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Lil Nate Dogg to release 12 song EDM project This Tuesday

Lil Nate Dogg to release 12 song EDM project This Tuesday | Press Releases |
Hood And Associates will release a major EDM project by their artist Lil Nate Dogg this Tuesday (March 22nd 2016).
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Scooped by ggmedia! Launches A Series of New Halloween Themed Contact Lens Launches A Series of New Halloween Themed Contact Lens | Press Releases | brings new collection of decorative contact lens for Halloween. The lenses are cheaper and safer to use compared to Halloween contact lenses sold in other stores.

Hong Kong, March 30, 2018: is one of the biggest online shopping portals for colored contact lenses. As an answer of the increasing demand of Halloween themed contact lenses, this leading online contact lenses supplier launches new collections of Halloween contacts.

There are many types of Halloween themed contacts sold in this online store. Some of them include blind contacts, Red contacts that resemble vampire, red wolf eyes, Marilyn Manson contacts and the most popular one, Sclera. Sclera is a type of contacts that cover almost all the white part of the eyes instead of the eye balls only. It is currently become the hottest item for Halloween due to the sense of novelty and scary vibe it brings.

Contact lenses sold in are made with CIP process and cast molding system. As a result, it will be more comfortable to wear. Furthermore, unlike most decorative lenses in the other stores, these lenses are safe for the eyes. This is because the color pigments used in the production has been approved by FDA.

“Colored contacts are must-have items for Halloween these days. It can be unique, sexy, scary, intriguing—simply everything Halloween is all about. We aspire to provide the best and one of a kind decorative contact lenses so that our customers can enjoy their Halloween party to the fullest. We always update our Halloween contacts collection, so we advise our loyal customers to regularly visit our site” said the representative of offers a more affordable way to appear stylish in Halloween party. To save more money, users also can utilize discount coupons to shop in this website. Even though ColorLens4Less is specializing in unique colored contacts, it is not the only product buyers will find in its website. This online store also sells numerous fashion apparels from tops, dresses and also Halloween costumes and Cosplay outfits. This way, buyers can easily find costumes that match their pretty contacts for the next Halloween party.

About is a global online shopping destination that sells wide variety of non prescription color contact lenses. This online shopping portal is known for its Halloween themed contact lenses with unique colors and designs. Besides colored contact lenses, also sells Halloween and Cosplay costumes along with many other fashion items.

For more information, please visit:

For media inquiries: Buying Beauty Online Int Trade Centre, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong Email: Website:
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Scooped by ggmedia! Provides Safe Platform for People Looking for Threesome Provides Safe Platform for People Looking for Threesome | Press Releases | is an excellent threesome finder platform. It helps people who interested in threesome date to find matches easily. is a leading free threesome dating site where members can find threesome dates that lives nearby. This website has more than 10 million members worldwide and most of them come from the USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East and also Australia.

The site’s quick match feature helps the users of the website to find a match quickly and accurately. The members simply have to enter their gender, determine what kind of match they are looking for and also the age range of the match they want to find. The members also have to enter their location so that they can find a date that lives close to their area. Another great thing about this site is that the site is safe. To protect the privacy and personal data of the user, the website is equipped by state of the art User Security System. Furthermore, the staff of Free3SomeDating also carefully screens all the users who sign up to their website. As a result, all the members don’t have to worry about their safety when they decide to meet someone from this website offline.

“There are actually many people who are curious about threesome. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find someone, or couples, who are open to this type of relationship. Today, a free threesome dating site gives you a chance to explore three way love and this is what is all about,” said the representative of the website.

The site’s matching algorithm will improve the chance of getting a successful date. However, it is the members themselves that will be the most determining factor. To ensure a nice and a successful threesome date, before using the site to find a date, members have to be completely sure that they are open for this kind of relationship. This threesome finder provides a safer environment and easier way for the members to find a threesome date. But in the end of the day, how the relationship will go will depend on the people involved in the three way love.

About is a threesome finder platform that has over 10 million members worldwide. This site has helped over 3 million members to find their perfect threesome date matches. This website comes with auto-matching features so that members can find dates that match their preference and also lives close to their area. Unlike other threesome dating site, signing up to is 100% free. After signing up, members can create their profile and start finding dates immediately.

For more information, please visit: For media inquiries: Free 3Some Dating Website:
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March 1, 2018- Are you scared of all the dating websites you see splattered everywhere online, are you looking for a genuine and safe dating site? presents to you the best BBW Dating Sites on the internet are at their site. They have reviewed many online BBW dating sites and have found the best ones for you to join and find your match. They continue to review new dating sites and add them to the different categories they have. At we have reviewed now or scroll through our categories and read the reviews to find the best site to visit. You can sign up for as many as you want.

Best Online BBW Dating Websites have been categorized on the website according to your spec. They are ordered from best to good. It is best to visit each one of them and sign up. Individual taste differs, but you will be pleasantly surprised at the number of singles available in your area at the click of a mouse button.

These sites also give you the feature of narrowing your search to pinpoint on the match you are looking to get in contact with. After you have found a couple of singles you would like to get in contact with, you can send them a message, chat if they are online, or send them winks to let them know you are interested. You are also encouraged to also check out recent announcements and posts to be informed on any new information on dating in general.

Finding love online just got easier with the launch of, check the website out now as your prince charming and princess awaits you!!!!!!!
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Posture Belt Trainer, Is Launched on Kickstarter

Posture Belt Trainer is an innovative solution to cure back pain and improve posture. The project has been officially launched on Kickstarter

Indiana, February 24, 2018: Shane Disheaux, a professional and experienced OTA from Indiana has recently been launching a Posture Belt Trainer on Kickstarter. Posture Belt Trainer is a device that is designed to help people who suffering from back pain by improving their posture.

Posture Belt Trainer actually has the same principle and function with back braces, which are commonly used to treat back pain. However, it will be more effective because it is equipped with a ball that is used as a lever and biofeedback device, which helps the wearer standing with better posture. Besides decreasing back pain, this device has plenty of other benefits such as reducing pressure on the spine, helping the wearer make transitional movements without any pain, and can even be used as an alternative treatment to surgery.

This Kickstarter campaign has a financial goal of $25,000 and the deadline of the crowdfunding is on March 12, 2018. Backers who pledged more than $320 will receive five posture belt trainers. If the goal is reached before the deadline, backers can start receiving their belts on May 2018.

“The Posture Belt Trainer has been tested and also already secured a provisional patent. It is just a matter of time until it officially gets a US patent. Our team has been working with passion to create Posture Belt Trainer and we will make sure that all our backers will feel satisfied about this product,” said Shane Disheaux, the inventor of Posture Belt Trainer.

According to Maryland Medical Center, back pain affects 60 to 80 percent of adults in the US and it even can lead to disability. Back braces are proven to be very helpful in decreasing back pain and improving posture. It is hoped that the new invention brought by The Posture Ball Belt trainer can be more effective in decreasing back pain and other problems related to it.

About Shane Disheaux

Shane Disheaux is the creator of Posture Belt Trainer crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and also the inventor of the product. Disheaux has been an occupational therapist for more than 12 years and during his duty as an OTA in geriatrics rehab, he sees many patients suffering from agonizing back pain. This situation inspired him to create the Posture Ball belt trainer, which is designed to decrease the pain and enable people who suffer from chronic back pain to make their activities easier.

For more information, please visit:

For media inquiries: Shane Disheaux Website:

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19th February, 2018- The English word lottery is derived from the Dutch noun "lot" meaning "fate", this is why is pleased to announce the launch of it’s website , a website filled with different, news, promotions and reviews, all created to make your lottery experience an exciting one, you won’t regret clicking because there are so many interesting contents just for you, articles such as the history of lotteries, how to play lotteries, interesting and crazy facts about lotteries etc.

Their users are allowed to review any lottery of their choice, rate them, comment on them whether a bad or good comment about the lottery, users have their freedom of writing, suggestions can be made to the lottery makers also.

At, they are unique because on their website users can review not only popular big lotteries like Powerball, but also instant and scratch online lotteries. They have a Powerball and Megamillions statistics for 10 years and of courselottery results and information about next draw and jackpot.

They help you take the secret out of winning because breaking down everything you need to know about lotteries to simply terms, is their specialty.

Company Name: Get-Lottery Company Contact: Alex Krivtsun Email: Website:
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International Trade Council Announces Appointment of Two Co-Chairpersons for the United Arab Emirates

Ms. Melanie Walker, Board Representative and Member Chairperson, today announced that the International Trade Council has appointed two Co-Chairpersons to the International Trade Council for the United Arab Emirates.

Mr. Michael Waechter is the Chairman of CRESCO Holding, a global company whose subsidiaries consist of professional service providers: CRESCO compliance, CRESCO legal, CRESCO accounting, CRESCO tec, SADIQA, Hensley & Cook and, Smart Money ; as well as a general trading firm Al Malek Trading. Aside from providing a range of professional services to businesses globally, Michael and his team have organised numerous events for groups visiting the Middle East, including events for entrepreneurs and networking events for international organisations. Michael was also instrumental in helping several companies to ‘start-up’ their business in the region and help them to acquire their ?rst anchor business in this competitive market.

Ms. Jayanthi Cornelio is the founder and CEO of Al Shaiba Medical Supplies, a company dedicated to sourcing, importing and distributing a range of medical equipment to hospitals and medical clinics across the Middle East and Africa. Born in the United Arab Emirates, Jayanthi was educated in India and graduated with a degree in electronics and telecommunications. Prior to founding Al Shaiba Medical Supplies in 2002, Jayanthi enjoyed a distinguished career working in the medical supply sector in roles ranging from procurement, sales management, service engineering and project management.

Speaking about the appointments, Ms. Walker said "We are delighted to have Michael and Jayanthi join the Council as Co-Chairpersons for the United Arab Emirates. Both of these remarkable individuals bring deep executive and operational experience to the Council. We look forward to utilising their unique combination of practical business knowledge, technical expertise and leadership skills to the Council’s core competencies for the United Arab Emirates an greater MENA region".

About the International Trade Council

Founded in 1956, the International Trade Council (ITC) is a non-profit organization with more than 29,000 members coming from 1289 industries across 76 countries. The Council assists members to identify new trade opportunities, generate beneficial mentoring relationships, mediate trade disputes and overcome technical barriers to trade. The Council works also with corporations, trade agencies and legislators to identify and share best practices and to achieve sustainable improvements in every aspect of domestic and international trade.

Website: Accredited Supplier Website:

For more information and photography/graphics, please contact Elaine Jane, Marketing Coordinator at: / Tel: +1 202 869 0988.
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Bradley Rose appointed as the International Trade Council Chairperson for Greater Los Angeles

The International Trade Council is pleased to announce the appointment of Bradley Rose as its Chairperson for the Greater Los Angeles Region effective immediately.

Bradley Rose is the Managing Partner and co-founder of Kaye, Rose & Partners, LLP a California based law firm specializing in international trade matters with an emphasis in the cruise and shipping, cargo logistics, travel, hospitality and entertainment industries.

Bradley has wide ranging litigation, legislative, regulatory and transactional experience. His firm also serves as General Counsel to Cruise Lines International Association, a trade association representing more than fifty cruise lines worldwide and twenty-five thousand travel agent members. Prior to establishing Kaye, Rose & Partners, LLP, Brad spent six years with the international law firm Pillsbury Winthrop in Los Angeles. While attending the University of Oklahoma for undergraduate studies and law school, Brad served on the campaign staffs of two state Governors and also spent four years as a legislative assistant to former U.S. Representative Dave McCurdy.

Ms. Melanie Walker, Member Chairman of the Council said, "Brad has an extensive track record within the professional services sector and has created significant value for his clients across the board. With his expertise and execution capability there is no doubt that he is the best candidate to assist the Council carry out its strategies for next-stage growth across the Greater Los Angeles region, the State of California and the United States".

Bradley Rose said, “It is an honour to be appointed Chairperson to the International Trade Council for Greater Los Angeles and I am thrilled to help carry out the mission of this important organization. Most of my legal career has been focused on the movement of people and goods in cross-border relationships between businesses, governments and NGOs. With the present political climate worldwide, the role of the International Trade Council in facilitating communication, cooperation and support amongst trading partners and nations has never been more important.”

For more information and photography/graphics
please contact:
Elaine Jane Marketing Coordinator
International Trade Council
Email: Tel: +1 202 869 0988.
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Lonllon: A New Culture Blend Dating App with an “undercarriage” Size Algorithm Has Been Recently Launched.

Love always finds its way home. Ladies, have you ever started dating a new man, learned all about their thoughts, personality, and feelings then decided to take things to the next level only to find out in bed that they have a small or a monster sized undercarriage? Gentlemen, have you ever felt uncomfortable or nervous to take things to the next level because you had no clue what she might like? If you find that experience unpleasant, then might be the site/App for you.

One private question on the dating site helps you remove this hassle by making use of a D size algorithm. It is not about the size, it is rather about compatibility and preference. All things considered small, average or big – size matters! There are no surprises or disappointment!

Lonllon, which means love in Ewe, a West African dialect, is much more than a wand size dating App. This dating service was created after recognizing that there are gaps and lack of dating resources for expats and those of similar world view. The idea is to connect, build the bridges and blend our differences.

Here is what you need to know: The App would allow you to contact people based on their geographical location It is perfect for expats looking to connect with other expats It is the way to connect with and experience dating ethnicities of your liking

Gentlemen are encouraged to be honest in answering that question because it increases compatibility for them as well. They can feel confident going to that next level. The sensitive question is completely private. It is only used behind the scenes as part of the matchmaking. Nudity is NOT acceptable.

The site and app is free with no subscription fees. It is currently available on iOS and Android devices. Click on the link below to open the app.

Contact person: KA Bruce Organization Name: Lonllon, LLC Email: Website: App available in the App Store and on Google Play
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RideBoom App Now Available in Canberra

RideBoom App Now Available in Canberra | Press Releases |
RideBoom gives innovation in the world of online-based transportation tools. New services are available now in Canberra with some new features.

Some areas in Australia are not as easy as others in term of using public transportations. It is reasonable, then if the development of online-based public transportation platforms are realized. RideBoom is one of the platforms that offer the passengers to transport from one place to another only by pushing a button and tapping the Smartphone screen. Slightly, there is no difference between RideBoom and other tools. However, it seems this tool gives some innovations in term of the app and the transportation devices themselves. It also gives some chance for local people who wants to be the driver to generate more jobs and income.

The service provides some great features. The featured one is the ability of passengers to choose the type of cars they wanted. There are mainly 4 types of car provided; they are RB Eco, RB Best, RB Lux, and Silver Cabs. Meanwhile, other features are the easiness to see the driver on the map and to call the drivers to pick them in a short time period. When the Smartphone’s GPS is turned on, the passengers can even guide the drivers where they should pick them.

In terms of payment, RideBoom offers lower cost than when the passengers use their own cars. Auto fare estimate prior to booking is provided to enable the passengers to ensure whether the cost is within their reach or not. There are also additional discounts for the everyday travel as well as no surge pricing. Cancelling is possible for sure. However, there is charge $10 when the customers cancel it after 5 minutes. Payment via credit card is available for the subscribers aside from giving cash.

To improve the further services, the passengers are allowed to rate each drive whether the services given are satisfied or not. Besides, the safety and security are guaranteed since the mobile numbers are hidden from drivers. For more information, please visit

About RideBoom

RideBoom previously available in Melbourne and Geelong now they are launching in Canberra. It was founded to support the passengers to use public transportation more easily and comfortably. The drivers hired are experienced for years to make the services given more ultimate. How to call and how to pay are very easy since it is based on the Smartphone application. Meanwhile, it is more affordable than other platforms with several options of payment.
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Arts & Music Department of ESE Florence will manage the concert to be held on December 21 at the Palazzo Rosselli del Turco, Florence

European School of Economics (ESE) is celebrating the holiday season with its students, faculty, and international musicians with a classical Christmas Concert. The event will be held at the Palazzo Rosselli del Turco, Florence at 16:00 PM on 21st December.

ESE Florence is organizing this concert to showcase the talents of a Peruvian-American student, Franco Rios Castro, who recently completed his Programme of the Canto (Singing) at the school. ESE’s students learn the nuances of the musical and instrumental arts as part of the various courses offered at the ESE campuses around the world. This concert is a celebration of the artistry of the students who have honed their skills while being enrolled with ESE’s Arts & Music Department. The concert will showcase the artistic brilliance of the ESE’s young artists and bid them a final farewell before they step into the world of music.

ESE offers a variety of short programs, including the Instrument & Voice Course, Music Management, and other courses. Each of the 3-month courses focusses on a variety of subjects from classical music to modern digital music to the management in the music industry. These courses also encourage a non- mandatory, 3-month internship after the completion of the course.

The concert to be held on December 21 will feature bass baritone Franco Rios Castro, who will be performing alongside the faculty of the institution. The faculty members at the concert include Monica Benvenuti, who is a renowned singer of international repute and the singing instructor at ESE Florence. Giuseppe Bruno, master pianist and the Course Director at the ESE Florence’s Arts & Music Department, will also grace the stage. The concert will focus on the theme of Italian Opera. The artists will be performing in the styles of Bellini, Rossini, Verdi, and Donizetti.

The concert starts at 16:00 PM and is free to the public.

For more information on the concert or for information on other activities and upcoming events of the Arts & Music Department of ESE, please contact

Contact info: Company Name: Proimpact Company website: Company email: Number: 00393279624480
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New back Pain Relief Product Now Available for order

New back Pain Relief Product Now Available for order at

Rochester, NY 14606, 19th December, 2017- More than one-third of Americans in their mid-50s and older have chronic pain in their neck or back. More than one in five adults in their late 40s through late 80s have some other type of recurring pain. Chronic pain conditions increase rapidly from about ages 25 to 60. If you suffer from chronic back pain and tried everything to get rid of it over the years, My BackPainCoach has come to the rescue.

With back pain the largest single global cause of disability, My BackPainCoach an online magazine will be raising awareness of occupational factors and how we can reduce the impact they have on our backs and necks. Heavy lifting, repetitive movement and sitting for long periods can all become painful over time; in fact back pain is one of the major causes of time off work, with workers sometimes out of action for weeks or months. It is for all Men and women of all ages and walks of life who want major relief from back pain.

Ian Hart, CEO of My BackPainCoach runs a personal training company with multiple locations in several states. Here’s a typical morning at “the office.” We’ve grown quickly because our fitness and pain-relief formulas brings fast and dramatic results in a safe and effective manner.

My programs and businesses have been featured in publications and TV stations such as Men’s Health Magazine, OK! Magazine, SELF Magazine, GQ Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, FOX Morning Show, NY1 News, CBS, plus much more. People in over 27 countries have used our program to relieve their back pain. We are also fortunate to possess the internet’s largest video database of client success stories.

It was from all these success stories that My Back Pain Coach has grown. My Back Pain Coach Affiliates You’ll earn 75% Commissions as an affiliate partner. To sign up for our affiliate program, please enter your email address in the form below. You’ll get updates about sales, promotions, bonus commissions and more so you can maximize your money from our partnership.

Get our best resources here. Contact Us!

We’re ready to provide any (any!) support you need. You can contact us via email: and we’ll get back to you typically within 1 business day. Our office is located here: MyBackPainCoach 1001LexingtonAve,Ste800 Rochester, NY 14606 We’ll be happy to answer any (ANY!) questions you have. – Ian
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Russian businessman Sergei Gordeev can testify in the case of Suleiman Kerimov, who is detained in Nice

Russian businessman Sergei Gordeev can testify in the case of Suleiman Kerimov, who is detained in Nice | Press Releases |
Russian businessman Sergei Gordeev, majority shareholder and president of PIK Group, can testify in the case of Suleiman Kerimov detained by law enforcers in Nice, who in 2009-2013 was one of the largest shareholders in PIK Group.

The AFP agency reported quoting its sources that Kerimov is suspected of concealing tens of millions of euros from the tax authorities when buying a villa on the Cote d'Azur at second hand. Kerimov may be one of the largest owners of real estate, although his name is not officially concerned with any property, the spring edition of Nice-Matin reported.

Let us remember that in 2009 Suleiman Kerimov became the owner of a 25% stake in PIK Group, increasing it later. In late 2013, he sold a 36% stake in PIK Group to Sergei Gordeev and Alexander Mamut. According to our sources, Suleiman Kerimov is willing to tell French law enforcement authorities about money-laundering, tax evasion in 2009-2017, as well as real estate and money on accounts of a number of Russian officials and businessmen in European and American banks, including Sergei Gordeev, who owns a number of companies and real estate in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Cyprus. Therefore, it is quite possible that in order to protect his assets, companies and to avoid arrest in Europe and the US the current owner of PIK Group will also testify for European law enforcement authorities concerning the affairs of Suleiman Kerimov, since he has certain information on Kerimov's business.

We remind that in May 2017 Russian law enforcement authorities searched the main office of PIK Group in the criminal case of inflicting damage on the Dynamo sports society.

The US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network in Europe and a number of other countries became much more active in its requests for information on Russians. The reason for this is that at the beginning of the next year a new sanction list of Russian oligarchs and officials will be announced. The unclassified document will contain information on their assets, including those of foreign origin. Sergei Gordeev will also be on the list.

Natalya Sobol, PR-manager tel. +7 (495) 505-97-33 19 bld. 1, Barrikadnaya street, Moscow, Russia
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Myotaut Develop Its Vaginal Products

After struggling through several observations and researches, Myotaut Serum  is produced and offering a safe method without side effects for tightening the vagina. Myotaut has been known from some years ago to produce some alternative health products, particularly for women. Undeniably, sexuality plays so many important roles in human’s life, so that efforts to make it perfect are important to be done. One of the problems commonly suffered are the vagina that is not tigh
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My Sister INC Encourages Women to Grow As an Entrepreneur While Staying True to Christian Values

My Sister INC offers professional training methods for women to establish their professional life and grow as a better Christian.

My SISTER INC (SISTERS INSPIRED STRENGTHENED THROUGH EMBRACING (CHRIST'S) RESTORATION INCORPORATED), a renowned social Christian community for The Professional Business women, is providing life coaching for women who want to realize their passion and talent in business.

The Life Coaching Services spearhead by 2 master coaches with over 15 Years of coaching. One of the coaches is certified Christian life coach Jeanette Armstrong, which is also an ordained elder and evangelist of Gospel of Christ. Besides life coaching, MSI also have Niche Training and workshops Ministerial Classes Networking Events Called Mix HERs An Mentorships ( All Included In Membership)

The members of My Sister INC are called Sister. The word Sister itself in this organization stands for Sisters Inspired Strengthened Through Embracing Restoration (of Christ) Incorporated). Just like what the name suggests, My Sister INC also has a goal to coach women on how to establish their professional life.

“My Sister INC aspires to provide opportunities for women who want to grow their passion in business. As a Christian community, we also encourage our Sisters to keep their faith in God while pursuing their dream. My Sister INC, as a coaching community for affiliates business service and products, also help women to grow their network and meet many other passionate women from around the US,” said the representative of My Sister INC.

My Sister INC is always open for women who want to be a better Christian and take their business to the next level at the same time. Those who are interested to be a new Sister of MCI, get wonderful life coaching and contribute their talent for the Ministerial services can visit MCI’s website and fill the online form.

About My Sister INC

My Sister INC is a social Christian community dedicated for women who want to grow as professional business women. The Sisters, the members of this community, have plenty of room to grow both as a Christian and professional through the ministerial activities and coaching services. The life coaching and training in My Sister INC are provided by one of the leading life coaching services in the country, Empower Encourage in Excellence Christian Life Coaching Services.

For more information, please visit: For media inquiries: My Sister INC Email: Website:

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Nature's Healing Hands Premium Magnesium Glycinate, a supplement that cares for everyone’s Muscular Function

Nature's Healing Hands Premium Magnesium Glycinate, a supplement that cares for everyone’s Muscular Function | Press Releases |
Fake supplements are on the rise these days, it’s a major concern for all of us because not only is money wasted, our health is also put at risk. Supplements from genuine reputed brand like Nature's Healing Hands Premium Magnesium Glycinate are highly recommended. Nature's Healing Hands Premium Magnesium Glycinate is a company that is focused on promoting and protecting the muscular functions by boosting it and correcting it’s deficiency.

Do you want to correct your deficiency and boost your muscle function? Nature's Healing Hands Premium Magnesium Glycinate is what you need. Nature's Healing Hands Premium Magnesium Glycinate (veggie capsule) has no ingredients that is potentially harmful. It contains chelated magnesium, which is a mineral that is bound to a negatively charged group, or anion, in two or more places, it provides the highest level of absorption and bioavailability. Nature’s Healing Hands Premium Magnesium Glycinate is highly absorbable and it’s bound to chelate amino acid glycine. Their Magnesium is a very important essential mineral that is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. This mineral helps to support cardiovascular and bone health while promoting energy metabolism and healthy muscle function.

Nature’s Healing Hands Premium Magnesium Glycinate supplements delivers 400mg of magnesium glycinate per serving. Adults can take 2 Capsules to reach 100% Daily Recommended Value and optimal nutritional support Nature’s Healing Hands Premium Magnesium Glycinate is typically considered ideal for those who are trying to correct deficiency and boost muscle function. Magnesium is known as one of the best bone-building nutrients available but it also provides numerous other benefits for overall wellness. When consumed with a healthy diet and exercise, magnesium provides potent support for nerve and muscle function. This helps increase physical endurance and energy. Nature’s Healing Hands Premium Magnesium Glycinate is formulated with a gentle dose of bioavailable magnesium for optimal results. Take just 2 Capsules daily to improved cardiovascular, muscle, and bone functions. Since Magnesium Glycinate contains a healthy dose of magnesium, which is the second most prevalent mineral found in the body, Nature’s Healing Hands Magnesium plays a role in a multitude of the body processes and is essential for a number of physiological function which include neuromuscular contractions, cardiac function and regulation of the acid-alkaline balance.

This essential mineral is necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids and fats and allows the body to absorb other vitamins, minerals and nutrients more efficiently. At Nature’s Healing Hands, they prioritize the well-being of their customers by ensuring our products are made with natural ingredients. Their company has always been known, to be natural since we begin operation. Why not discover the full spectrum of health benefits you could obtain by supplementing regularly with Nature’s Healing Hands Premium Magnesium Glycinate. Want to correct your deficiency and boost your muscle? Buy Nature’s Healing Hands Premium Magnesium Glycinate today!! You can get the product here:
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ATL Granite Installers Offers Hundreds of Brand New Granite Selections

ATL Granite Installers Offers Hundreds of Brand New Granite Selections | Press Releases |
ATL Granite Installers & Fabricators comes back with new store location and website. The reputable contractor also offers hundreds of new granite colors.

Cartersville, February 24, 2018: ATL Granite Installers & Fabricators is one of the leading home remodeling contractors in Atlanta. It is recently announcing huge granite wholesale selection over 300 colors to choose from along with the company’s brand-new location and website.

This company is well known for its flawless kitchen remodeling projects, which is supported by the fact that it has one of the best granite qualities in the country. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, granite is still the most popular. Even though there are plenty of other stones that are suitable for kitchen like marble, quartz or Formica, granite is still the best material for kitchen countertops. This is because granite is very sturdy yet beautiful at the same time ATL Granite Installers provide more than 300 choices of granite colors to make sure their clients can find something they like for their countertops, kitchen flooring or walls.

Besides kitchen remodeling, ATL Granite Installers also do bathroom remodeling. Just like the kitchen, bathroom is also a perfect place for granites. The company is able to apply the beautiful stone in slabs and tile in any sizes and surfaces. The company also can do proper granite sealing to make sure that the surface will be stain resistant.

“We understand that home remodeling is a very important process for our customers. Therefore, we always strive to provide the best by providing top quality results and also premium materials. Our licensed and experienced contractors are able to offer various renovation services with the best quality,” said the representative of ATL Granite Installers.

Customers who are interested in enlisting ATL’s service to remodel their home can contact the company to schedule a free in-home estimate. ATL Granite Installer also offers design counseling so that the result of the remodeling project will be exactly what the client wants.

About ATL Granite Installers ATL Granite Installers is a one-stop home remodeling contractor in Atlanta. It is specialized in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, but it is known for its premium quality stones, from granite, quartz, marble to porcelain stone. ATL Granite Installers is also trusted for its excellent work on pool remodeling, fireplace stonework and many others. ATL is also a part of accredited business with Better Business Bureau, which shows that the company is licensed and trusted.

For more information, please visit:

For media inquiries:
ATL Granite Installers 7 Swisher Drive Cartersville, GA 30120 Phone: (770) 896 9727 Email: Website:
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THE MATTER: The law in this case involves issues that affect thousands of potential Family Court litigants each year who are involved in Paternity, Custody and other Family Court related matters that cross state lines. These cases occur due to individuals easily moving from state to state and children raised by various family members across state lines. Questions of paternity may be raised in one state, followed by subsequent paternity actions in other states, as the child moves between relatives.

History: The instant paternity action caused the court to find out both subject matter and personnel jurisdiction were lacking where the Trial Court and Appellate Division ignored key evidence of fraud and attorney collusion used to hide and/or shield defendant

These issues are of general public importance, by raising questions such as if the Appellate division erred, and, by creating new rules with regards to the issues of collateral estoppel and res judicata, namely, reliance on a vacated judgment in a neighboring State Action as preclusive of issues of paternity, the Appellate Division conflicted with substantial precedent.

By granting Full Faith and Credit to a vacated judgment of a different jurisdiction, the Appellate Division ignored precedent in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the alternate forum. Such a decision will have substantial implications for countless, future litigants in paternity, custody and other family related matters, as more and more family court litigants are forced to institute and defend actions in different jurisdictions.

THE SECOND PART: The error of law has occurred in allowing a Pennsylvania (PA) vacated order/judgment to have legal standings in New Jersey(NJ) with merit, when the order no longer exist in its home state. And, error of law also occurred when the defendant who has contacts with state and owns New Jersey properties did not abide by the laws of the State in avoiding jurisdiction. These errors of law simply underscore the damage that will be done to New Jersey jurisprudence, if the court of appeals’ opinion is not corrected. And this Court’s intervention is required to correct the matter.

The error of law cause by Appellant Division by allowing the actions of trial court presents Federal Constitutional questions, if not corrected by this Court. Necessary claims and rebuttals regarding personal and subject jurisdiction to all courts. The hearing was based on Subject and Personal Jurisdiction but the Judge only ruled on Subject Jurisdiction.

For more read below
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Blockchain-Based Lottery System, MOS Lottery, Introduces New Way to Bet On Closing Stock Prices

Contact: Nikhil Sethi MOS Lottery 646-416-9011

Geneva, Switzerland, January 27, 2018: MOS Lottery, a blockchain-based lottery system created to address the problems inherited in the lottery market today, this week officially launched its comprehensive platform, providing a new kind of way to bet on closing stock prices.

Through the Ethereum blockchain based smart contract, all bets and results are made public in the system, recorded on the shared ledger without any third party involvement or interference. Uniquely, the lottery winning number is selected from the global stock market index, like NASDAQ or the Dow Jones.

“Although governments and states, for years, have been operating their own lottery systems, there has been fraudulent activity and transparency questions,” said Alexander Mittler, CEO of MOS Lottery. “Since we have witnessed, time and time again, a centralized system failing participants, we’ve introduced a decentralized approach based entirely upon an Ethereum smart contracts. Even more special, our numbers are selected from public platform, preventing manipulation.”

The Ethereum smart contract also ensures there are sufficient pools of fund to pay the winning amount before any bet is accepted, assuring players they receive their correct payouts should they win the lottery.

“At this point in time, there is no other system that is comparable to what we are doing here at MOS Lottery,” said Mittler. “Therefore, we are proud to launch an Initial Coin Offering to grow our jackpot fund and accelerate our official market debut. It’s our goal to raise 55 million USD. Help us get there.”

Over 5.5 billion MOS Tokens, the platform’s decentralized currency, will be available to investors. Once the ICO is funded, the platform will officially go live. For more information, visit:

About MOS Lottery

MOS Lottery is a decentralized, blockchain-based lottery system that picks winning numbers from the closing statistics at NASDAQ, the Dow Jones, and so forth. As opposed to the centralized lottery systems regulated by the government, MOS Lottery, built atop Ethereum smart contracts, essentially removes all elements of fraudulent activity and interference. Before taking the concept to market, MOS Lottery will host an Initial Coin Offering, with 5.5 billion MOS Tokens available to interested investors. ###
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Neeraj Bhatia appointed as the International Trade Council Co-Chairperson for the Greater Silicon Valley Region

Neeraj Bhatia appointed as the International Trade Council Co-Chairperson for the Greater Silicon Valley Region | Press Releases |
6th February 2018. The International Trade Council is pleased to announce the appointment of Neeraj Bhatia as its Co-Chairperson for the Greater Silicon Valley Region effective immediately.

Mr Bhatia is the founder of Bhatia & Co a firm with multiple offices in California and India. Neeraj is a Certified Public Accountant in California, Colorado, and New York, Chartered Accountant from India, holds an LL.M. in International Taxation from the US, Costs and Works (Management) Accountant and graduated with a Bachelor Honors degree in Commerce from India. During his academic years, Neeraj has won several awards and scholarship by being top ranker nationally.

Neeraj specializes in International tax, audit and review, accounting, compliance and reporting, immigration services, and corporate compliance with offices in California, New York and New Delhi, India. Current engagements in the US and India include cross border tax planning and transactions, M&A, corporate structuring, and complex Tax audits and representation including recent oversees disclosure programs (OVDP/OVDI/ Streamlined disclosure programs). His clientele include startups, multinational companies, government organizations, Public Sector Banks, and Auto dealerships. Neeraj has also presented extensively on US and India tax issues.

Ms. Melanie Walker, Council Board Representative and Member Chair said "Mr. Bhatia is an accomplished accounting professional with 30+ years expertise in international and domestic tax planning and compliance for startups and multinational entities. Mr. Bhatia has a strong reputation in international trade and is known to consistently deliver results for his clients. There is no better person to lead the Council's members in the Silicon Valley region into the future."

Speaking about his appointment, Mr Bhatia said “I am thankful to the Trade Council for allowing me to work with fellow members in California and other parts of the US so that together we could work towards promoting their business and professional interests. I look forward to facilitate the creation of sustainable trade relationships for members by expansion of their collaborative networks and exploring new alliances and growth opportunities, besides providing a voice to the members at various government and non government levels.”

For more information and photography/graphics please contact: Elaine Jane International Trade Council Email: Tel: +1 202 869 0988. Website:
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Natugram: Weight Loss Kit, Weight Loss Drops, HCG Diet

Natugram: Weight Loss Kit, Weight Loss Drops, HCG Diet | Press Releases |
Natugram, a leading healthcare company that uses all natural ingredients, founded in science. It is your one-stop shop for health driven products and dynamic weight loss. It’s full line of health supplements and dietary systems are engineered with it’s customers in mind.

Natugram has proven themselves as a dependable company due to their commitment to using the best ingredients in their products all the time, no additives just natural.

At Natugram, always believe there is a better way to health progression and weight loss is possible. Their products are for anyone between the ages of 18years to 50 years old basically in the USA, however shipping is also done globally. There are discounts ongoing on their website from 10% to 60%.


Health-Driven Products with Natural Formulas

Natugram’s extensive line of health and wellness products focus on helping you achieve a better body and a healthier life. All our formulas are enriched with real natural extracts and ingredients so you know exactly what’s going into your body. At Natugram, we understand that true wellbeing starts from the inside out and so, we’ve dedicated our work to providing health enlightened users like you with products you know you can trust.

Flexible Solutions for Dynamic Weight Loss

We know that not one size does not fit all when it comes highly specialized aspects of your health like weight loss. With Natugram, you can rest assured you’re finding the right natural products that are both safe and effective with a company that cares about striving for quality wellness just like you. With a growing list of healthy weight loss supplements and energy and metabolic boosters, Natugram makes it easy to find the dietary system that’s right for you without harsh additives and synthetic ingredients.

Our Guarantee to Safety

Your health is our top priority. Natugram’s extensive line of health improvement products and formulas are guaranteed to be safe and nontoxic to help you meet your health and weight loss goals without harming your body.

We’re here to help you make the better change towards a healthier, happier life. At Natugram, your wellness is our biggest achievement.

CONTACT US Company Name:
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Coffee and Chocolates with Julia Morgan to Start Pre-production

Coffee and Chocolates with Julia Morgan to Start Pre-production | Press Releases |
The new web series based on the life of the woman architect will begin pre-production in the near future.

Julia Morgan, the American female architect to ever become independent has left a truly remarkable legacy. With a legacy of over 700 buildings scattered in cities throughout Illinois, California, Hawaii and Utah, the legend is nothing short of phenomenal. Her architectural work was greater than any other famous American architect over 5-decades of her career.

Known as architect of beauty, the majority of her building projects is now classified as historical landmark. Enchanting beauty with stunning details, a perfection that cannot be mastered by many of her competitors back in the day. What is truly remarkable is the fact that Julia Morgan was the first woman architect, blazing a trail for other women in the field at the time.

A pioneer, her impressive career and unique personal life have always been sought after. It is for this reason a production company produces a web series Coffee and Chocolates with Julia Morgan. To explore the life of a legend and as a nod to the large portion of legacy that still stands today. The pre-production of Coffee and Chocolates with Julia Morgan has taken place in the meantime.

About Coffee and Chocolate with Julia Morgan

Julia Morgan might seem a typical feminine woman of the age, but make no mistake. She was far from frail as her frame would suggest. The architect was known to be the most hardworking person, charging through her hectic architectural projects on black coffee and chocolate. Known as a private person, not much was known about her at the time. However, many of her close friends always joked that Morgan lived on coffee and chocolate to get through the day. An interesting bit of information that captures the essence of who she was. This web series aims to explore her life and lasting architectural legacy through a lighthearted narrative.

For more information, please visit:

About Cat Miggs

Cat Migliaccio, or more popularly known as Cat Miggs, is an actress, writer and producer based in New York. A Texan girl who once dreamed about moving to the city to pursue her passion in the entertainment industry. Nothing she loves more than creating and playing the roles she has created. Having studied at the University of Oklahoma and American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Cat Migliaccio has been involved in various critically acclaimed projects. Her past projects include “The Character's Life,” “Jessica from Temecula,” and “Miggs the Cat.”

For more information, please visit:

For media inquiries: Cat Miggs Phone: 646-770-3284 Email: Website:
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Prestige Locksmith | San Diego Locksmith

Prestige Locksmith | San Diego Locksmith | Press Releases |
Jan. 11 2018 San Diego, California – Popular San Diego locksmith “Prestige Locksmith” gives an interview to media to describe exactly how they have grown their small one man operation into what it is today within such a small span of time. For the last 10 years Prestige Locksmith has been serving the San Diego area. Over that span of time the business has grown to gain massive success. Mr. Lavy the owner of Prestige Locksmith reveals some of the many things that has made his locksmith business so successful.

“Since I was a little kid I had always wanted to be a locksmith. The mystery. The challenge. There is so much to like about locksmithing. When I first began out as a locksmith in San Diego I had all the right tools and schoolroom training but I lacked the experience that I have now, and wow what a difference that 10 years makes!” Mr. Lavy said in an interview with media.

The company has grown from a one man operation ran by Shy Lavy into a business of 7 vans and numerous trained technicians on standby to assist motorists and property owners all across the beautiful city of San Diego that we call home.

“What more can a guy like me ask for; I mean, this place is so beautiful. The climate is perfect. And most importantly the people are wonderful. And I get to drive all over San Diego living and working in the community. This is what I will always do.” Shy continued.

The company has utilized several sales and marketing strategies over the years to grow so quickly. Some of the strategies are really awesome and cutting edge. From the social media pages, running blog, to the mobile website, Prestige Locksmith is state of the art.

“I always knew social media was hot. From the beginning I have had a facebook page. Also, the blog on our website is always updated with new information related to San Diego locksmiths. More so, I always tell my valued customers to like our social media pages and to post an update about us so that their friends and family will also use our services. All in all the cost savings using these strategies are what have propelled our locksmith business into the wonderful business that it is today.”

Prestige Locksmith would like to invite interested persons to their Facebook page in order so that their locksmith services and photos of the technicians at work and on the job in San Diego. Visit the page right now.

About Prestige Locksmith

Prestige Locksmith is a small to medium sized locksmith in San Diego that works to secure homes and automobiles. The company was started by Shy Lavy. He still works in the business today. For more information about their locksmith services in San Diego or to send them a message use the information below.

Prestige Locksmith 3342 Kettner Bivd San Diego, CA 92101 858-353-7430
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A Major Breakthrough in the Fight against Type II Diabetes

London, 21st December, 2017– Modern medicine is failing miserably to stop diabetes and to save patients’ lives, this new approach is achieving 100% success in getting patients completely OFF diabetes meds and related drugs — and back to a healthy, normal life.

This groundbreaking protocol, Reverse Diabetes Today (TM), is the only clinically proven drug free system for reversing Type 2 diabetes and pre diabetes, while showing people with Type 1 how to dramatically reduce or even eliminate their insulin dose.

And chances are, you won’t hear or read about this system anywhere else, because it isn’t in the interest of pharmaceutical companies or medical professionals to inform you.

With traditional medicine, Diabetes will be a lifelong condition. Traditional medicine “fights” Diabetes through drugs that treat the symptoms of the disease, but never deals with the root cause of the problem

If you would like to learn how to treat your Diabetes permanently … without drugs, without risky gastric bypass surgery, without any typical Diabetes treatments, and without any side effects, then this will be the most important message you will ever read.

You’re will learn how you can take your health back and free yourself from the shackles of constant blood sugar readings and daily drug regimens just by clicking here.

Contact Us Please send all inquiries to or mail to Vital Life Education, Suite 30, 19-43 Edgware Road, London, W2 2JH.

To also become our partner, click here.
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Sea IPO floats high on Influent waters

Sea IPO floats high on Influent waters | Press Releases |
HONG KONG – (NGT) Following a rocky October IPO, Sea - Singapore’s answer to video game giant Tencent - has apparently sought the aid of much renowned but little understood company Influent Technologies JV to boost engagement in its currently saggy virtual world offerings. Like Tencent, the company offers games for free, then collects money when players buy virtual items like armor, weapons or special skills. Perhaps Influent will prove the aphorism true, that all rivers do flow to the Sea.

Little public information is available about this proposed partnership, but concerned parties suggest it would parallel what Tencent is planning on doing for Snapchat by way of Influent’s advanced tools for organically growing user engagement. “The investment enables Tencent to explore cooperation opportunities with the company on mobile games publishing and newsfeed as well as to share its financial returns from the growth of its businesses and monetization in the future,” Tencent said in an emailed statement.

While Microsoft’s AI chat bots have struggled to penetrate the murky Chinese and South-East Asian markets due to ideological differences, Influent’s native success has been assured by a combination of superior adaptable technology and rumored strong backing from state actors who are alleged to use the technology for their so-called Water Armies.

When asked for comment on the matter, an Influent spokesperson sent along the following statement, a poetic passage which apparently describes the company’s logo:

Flowing down the mountain
Under impetus of stars
Water gives life Colorful trees
No further comments were available.

NewsGlobe Today
Phone: +441902214089

[Copyright 2017, World Media Partnership. Publisher makes no warranty of accuracy of information. Not for re-broadcast without permission.]
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casinoMACRO - Online Casinos, Bonuses, Casino Games & Jackpots

casinoMACRO - Online Casinos, Bonuses, Casino Games & Jackpots | Press Releases |
Featuring Online Casino Reviews, Latest Casino Bonuses & FREE Most Popular Casino Games. We Take your Casino Experience to a Whole New Level.
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