canadian's lifestyle and attitudes. They inspired around the community and self-pride every Canadian feels.  

Running a successful business is not something that is easy to come by. You will stumble and sometimes back track. You can build it but they might not come or in Molson Canadians case, you may just be forgotten. Marketing is about letting the people know about the product or service you offer, and making them want to buy it. And for effective marketing you have to let people know about your product or service repeatedly. Molson Canadian successfully related and targeted the marketed they were trying to influence.

This example would be beneficial for one to read in a couple ways. Molson forgot about its first and main market, which is Canadians. They let their market shares drop and had to climb back up the latter through creative marketing. They led proud Canadians to believe that Molson Canadian beer was Canada’s beer. They targeted a sense of pride that any nationality has for their country and used it to promote their beer. They made the consumers feel as if they were supporting their country and being patriotic when drinking Molson Canadian.


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Amplification: Content Marketing's Missing Piece | iAcquire

Amplification: Content Marketing's Missing Piece | iAcquire | Principles Of Marketing 201E |
It doesn't matter how great your content is if nobody ever finds out about it. Discover the ins and outs of crafting an effective amplification strategy.


In this article, the author talks about numerous companies that try to get their idea or product out there on the Internet and fail to do it correctly. Well, to begin with they had the right idea putting their product out there on the web considering the fact that the Internet plays such a huge role in our society today. People go on the Internet for a variety of different reasons, to follow up on current events, to shop, search about personal interests, and the most often reason is to go on social media websites.

            Before a company creates a product they should know the demographics of who they are targeting when they market their product. They should know the age, gender, race, and location of individuals they are trying to sell their product to. After your company finds the audience they are marketing to, they need to figure out where those consumers go to get their information, who they trust and how they prefer to retrieve information.

            There are three different ways people market and get their products out there. The first one is Paid Media. A company pays to promote their product to new audiences and it shows how the product does in such a market. You see these kinds of ads on the side of your Facebook window. The next form of media is Owned Media, where you have your own site and advertise your product on that site. The downfall to Owned media is that since it is your own business site, only people that already know about the product visit that site so you are not engaging in new customers. Earned Media is a form of marketing through word of mouth. Bloggers talk about your companies’ product in either a negative or positive way and it will give you an overall feedback of how your product is doing from a perspective outside your business.

            This article relates to our marketing class in that it shows the different ways companies try to market and get their products out there for there targeted audience. If businesses just throw their product out there on the web, their audience may not be able to find their product because the web has so many different things being posted everyday that the business needs to market their product where the audience will be able to view it quick. Others should read this article because it gives them the right and wrong ways of marketing a product on line. I feel that the author should have talked more about how the Internet has changed advertising and marketing but overall it showed the different ways businesses try to get their product out there via the Internet.

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How To Successfully Implement A Social Media Marketing Plan | Social Media Syndication

How To Successfully Implement A Social Media Marketing Plan | Social Media Syndication | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

This article is about how to make a business more successful by engaging in social media.  One point the article makes is that it says by increasing your range of social media, you are attracting more customers and thus increasing your likelihood of business in the market place. The Internet is where everything is these days, from our news to clothing you choose to wear and even dating sites are all examples of what we use the internet for today. The article goes on to say that by being a little bit more educated about the internet and social media on it such as Facebook or twitter, you will be able to reach out to potential customers you were not able to reach out to before. 


This article relates our class because the customers determine whether or not companies will succeed. The customers are starting to use the Internet more often and if a company wants to avoid from going out of business they need to go where the customers go. If a company goes onto the internet which is one the fastest growing ways to make money they will be able to contact customers easier and in greater numbers.


Others should read this article because it really shows and proves why the Internet and social media are becoming the building blocks of a successful business. We as a generation have this tool to use and if it used in the right way we can make millions.  My opinion on the story is that I do believe the Internet and social media is where businesses needs to be in order to be successful. I am personally on Facebook a lot and the amount of ads I see are staggering. I believe if companies whom want to be successful access this social media they will obtain the highest profit and the highest power among other businesses in its class. 

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How Competition Can Make You Stronger (Op-Ed)

How Competition Can Make You Stronger (Op-Ed) | Principles Of Marketing 201E |

  This article is about how competition can make you a stronger person ad worker. It discusses five main ways that competition makes you stronger. First, you select your top five competitors. Then you identify the top five things you think are important to your customers. Next you rate your own organization and look at its competitors. Next you stay on top of the news about competitors. Lastly you create a tracking tool ad schedule to update it.


  This article made me think about strategic planning, which is the managerial process of creating and maintaining a fit between the organization's objectives and resources and the evolving market opportunities. The goal is to have long term profitability and growth. When you have competitors in your market makes you plan more carefully and smarter because you want to make more money than you competitor. Every marketing detail is based off of how your competitors market their companies. It’s a constant marketing fight.


I feel that everyone should read this article because we live in a world where its survival of the fittest. The smartest and strongest people will succeed in a business or company. Everyone wants to be rich and famous in life and in order to do that you need to know how to overcome competitors which is what my article discusses. Competition is everywhere and people who don’t know how to deal with it will go out of business and lose all of their money.


I feel that this article will help me in life in the job field. It has taught me a technique to deal with competition and how to overcome it. I liked the article because it was interesting and could benefit me in the future. It was very well written and easy to relate to in my major and in this marketing class.

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