The perfect lover's handbook
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Scooped by Robert Dubois!

The perfect lover's handbook: The reason of great love stories: Robert Dubois: 9781499267570: Books

The perfect lover's handbook: The reason of great love stories

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The perfect lover's handbook: The reason of great love stories [Robert Dubois] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “The perfect lover’s handbook”, by author Robert Dubois, is written in a clear and witty style
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Scooped by Robert Dubois!

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Be the man she always dreamed of! The perfect lover’s handbook, debut novel by Robert Dubois, is a modern day two step guide for any man who wants to find the woman of his dreams...even if she is married!

Robert Dubois's insight:

Manhattan, NY - May, 1 2014 – “The perfect lover’s handbook”, by author Robert Dubois, is written in a clear and witty style, that resonates with any modern reader. It is a book about love and infidelity, the justifications about why, having in mind the right reasons, loving the partner of another is not a mistake. The author writes this book from his own vast experience and outlines the do's and don’ts in an extra-conjugal relationship. 

Why we love what we love and who we choose to love? Dubois chose to love other men’s women because you cannot love a woman understanding her, but just loving her. “How do you love”, this is the question. Essential answers are provided in these pages. Furthermore, these pages are not technical nor critical, just helpful. This is a guide to a world that few people know of. This is not a modern day Casanova’s manual. This is the scripture of any modern man who wants only to know how to love a woman.

                                                                                                                   J.D. Watts


Because he dedicated over twenty years of his life loving other men’s women, Robert Dubois is sharing his experiences with the world through “The perfect lover’s handbook”. Although he works as a communication adviser for an Austrian multinational company, he wishes to reach the emotional side that resides in each of us. "Robert Dubois" is a pseudonym.


“The perfect lover’s handbook” will teach you about: relationships; love; how to approach a woman; what rules you must have in mind during the relationship; mistakes that must be avoided; how to protect the relationship; how to keep alive the flame of passion and how to keep the romance secret. This book is available for purchase on

Why do we love women? We can not otherwise. We're programmed to love, to feel, to live. To love, in fact, is the goal of man. No other feeling can rival the intensity of lovemaking. The world around us was built on this sentiment and the many aspects of it: love of money, of comfort, of life, of nature, of technology and of people. The most complex aspect of love is between two people of the opposite sex. Especially when we are talking about another man’s woman.

About the Author:


Whilst this is the author’s first published book, he is an accomplished communication adviser for an Austrian company and is already writing his second book, which will be released late autumn 2014. He lives in the South of France – the same region where the most-read French author in the world grew up, Marc Levy.


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