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Lil Nate Dogg to release 12 song EDM project This Tuesday

Lil Nate Dogg to release 12 song EDM project This Tuesday | Press Releases |
Hood And Associates will release a major EDM project by their artist Lil Nate Dogg this Tuesday (March 22nd 2016).
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Sachin Started youtube channel - Watch Bollywood Hindi songs in USA style

Sachin Started youtube channel - Watch Bollywood Hindi songs in USA style | Press Releases |
NEW YORK, Nov. 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Sachin Kumar today propelled a committed channel for YouTube, highlighting on-request content from the Journal's developing stable of video programming. In conjunction with the dispatch, the channel will feature "On leave," a day by day way of life demonstrate appearing today in light of the eponymous area of WSJ Weekend, the Journal's Saturday paper.

Facilitated by Wall Street Journal correspondent Wendy Bounds, "On furlough" will enliven a large number of its namesake's highlights, and in addition other culture scope from the Journal – from sustenance to mold, music and motion pictures, go to tech. The show will air every business day at 6 p.m. ET on and Bollywood tune, the Journal's intuitive video application, took after instantly by on-request accessibility on YouTube and extra channels. Live scenes start Monday, February 6.

Scenes of "On leave" will consistently highlight a scope of themes displayed by correspondents and editors from over the Journal and Dow Jones, including: General commitments from Journal faultfinders and reporters including Joe Morgenstern (film), Jim Fusilli (music), Dan Neil (auto) and Lettie Teague (wine);

Formula how-to's from Off Duty's "Moderate Food Fast" journalist Kitty Greenwald alongside "WSJ Test Kitchen"; "Heard on the Runway" with a round-up of the week's mold news and patterns; "WSJ After Hours" offering an insider's take a gander at the most up to date drifts, social scenes and mold explanations of New York City nightlife;

Extra fragments concentrated on uncommon occasions, for example, Fashion Week, the Grammy Awards, Academy Awards and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Dispatch week will incorporate uncommon fragments in planning for up and coming Super Bowl XLVI, with a roundtable of Journal sports columnists on location in Indianapolis; a sit-down with the makers of Animal Planet's yearly "Puppy Bowl"; a meeting with VIP culinary specialist Donatella Arpaia talking about tips for a fruitful gathering spread; and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, the Journal's Lee Hawkins takes a seat with four effective music acts to talk about how they are standing up to the business' emotional changes - including Paul Stanley of Kiss, Grammy Award-champ Cee-Lo Green, multi-platinum rapper Soulja Boy, and worldwide move gather Far East Movement.

The select dispatch backer for Sachin Kumar's YouTube channel is OppenheimerFunds.

Bollywood tune from Sachin Kumar

Diary video incorporates different shows, news refreshes, revealing from the field, select meetings and exceptional occasions scope. YouTube is the most recent circulation station for Bollywood tune, which as of now includes up to four hours of live programming per business day and additionally on-request video by means of the iPad, Internet-TVs and set-top boxes. "On leave" joins Digits, Lunch Break, Mean Street, Markets Hub, Opinion Journal and the News Hub, and additionally a broad chronicle of clasps displaying news and announcing from the more than 2,000 writers over the Journal and Dow Jones.

Notwithstanding YouTube, the Bollywood melody application is accessible by means of Apple TV, Google TV and Roku and in addition Boxee, Etisalat, Hulu, Panasonic's VIERA Connect™ - empowered HDTVs, Samsung 2011 Smart TVs, Sony Internet TV, VIZIO Internet Apps® HDTVs, and the Yahoo!® Connected TV stage. The Bollywood melody application for iPad has been downloaded more than 160,000 times since dispatch in September 2017.

Sachin Kumar New york happiinews & Company 202-406-2112 Youtube channel : Email

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DermalMD Provides Natural Skin Care Products to Safely Treat Various Skin Conditions offers affordable facial and body care product lines. All of them are made of natural ingredients that are safe for the skin.

DermalMD is a reputable American based skincare manufacturer. The company is ready and also more than capable to compete with other giant skincare brands. DermalMD has various products that can cater various skin conditions in all body parts including the face, body, as well as women’s private part. Its line of products can be used to treat various skin conditions and problems from acne, psoriasis, wrinkles to cellulite and stretch mark.

The best thing about this skincare line that makes it better compared to other brands is the fact that every product is based on scientific research and made of natural ingredients. Instead of using dangerous chemicals like perfumes, Triclosan and Formaldehyde, DermalMD take advantage of what the nature provides such as caffeine, algae, organic castor oil, raspberry oil and almond oil. Those ingredients are able to work on a cellular level, which ensures faster absorption. Even without dangerous chemicals, DermalMD’s products are capable to deliver dramatic and fast result without causing dependency and unwanted side effects.

“Our vision is to make affordable products using natural ingredients that actually work. We want to help our customers get perfect skin without using over expensive or dangerous products that can put their skin conditions in jeopardy,” said the representative of DermalMD.

“Great product line, the quality is unparalleled. I recommend the serums to all my patients,” said Dr. Soler-Baillo, a reputable dermatologist who uses DermalMD serum to treat his patients. Nowadays, there are many irresponsible people out there who fake skin treatment products to gain easy money. To prevent its customers from buying fake products that can endanger their skin, DermalMD has taken a precaution. All DermalMD’s products are exclusively sold on the company website. This way the customers know exactly where they need to go to get original products and avoid fake products that actually can harm their skin.

About is as an American skincare manufacturer that produce high quality natural skin treatments. The products are made in the USA by the best chemists and dermatologists in the industry. Every product is created based on scientific research which will ensure the safety and effectivity of all the serums and treatments. DermalMD uses natural ingredients like lavender and green tea extract instead of dangerous chemicals. This is why this company’s products are known to be very easy on the skin and also give real results.

For more information, please visit: For media inquiries: DermalMD Website:
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Men and Massage: Massage to Cure Hangover

Men and Massage: Massage to Cure Hangover | Press Releases |
When March comes, happiness is in the air and fulfills your lungs with spirit for the whole month. It is spring break in which St. Patrick’s Day takes place along with another March feasts. It is a holiday that most people wait for and then celebrate it with Irish classic green beer and Jameson all day long. St. Patrick Day’s is a time to get drunk and wake up with hangover signs in the morning.

But for most people, getting up in the morning with a headache because of the beer they have the night before will lead them into problems. No one expects to show up in their workplace in a messy look. But there is nothing to be worried about since there are some remedies you can take. They are believed to be the most effective ways to cure a hangover, and the best part, plus one way you might never think before.

1. Prevention The first and best thing to avoid a hangover is by not drinking at all. But, of course this will useless at all since you can’t avoid it during the celebration of March feasts.

2. Greasy Food It might be ridiculous, but yes, consuming greasy food can help you reduce the symptoms of hangover. Though most people choose to eat hash browns for that, but there is no particular grease food you should eat to help you reduce the symptoms.

3. Hair of the Dog If it is impossible for you to avoid drinking during the feast to prevent hangover, continuing to drink can be the solution you can take. But it only slows down the hangover symptoms for some hours. Still you will get a headache after that. It will even worsen your symptoms once you stop drinking.

4. Massage Last but not the least and has probably been the most effective one to reduce hangover symptom is massage. It is a fact. Unlike the other ways mentioned above, the Men and Massage done can benefit you to reduce the symptoms in many ways. First of all, it can increase your body’s immune system. This is very helpful because your body will absorb a lot of toxins and your liver can’t take them all out from your body. The massage conducted will help your body boost the work of the lymphatic system to take all the toxins out. It can also boost the blood circulation to your brain and reduce headache. A massage can help your body to relax so you can sleep easily. You will be fresh when you wake up.

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Jobisite Launched Affordable Way to Post Jobs to Multiple Job Boards

Jobisite Launched Affordable Way to Post Jobs to Multiple Job Boards | Press Releases | provides eases for both the job seeker and recruiters. Ensuring all users to get and share multiple job boards in just one click. is a leading job portal which is specially designed to help people to get and share in multiple job boards. Recently, this job portal has launched an online system for both the job seekers a recruiters with affordable price.

Compared to other similar website, it is cheaper and offers a convenient way to get and share multiple job boards. With only $10, the website’s users can share jobs in multiple job boards, social network, and aggregators. Having many people to join in this job site, the jobs shared will be easily viewed by a lot of people. The sharing social networks available also make it possible for the jobs shared to be known by wider scale of the community.

“Got enough candidates with premium job ad, much better than any other paid job sites,” said Vishal Sharma from Employment USA confirms his testimony after using the Just like Vishal Sharma, Victor King, an independent recruiter states that using the to post job multiple jobs boards is very easy and convenient. “(It is) best for independent recruiter and corps –vendor,” he adds.

The online jobs shared by are multiple seeking in “just one click.” The system applied makes the searching process of jobs becomes easier and less tiring. For job seekers, with just a single click on computers, they can send a lot of resumes in time to the various companies. For the recruiters, this job portal provides them with many job seekers that will meet their requirements.

To join in this site and post jobs to multiple job boards, the user to – be only needs to visit the website. After that, log in using certain password and ID is the next step to do and then upload the resume to the site. The online system applied, then will match the resume uploaded with the criteria they look for. The company will then call the applicants directly if their resume is suitable to their requirements. It is an ease in just one click.

About is a website specially designed to share in multiple job boards, aggregators, and social networks. Comes with affordable price of $10, this job portal is available with special pages for both job seeker and recruiter.

Please visit for further information.

Contact: Jobisite Rajat Raina
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From humble background to global stardom, Alysia kaempf is the real definition of greatness

From humble background to global stardom, Alysia kaempf is the real definition of greatness | Press Releases |
Nothing is more electrifying than to hear the story of an individual from a humble rural background overcome all the challenges of humble beginnings and rise to stardom. It is always a heartwarming and passionate story. It gets people in similar situations inspired that they too can make it. This is the theme behind the story of Alysia Kaempf, a beautiful and gorgeous model.

Alysia Kaempf owes her rise to glory to her chiseled-physique, unerring beauty, inimitable style, and relentless initiative that work in concert to provide a harmonious symphony that brings daily audience who watch, listen, and applaud. Like the branched-chain amino acids that help her grow, her attributes and actions are ramifying her life, giving her an opportunity to branch out in multiple directions from a single core.

The core that defines Alysia Kaempf's life is physical fitness. An inveterate exerciser, Kaempf has developed her impressive physique by her hard work, dedication, and consistency. She has a true passion for fitness. She exercises for health and pleasure; putting her 110% into every workout.

Exercise is an end in itself for Kaempf, who pages through multiple exercises daily, an endemic enterprise that is leading to social contagion. Alysia Kaempf’s body is 100% natural unlike most girls of nowadays who use plastic surgery to artificially modify their bodies. She has developed her beautifully butt from her consistency workout over the years since she was 14 years old. This has earned her a brand ambassadorship for subscription Lingerie Company. Also, she has a special online program which is titled ‘How to build a natural booty’

The most impressive thing was that she was on a TV show called TMZ and a hip-hop blog called Worldstarhiphop because of her natural booty. She is also to start her own program and a high-quality women's workout gear to empower women all over the world to get an amazing natural booty like hers.

Check her out this incredibly gorgeous model on social media using the links , , Media​​Contact Company​​Name:​​​Beautynthebox Contact​​Person:​​Beautynthebox Email:​​ Country:​​United​​States Website:​​​
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100% ITM Rate - #BinaryOrders - Ultimate #BinaryOptions Signals, Indicators and Live #Trading

Join For Free: Please visit and follow the steps described on that page. Contact Us Email
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True pair trading expert advisors on Forex - HEDGEXPERT

True pair trading expert advisors on Forex - HEDGEXPERT | Press Releases |
Revolutionary hedging and pair trading expert advisors on Forex market for MetaTrader 5. Your stable and safe investments.
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Buy FIFA 17 Coins and FIFA 18 Coins on - The WorldWide Leading Fifa Services Provider.

Buy FIFA 17 Coins and FIFA 18 Coins on - The WorldWide Leading Fifa Services Provider. | Press Releases |
fut 18 coins, cheapest FIFA Coins on We have a full stock for all platform (Player Trade & Comfort Trade 2.0)Auto Delivery, Faster and More Convenient, 24/7 customer service!
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UAE, 13 September 2017- There is an extremely wide variety of skincare products on the market. As people are starting to realise the adverse nature of toxic ingredients, an increasing number of consumers are shifting towards using natural and organic skin care. Green Chic offers a comprehensive range of exceptionally high quality natural beauty products in the market.

Green Chic is an online shopping platform known for their exceptional quality and all-inclusive selection of natural cosmetics. Ranging from pure organic skin care, recognized international or exclusively Dubai-based cosmetic brands, each brand is meticulously hand-picked based on its ethics and performance-based standards from all corners of the world. Green Chic offers a wide range of Ecocert certified organic beauty products from some well-known natural skin care brands. The brands included in their collection are: Absolution, Izil beauty, Grown Alchemist, Melvita, Shirley Conlon Organics and The Organic Pharmacy. 

Green Chic firmly believes all of their chosen lines need to demonstrate both effectiveness as well as being natural. Being passionate ‘green’ beauty enthusiasts themselves, their vision was to create a place where anyone could shop for high-performance beauty products with complete confidence right here in the UAE. In order to preserve optimum quality, their range of cosmetics passes through a meticulous screening assessment before being placed onto their online shopping platform. With a total of 14 toxins that are prohibited in their product range including ingredients such as parabens, SLS and phthalates, their customers can rest assured they are getting products that are truly natural.

While providing access to international brands of ultra-high quality natural skincare products, they also strive to recognize and support local UAE based brands that are equally passionate about creating amazing products. They understand that everyone has their own preferences and in doing so collaborate with brands that are cruelty-free, use environmentally friendly packaging and apply ethical practices in how they operate their business. 

To get access to these truly amazing organic skin care products from Green Chic and to experience radiant, healthy and supple skin, please visit


Green Chic offers a curated selection of organic and natural skincare products in the UAE; beauty products that were both truly natural and equally as effective. Green Chic was created as a safe place where people can buy truly organic beauty products without having to second guess the quality of their purchases, ensuring each brand contains only the very best natural ingredients.

To find out more about Green Chic please visit

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ASVERIS GOES LIVE!!! | Press Releases |
ASVERIS Asset Verification Solutions c: (206)972-7838 e:

ASVERIS GOES LIVE!!! Asset Verification Solutions Service Launches in Seattle (WA)

Asset Verification Solutions (ASVERIS) is excited to announce the launch of its new Safe, Secure and Confidential Asset Verification Solution service for Residential, Commercial, and Private clients.

ASVERIS offers a safe, secure, confidential and detailed inventory list of your personal or commercial property or assets located at your residence or business based on our unique S.I.M.P.L.E.R solution for your personal, insurance, estate planning and financial needs.

We focus on gathering important data point details such as item size, item type and make/model before capturing digital pictures and constructing your personal property portfolio summary for safe delivery to you verified with a Washington State Notary “Cover Letter”. This unique solution exceeds all insurance and financial planning as well as estate planning industry standards.

Receipts, pictures, personal and financial documents can also be processed for safe e-storage via our AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform. ASVERIS also offers “Document Scanning”, G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) graduate gemologist “Jewelry Appraisals” as well as “Asset Liquidation” services. ASVERIS

your personal property portfolio summary for safe delivery to you verified with a Washington State Notary “Cover Letter”. This unique solution exceeds all insurance and financial planning as well as estate planning industry standards.

Just a few reasons to use ASVERIS: A Simple, Safe, Secure and Confidential inventory report Verification of all Tax-deductible property Detailed assessment of value of assets before any combination in pre-nuptial agreements.

Simply visit today to schedule your appointment or select a plan thatmeets your Residential, Commercial or Personal needs. For more information visit or call us at 1-833-3ASVERIS or (206) 972-7838.
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Free Daily Stock and Forex Signals Now Available on

Free Daily Stock and Forex Signals Now Available on | Press Releases |
For Immediate Release Media Contact are proud to announce their website where you can get free daily stock and forex signals. If you have been paying for trading signals, and have made no profits, if you have hired a stockbroker hoping to enjoy the rewards of the stock market, yet you got nothing, if you have used every market analysis you could lay hands on to no avail, and you felt all hopes were lost concerning your forex career, then fear no more. Signals is here for you. is a website that is powered by social sentiment, artificial intelligence, neural networks and cloud computing and is a website for independent traders who want to get Wall Street type results. The free trading signals from will give you the best stock trading opportunities.

With, you get to see trends and gains before they start even when the market loses. Signals adapt to historical trends, so you can focus on your bottom line, while their cutting edge artificial intelligence technology is the best for real, consistent profits and growth.

The Social Sentiment tool from is very vital. It is like having one hundred trading experts in your back pocket. In fact, Social Sentiment may be the only way for independent traders to truly, deeply understand market trends. This is key because smart trading is all about really understanding the trends of your chosen market.'s Artificial Intelligence engine can process data 1,000,000 times faster than the human mind. Artificial Intelligence is very reliable. It does not make careless mistakes. The Neural Networks by does all of the heavy lifting for you. It translates the million different moving parts of the market into easily digestible bits of information. This is going to help you, the ambitious independent trader make lucrative trading decisions. Even more amazing, Neural Networks has its very own memory. This piece of technology remembers important historical trends for you, so you can focus on making money.

So, to participate in this amazing free daily stock and forex signals from Signals, go online to and get instant access today. You also get to receive their stock and forex picks by email and mobile device. What are you waiting for, go create your online trading account with Signals, sit back and watch the money be coming in. ###
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DANISA COOKIES | Press Releases |
For Immediate Release Media Contact DANISA COOKIES

Danisa Cookies as the name suggests is an absolutely delicious cookie which originate from Denmark and were originally introduced by a brand called the Royal Dansk around 1966.Crispy texture butter cookies to be considered as another form of crunchy cakes. Popularly referred to as sables & brysslkex , these Danish Biscuits were previously served usually for nobles on special days, in many European countries as well as parts of North America.

There is nobody on earth who is not an admirer of treats and here you will have the capacity to discover the best and too fresh, crunchy margarine treats. The Danisa Butter Cookies will bring out bliss and richness in many lives since they have the best Cookies with incredible taste. There are no fake flavors included and these treats are thought to be the best dependably and the interest for these cookies is expanding as time consistently passes. There are many individuals who are welcoming their dear ones with these cookie boxes. These are totally rich in taste and additionally, they are made of the best margarine and wheat flour and sugar.

Danisa Cookies are made from wheat flour, butter and sugar. Yeast and flavorings are not added, but only chocolate and vanilla. They are often prepared in a variety of shapes like squares, oval, cubic, flat, round and circular.

Their timeless Butter Cookies Recipe, unmatched skills and consistency have made Danisa Butter Cookies one the most coveted treats in the world. It starts with timeless recipes, topnotch ingredients and the passion for perfection achieved through keen attention to details. The production starts with choosing the highest quality butter and milk. Next every natural ingredient is accurately measured against stringent standards. The flavor and richness of the dough thus prepared is carefully checked by their master baker

The original packaging had that authentic old school look and were packed and delivered in a recognisable tin showing the old Danish farmhouse named “Hjemstavnsgaard” from the island of Funen in Denmark. In reality the tin is utilized to store the freshness and the crunchiness of the treats well. Not just that this tin gives you to resalable and reusable the treats for sometime later. For this particular shading it is otherwise called the blue tin. This blue tin and the blue bundling give you the affirmation of its high caliber.

About Danisa Cookies

Danisa is overseen by Danish Specialty Foods Aps enlisted in the Danish capital Copenhagen. Danish Specialty Foods Aps is quick to keep up the consistency of utilizing the genuine Danish formula for the generation of the treats. At exhibit, Danisa is ceaselessly enchanting the selective palates of customers on a worldwide premise and is considered as an image of respect, festivity and extravagance.

For More Information About Danisa Cookies Kindly Visit
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Prudential First Crowdfunding Campaign for Public’s Investment and Company’s Growth

Prudential First started the crowdfunding campaign. Allowing people to invest their fund through Crowdfunder site.

Prudential First Education, a leading company that recruits teachers for schools launched crowdfunding campaign. A special campaign designed to grow the company and raise public investment for a period of 12 months and at maturity, they will get 12% plus capital back. No risk investment as company has been generating revenues since 2015. Starting this year in 2017, the company starts aspiring towards gaining global market to help popular schools recruiting the suitable candidates through its patent Filter and Match technology.

Filter and Match technology is automation of manual teacher selection to allow more efficient and effective process. With this new technology, Prudential First has made sure its capability in assisting both investor, including schools and teachers to fulfill different needs. Interested individuals can view the offer at the below mentioned link:

“We are poised for growth and our planned expansion requires investment,” said Shan S. Haider as the Head of Consulting in Prudential First. Investment in the form of crowdfunding is the ideal type as this company believes in. For operation, the Crowdfunder is free to use access in deal flowing through a network and platform of angel investors and venture firms. To identify the top deals, Prudential First uses the scalable deal sourcing. This new crowdfunding comes together with automatic eligibility of early stage startups having received funding from any of the indexed VCs. Being eligible means being reviewed by the investment committee for further growth.

The crowdfunding campaign operates based on diversification. The validated model stresses diversification, which is treated as the vital key to capture the returns of the early stage market. It results in more diversified fund’s order of magnitude compared to the traditional VC firms.

Operating based on those key features, this simple investment for the company’s growth offered by Prudential First is available for at least 12 months of period. At maturity, the investment gives a return of 12% of the amount of investment plus the capital. There has been no risk reported related to this investment.

About Crowdfunder CrowdFunder, the leader behind the crowdfunding campaign has helped thousands of companies to raise capital for funding various innovations to see and experience. With the help of crowdfunder, many useful innovations, giving contribution to everyday’s life of millions of people around the world are finally being available. Today, the particular campaign of crowdfunding has received great response from the public as it is also a way for the public to rise and grow their investment.

About Prudential First Education Based out in Istanbul, Turkey, the Prudential First has served local Turkey’s market successfully since 2015. Many inspiring and talented teachers across the globe have received great help and support from the company to find successful job opportunities hence contributing to society.

Contact: Company Name: Prudential First Education Mr. Shan S. Haider Job title: Head of Consulting Address: Prudential First Education & Recruitment. Sheraton Varyap Meridian. Atasehir Istanbul-34746 Istanbul Turkey. Phone: +90 216 504 85 95
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Carpet Cleaning Sydney | Call VIP Carpet Cleaning 1300 668 646 Now

Carpet Cleaning Sydney | Call VIP Carpet Cleaning 1300 668 646 Now | Press Releases |
Bass Hill New South Wales is the home of Sydney’s most trusted Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal company. With more than 20 years’ experience servicing both suburban and city areas VIP Carpet Cleaning is the safest and most affordable way to bring new life to your home, office or commercial premises.

At VIP we use only the most advanced equipment coupled with our highly effective non-toxic chemicals and an attention to detail that only comes with decades of experience. All of our products are designed to remove dirt, grim and pet stains from your carpets and upholstery while being 100% safe for babies, children and pets.

Furniture cleaning
Keeping your home hygienic is an important part of your family’s health and safety. You and Your family spend a lot of time on your couch, lounge and upholstery so make sure they are there clean to ensure your home is looking great and your family is safe.

Pet Stain Removal
Cats, Dogs and other beloved pets can unfortunately leave your household furniture in an unhygienic state. That’s why VIP now offers home visits to remove unwanted pet stains from your precious furniture.

Mattress cleaning
You spend three months of every year asleep on your mattress. Experts say one of the most important factors to your health is the quality of your sleep and the quality of the air you breath. Make sure your family is no breathing in harmful parasites as they sleep with a comprehensive nontoxic mattress cleaning session from VIP.

Rug & Carpet Cleaning
Give your old rugs a face lift with one of our specialty rug cleaning sessions. Rugs can be expensive and without the proper care they can become a breeding ground for germs in the home. Rug Cleaning from VIP will have your old rugs looking new again in no time.

Chris has been running VIP Carpet Cleaning for over 10 years with more than 20 years’ experience in the field. Located in Bass Hill New South Wales VIP Carpet Cleaning is Sydney’s trusted professionals.

For more information, please visit
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{Irvine, CA} – Nanotech Engineering Inc. earlier this year invented the World’s First Nanopanel™, a solar panel based strictly on Nanotechnology.

“Unbeknownst to many, the environmental impact of manufacturer traditional solar panels exceeds the benefit”, stated Sudhir Vidyarthi, one of the Co-Inventors, “If you ever wondered why 95% of solar is manufactured in India and China, investigate how they’re made”.

“The manufacturer of the Nanopanel™ Environmental inpact is near zero” stated Vidyarthi,” “It’s more a matter of assembly, of manipulation of atoms than true manufacturing”. “Traditonal Solar panels employ silica, glass, metal, arsenic, it’s a real mess” Stated Vidyarthi, “People don’t seem to realize any benefits received from solar are negated by the mess it takes to build them”

“Solar has long been sought out as a free energy source, now that we’ve solved the Solar problem we’ll see Solar being used standard by most homes, and probably in new construction”

Nanotech Engineering Inc. shocked the world of Nanotechnology this year when they invented the World’s First Nanopanel, a super Solar Panel the size of a FedEx envelope, yet with a 92% efficiency rating, that compares with traditional Solar Panels at only 20% efficiency. The Nanopanel™ is lightweight, yet stronger than steel, flexible and easy and inexpensive for installations”

For more information contact: Nanotech Engineering Inc. (800) 206-2709 EXT 704
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Men and Massage: Reasons Why Men Also Need Massage

Men and Massage: Reasons Why Men Also Need Massage | Press Releases |
All this time, massage is always related to women or children. For women, it can maintain their beauty and prevent aging. While for children, massage can help them to stay healthy and promote their motoric system. So, what about men? Do they also need a massage?

Reasons Why Men Need Massage Below are some reasons why men should get massage frequently.

1. Better Sleep Report says that around 20% of men get difficulties to sleep at night or insomnia. This reduces their productivity in the morning. Massage can help men release serotonin hormone inside their body so they can feel relaxed and gain better sleep at night.

2. Manage Back Pain Men are more prone to experience back pain than women. The massage they get will help them to loosen their tense muscles and reduce the pain on their back.

3. Workout Recovery Most men love sports and prone to get muscle soreness because of that. Massage can help them to heal it and increase their immune system as well as their blood circulation inside the body.

4. Fewer Gray Hairs Who doesn’t want to look younger with just few gray hairs on head? Massage can help men to look younger as it prevents stress and reduce tension which are the main reason why men’s hairs turn gray.

5. Mood Boost It has been stated before that massage can help men to release serotonin hormone so they feel more relaxed. This condition will result in a mood boost so they will have more spirit to do their activities.

6. Improved Flexibility Body Men and Massage can improve men’s flexibility. Researches reveal that they tend to have less flexibility compared to women. This makes them have higher possibility to get injured and suffer from muscle pain.

7. Cure Desk Stiffness Sitting on desk for hours often cause pain on neck for men. The body massage done can help them to reduce the stiffness and heal the pain.

8. Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin Most men are reluctant to do body massage because they are afraid to experience erection, drool, or pass gas during the process. It is something normal and nothing should be worried about as experienced therapist will not be annoyed with that.

9. Cardiovascular Wellness Massage can boost the blood circulation inside the body. It then helps men to reduce the risk of cardiovascular illness, even heal it.

10. In-Home Convenience Most men are reluctant to visit traditional spa. But just don’t be worried as now many spa offers in-home service that meets your convenience and spare time.

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Real-time Domain Registration Streaming: Monitor the Internet in Real-Time

The online domain industry is one of the fastest-growing fields, and keeping up-to-date with its billions of domains is becoming increasingly difficult. As there are thousands of domains created and deleted every day, the award-winning tech company Whois XML API has recently launched Real-time Domain Registration Streaming. This new feature allows users to monitor live updates for newly registered domain names, newly deleted domain names, domains with newly registered nameservers, domains with newly deleted nameservers, and domains with recently uploaded nameservers. This feature also provides data feeds of registered domains along with its Whois data, generated in real-time via live-feeds.

Real-time Domain Registration Streaming is used by numerous companies and organizations including domain investors, cyber security firms, and brand protection agencies. Real-time monitoring allows companies to take action as things happen. For instance, it helps cyber security organizations to monitor identity theft, phishing, and other types of online fraud in real-time. The ways hackers and cyber-criminals access information is constantly changing, and to be able to keep up, cyber security systems need to be constantly evolving as well. Timing is crucial here, and acting quickly enough to detect and prevent criminal activity before it actually happens is currently the most effective way to combat online fraud. Domain Registration Streaming allows cyber crime organizations to monitor online fraud as it happens.

Other organizations such as brand protection companies or domain investors use Real-time Domain Registration Streaming to monitor domains being created or deleted in real-time. This allows domain investors to monitor available domains as they become available, helping them foresee opportunities in an effective manner. The feature also helps brand protection agencies to oversee any forms of online brand infringement as they happen.

Whois data is also made available to users, which provides various details concerning monitored domains. Real-time Domain Registration Streaming is expected to change the way information about domains is currently being accessed online. For more information see:

Instant domain registration alerts
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Convert your Binary Options Indicator to a Binary options Expert Advisor

Convert your Binary Options Indicator to a Binary options Expert Advisor | Press Releases |
Convert your Binary Options Indicator to a Binary options Expert Advisor, Forward test for Binary options indicator and Automate your Binary Options Trading on MT4.
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QTS Academy Launches Online Numeracy Course

QTS Academy Launches Online Numeracy Course | Press Releases |
The Numeracy skill test is a very difficult test designed for aspiring teachers in the United kingdom, that includes both mental and written arithmetic to ensure their preparedness. QTS academy has provided an online course to help you practice and better your chances of scaling through in flying colors.

QTS Academy is proud to announce to the general public the launch of an online numeracy course that would guide you and help you improve your numeracy skills, making it possible for you to pass your numeracy skill test in just one week.

This online course is designed according to the skills test curriculum and it covers everything you need to know to pass this test. The course also contains specific methods appropriate for this type of test, designed by a subject specialist.

Interested participants can benefit from this online course aimed at bettering your numeracy skill by purchasing the QTS academy online course for £129.90. This online course includes 7 videos and 1 PDF file, packed with insatiable knowledge to help you harness your numeracy skill.

This course promises to teach you all the shortcuts you need to know in order to pass any numeracy test and was developed out of the will to assist people pass this tests. There is no better way to learn about the numeracy test than through the QTS online numeracy course.

About QTS Academy

QTS Academy is an educational platform that provides customers with materials and information to aid them better their skills in different arms of education. This platform was created by Roxana S. a qualified mathematics teacher based in London to help people improve in their numeracy skill and other skills.

For more information on the QTS online numeracy course or to purchase the online course log onto their website at:
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Outdoor and Studio Photo Sessions with Photo Printing Services from Atlanta Photography

Outdoor and Studio Photo Sessions with Photo Printing Services from Atlanta Photography | Press Releases |
Atlanta Portrait Photography serves the ideas of mobile photography and photo studio session. The way to captures the moment is technically professional.

Perpetuating great moments like wedding, maternity, birthday, or baby born is indeed fascinating. It is with a wish that the people included are still able to celebrate or at least all the moments captured even they are already passed for years. Capturing the moments is not something difficult nowadays. Everybody has a Smartphone with camera currently to shot the moments anytime and anywhere.

However, it is also agreeable that the captures and shots are probably still far from being perfect. It is based on the fact that not all people are professional and experienced. The pictures and probably videos produced are often blurred and not in the good results. Besides, it is also more limited in term of background and editing.

Atlanta Photographer is a photo studio with numerous services available. It accommodates the customers to perpetuate the moments to be more unforgettable. There are two main options for services; they are mobile or going directly to the location and studio photography. For mobile service, it depends on the customers what location to be chosen. It can be related to the theme will be brought out for photography. Meanwhile, the studio photo itself provides some great spots as well as lively backgrounds.

Many people nowadays probably like to directly upload the photos to their social media. Therefore, this photography service also allows the customers to do so. Applying good techniques and producing scenic results becomes priority. The photos and videos are then always attempted to look great online or offline via printing out. For customers who prefer printing out the photos and keeping them on the album, it is also possible. There are several options for the concept. This makes the photos kept have their own theme and ornaments, different from other old-style photo album that are commonly only simple and plain.

About Atlanta Photographer: Atlanta Photographer is located in Atlanta, Georgia by Ericka Hamner. It is a portrait photography that serves two main photography settings. The first is a mobile photography in which the customers along with photographer and crew are able to go out and use the outdoor spot. The second is studio photography where the captures are done inside the studio with some options of background. Other services are photo printing and custom gifts.

For more information, please visit: or phone at: 770-774-1704.

Contact: Name: Ericka Hamner Address: Atlanta, GA Website URL: Phone #: 770-744-1704
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Romanian Author Survives Communist Regime to Pen her Newest Novel

Romanian Author Survives Communist Regime to Pen her Newest Novel | Press Releases |
Sept. 10, 2017 – “Half My Age Plus Seven: Too Good to be True?” by Romanian author, Cristina G., is now available in a paperback and Kindle edition. The new novel is the sequel to her book by the same name with the subtitle, A Sinful Confession.

“I write because I love it, but I also write to provide a better life and basic amenities for my octogenarian parents,” said Cristina.

“Half My Age Plus Seven: Too Good to be True?” is the counterpart to A Sinful Confession and where the latter deals with love and loss, pain and torment, Too Good to be True is filled with love and hope. In the book, Tara meets the perfect man, but is plagued by a single ongoing doubt – is he too good to be true?

“Half My Age Plus Seven: Too Good to be True?” is the counterpart to A Sinful Confession and where the latter deals with love and loss, pain and torment, Too Good to be True is filled with love and hope. In the book, Tara meets the perfect man, but is plagued by a single ongoing doubt – is he too good to be true?

Born in Romania during the oppressive communist regime of Nicolae Ceausescu, she’s uniquely qualified to address topics encompassing communism, immigration, abuse and exploitation. Her novels face those obstacles head-on, but are accounts of love and survival that weave together fact and fiction into stories for the soul.

Born a farmer’s daughter, she was the eleventh child and a seventh daughter. She thought her life path was sealed until she read “Les Misérables” by Victor Hugo and decided to be a writer. She immigrated to Italy in 2000 to follow her dream, but quickly discovered that Romanian heritage there marked her by society as someone of inferior birth.

Soul weary, the author returned to her native Romania with few options. “Freedom without opportunities is just another kind of prison,” said Cristina. With the encouragement of her brother, Sebastian, she blogged for many years and owns two highly popular blogs in Romanian and two in English.

With the aid of a British friend, she moved to the UK where she finally fulfilled her dream, overcoming all the obstacles that life could throw in her path. Her most recent novel, “Half My Age Plus Seven: Too Good to be True?” explores life, love and the beginning of hope.

About Cristina G.
Cristina G. is the author of “Ten Years in Italy: Three Weeks a Human – A Memoir” that addresses bigotry, exploitation and slavery in the 20th century; “Oranges at Christmas in a Communist Country – A Memoir” that chronicles her personal experiences during one of the most oppressive regimes in Eastern Europe; the self-help book, “It’s Never Game Over”; “iLive: Stories From the Prison Called Life,” a psychological thriller set behind walls; “God is Weary: Tragic and Witty Short Tales” that explores the harm that mankind inflicts upon each other; “Half My Age Plus Seven – A Sinful Confession,” a contemporary romance of guilt, shame and desire; and its sequel, “Half My Age Plus Seven: Too Good to be True?”

Media Contact Cristina G. Email: 0044 (0)7521201618 AMAZON LINK : WEBSITE :
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Top Plumbers in Littleton Announces Emergency Plumbing Service

Top Plumbers in Littleton Announces Emergency Plumbing Service | Press Releases |
Doug Jackson and Jim McKee, top plumbers in Littleton, Colorado are proud to announce to the public the start of their emergency plumbing service, Masters Drain & Plumbing INC.

If you live in and around Littleton, and get to need urgent plumbing or drainage service, Master Drains & Plumbing INC plumbers are your safest bet. All their plumbers are experienced, certified, highly trained and most importantly, ‘certified’. Yes! When you call Master Drains $ Plumbing, you are sure to get a licensed plumber every time.

Master Drains & Plumbing INC. is family owned and operated by Doug Jackson and Jim McKee. On why they created this plumbing service, they said, “After years working for the larger plumbing companies, we decided enough is enough.”

Doug and Jim are custom oriented and are hell bent on making their customers happy and satisfied. In the statement, they continued, “As a family owned business, it is our business and our reputation on the line each and every day. As our client, you are assured you have a licensed, experienced plumber who upholds professionalism, quality and integrity above all else. Repeat and referral business is the cornerstone to our success. The various testimonials we’ve pulled from our site highlight our values from our customers’ perspective. We appreciate their kind words and loyalty! We will strive to earn it each and every time”.

Master Drains & Plumbing INC. is garnering attention already. One customer by the name REM, was very pleased with their work and recently enthused, “Doug arrived quickly and professionally. Another plumbing company had told me I needed to replace a valve and quoted a price of several hundred dollars without even looking at it. Doug opened the valve and replaced an o-ring. The problem was fixed! He saved me a lot of money just through his honesty and knowledge. I am very impressed and strongly recommend this company!”

Master Drains & Plumbing Inc. would help you fix your drain and sewer cleaning, repair or replace your water heaters, fix your camera or locate sewer, do recorded DVD inspections and repair or replace your sewer. Other services offered by Master Drains & Plumbing include; high pressure scour jetting, garbage disposals, fixing of broken water pipes, pipe thawing, repairing and repairing faucets, re-piping, fixing shower valves and Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV), water line replacement and sewer/water excavation.

Master Drains & Plumbing, Inc is located at 7221 S Lewis St. Littleton, Colorado 80127. For more inquiry, call (303) 470-7500 or visit
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“Am I Psychic?” is the first mobile app that uses established scientific protocols combined with a stylistic art design to test psychic ability. “Am I Psychic?” uses established scientific parapsychological research into random number generators, along with the mind-body connection of the user to effectively test, and allow the user to practice their psychic ability.

One of the main goals of “Am I Psychic?” is to make science fun for people of all ages. While the science working behind the scenes is legit, the goal is for people to have fun. Using statistical science, fun games and a unique art design, “Am I Psychic?” is the first app of its kind. “Am I Psychic?” is a legitimate psychological experiment registered with the IRB, being released worldwide. “Am I Psychic?” collects test data to prove the existence of psychic phenomena. Now science comes to you!

“Am I Psychic?” uses three different games to test the psychic ability of the user, each with two modes, an extra sensory perception (ESP) mode, and a Psychokinesis (PK) mode. In the Dice and Card game, the user either attempts to telepathically guess which option will be chosen next (ESP), or choose an option, then attempt to make the die roll more often or flip the card more often than would be expected by chance by using their mind over matter ability (PK).

In the Spoon Bending game, the user either attempts to use telepathy (ESP) as in the other games, or make the spoon bend in real-time by choosing a number and then focusing on that number. If the random number generator chooses the users number, the spoon begins to bend. The user watches the spoon bend in real-time using their psychic ability. “Am I Psychic?” is available on the App Store and Google Play. Go to and download now!
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Agri Supply Carries Up-To-Date Equipment for Efficient Farming

Agri Supply Carries Up-To-Date Equipment for Efficient Farming | Press Releases |
These days, farm equipment for sale is all about efficiency, with new advances in agricultural technology continually being introduced. Whether it’s discs, tractors, or hydraulic equipment, there is always some kind of advancement to consider. As a farmer, how do you choose from among the many innovations? Thankfully, you can trust the experts at the farm equipment supplier, Agri Supply.

Agri Supply watches the markets for the true improvements – that is, the products, parts, and methods that will stick around for the long run—and carries only the most trusted and reliable parts, products, implements, and farm machinery for sale. Add to that their guarantee and their central commitment to customer service, and you can feel good about upgrading your farm equipment and parts with them.

Agri supply carries farm machinery parts online and in stores - over 26,000 items - and every non-perishable item that sold is backed by a one-year guarantee. Agri Supply® Carries Everything You Need for Successful Mowing

Whether you’re farming, landscaping, or simply doing routine maintenance, a mower is naturally one of your most important investments. Thankfully, with over 250,000 mower blades and parts to fit over 70 brands, you can look no further than Agri Supply ® for everything you need for optimum mowing this season.

Keep your mowing equipment in peak condition with access to everything you need, from belts to spindles and spindle assemblies, to lawnmower wheels and tires. We also feature lawn mower seats to upgrade the quality of mowing comfort, which can make all the difference between a tedious task and a pleasant experience.

We have blades to fit top brands like: Honda, Husqvarna, MTD, Murray, Craftsman, Toro, and John Deere. We also carry top mower-blade styles such as mulching, Gator®, and high-lift, as well as top mower types like rotary, push mowers, zero turn, and ride-on styles.

Questions? We guarantee great customer service. With fuel filters, oil filters, and air filters available in nearly every shape and size, we’ll help you find just what you need. Thanks to Agri Supply®, you don’t have to spend hours running from store to store – check us out for a great shopping experience and find everything you need.

Agricultural Production Expected to Continue Growing More Specialized in 2017 Over the last twenty-plus years, agricultural production has changed in many ways. Because of increasing global awareness, scrutiny over the effects of pesticides, and debate about GMOs, as well as the continually growing focus on organics, producers have continued to grow more and more focused on distinctive specializations, and yet more diversified from one another.

These factors, in additional to vast changes and advances in technology and shifting viewpoints affecting government policies over the last several decades, have led to a much-altered agricultural landscape. Because of the vast changes in the world of agriculture, it can be useful to go back to experts with long-standing experience when it comes to your own agricultural goals and concerns. One such resource is the agricultural supply chain Agri Supply In operation since 1962, Agri Supply has gained knowledge and experience over the years when it comes to the needs of agricultural workers in a variety of specializations.

Despite the many shifts and changes in our world, and also because of them, farmers and growers of all kinds need resources they can rely upon for tried-and-true experience, tools, equipment, and expertise.

Whatever the focus or specialization, Agri Supply has in their selection of over 26,000 products, something for everyone. Check out or visit any of their stores to talk to their experts and see for yourself.
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Deeniyat App – Awesome Islamic App

Deeniyat App – Awesome Islamic App | Press Releases |

A new cool and useful Islamic app, Deeniyat app has just been released. This app has multiple features including Quran recitation, Islamic ringtone and wallpaper, daily Islamic quote, collections of Dua and mosque finder Deeniyat Ibadat, a website dedicating to share and spread Islamic knowledge has just released a completely free mobile application, the Deeniyat app. This application is specially developed for all Muslim brothers to be able to hear the reading of the Holy Quran while on the go. Listening to Quran is one way for Muslim to always be close to the Creator, God.

Deeniyat realizes how truly important to read and hear Quran is for a Muslim so this mobile application is designed simply to fulfill that need. Aside from being completely free, the app is also working offline. Loss of internet connection will no longer be an excuse to not being able to read and hear Quran because of the Deeniyat app. Available in both Urdu and English translation, Deeniyat app comes very handy and useful. While hearing the Quran recitation, the app displays the translation at the same time. The usefulness of Deeniyat app is not limited to only Quran recitation, but also delivering a beautiful Islamic ringtone and mobile screen for mobile devices. Deeniyat app is one particular application offers various versions of Azan to be set as mobile tune ringtones.

Deeniyat app helps Muslim brothers in various ways when it comes to stay connected to God and reminding others of God’s existence, including by sharing daily quotes that are related to Islam, hadith and Deen Dua. The quotes are the words of God that what every Muslim brother and sister needs. Furthermore, Deeniyat app has also committed help Muslims when it comes to praying by showing the direction of Kabah and the location of the nearby mosque or Masjid. This usefulness is simply to make praying time easier, especially when being outside the house.

Having 99 Allah names is another thing making this app uniquely different. Moreover, Deeniyat app offers an Arabic word quiz quote that is proven to be useful to help Muslim brothers learn and improve Arabic skill. While having a good time playing the word quiz, beautiful Quran recitation can still be played. Recently, Deeniyat has made some new improvements and updates to its application. Today’s Deeniyat app is a more accurate mosque finder. It offers updated prayer timing and updated daily quote that can be shared through WhatsApp. Muslim date calendar has now been available in Deeniyat app aside from audio translation of Surh Rehmaan and Surh Yaseen and various Darood Shareef and Dua for different occasions. See demo here and Download App here

For more information of App and contacting us you can visit our website Our Facebook Page

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