Prestige Racking and Storage
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Prestige Racking and Storage

Prestige Racking and Storage | Prestige Racking and Storage |














Prestige Racking and Storage
6 Halley St
Ottawa, ON K2J 2V6‎
(613) 469-7225



Prestige Racking is a Canadian racking, shelving and warehouse design company. As material handling specialists they are able to offer a range of specialist warehouse services to businesses. These include integrating a business’ present life truck, ensuring maximum picking efficiency and facilitating product throughput.


The Prestige team have a wealth of experience as a result of many years of combined facility design experience. They are passionate about enlightening and engaging their customers in the very best way to meet their unique warehousing needs. For over 25 years, Prestige Racking and Storage have been providing superior industrial cabinetry and shelving to businesses all over Canada.


Prestige are dedicated to more than installing racking and shelving systems. They are dedicated to helping their customer’s to grow their own businesses. That starts with helping the client to choose the right storage product for their operation, on through to successful installation and ensuring a cost justified solution for their space concern. The experts at Prestige will work tirelessly to ensure that the selected racking system, shelving or mezzanine product is properly custom fitted to the businesses square footage or space.


Prestige are able to guide their clients through engineering certification and approval for their newly installed shelving and racking system. They will work to understand the required application, developing or suggesting design concepts and products. They will then give a complete cost benefit of each option. Prestige will provide a PSR (pre Health and Safety review) as well as PE (Professional Engineer) certified engineered stamp drawings on all of their services.

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