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Scooped by Norfolk Pools!

Norfolk Pools Offers Creative Custom Pool Building Services in Brisbane at the Lowest Possible Prices.

Norfolk Pools Offers Creative Custom Pool Building Services in Brisbane at the Lowest Possible Prices. | Press Release |
Norfolk Pools's insight:

Norfolk Pools, winner of numerous awards for their concrete swimming pools was established n 1974 by Jim and Liz Van sleeve in Brisbane.  Jim began designing and building in ground concrete pools in 1971 and gained vast experience in all aspects of the swimming pool industry including form work, steel fixing, tiling, interiors, filtration and plumbing. Customers can rely on Jim’s experience and expertise to design, build and deliver a pool of exceptional quality at affordable prices.


As a master pool builder, Norfolk pools provide the best time-tested technologies and eco-friendly pool technology including high quality filtration systems.


Norfolk pools are known for their personalized service. The concept behind the company is to offer clients the opportunity to dealwith a single person who would be the sales consultant, designer and builder.


Central to their business concept is the desire and skill to gain a complete understanding of the clients’ requirements. We realize that every customer is unique and our pool solutions are designed specifically to meet each client’s individual wants and needs. We will advise you on the options that will work best for your situation so that you are completely satisfied with the final result.


Each client is assured clear, consistent communications ensuring the project stays on schedule and exceeds expectations.  35 plus years after their founding Norfolk pools still provides that personalized service and only builds what they can personally manage.


When customers choose to purchase a Brisbane concrete pool they receive the Norfolk difference. From the quotation process to contract, site meetings, pool setup, excavation, construction, concreting, tiling, interiors, filtration, handover, office administration and maintenance clients deal directly with the builder. Clients work with the business principals from start to finish. 


We can build whatever pool you can dream. Choose from geometric, infinity, lap, free form and plunge pool styles. We can customize to meet any client’s needs and wants including water features such as fountains or waterfalls. No pool design or pool feature is too difficult for Norfolk pools to deliver.


Our services include a schedule, consistent communication, the actual pool build, assistance with selections and help to arrange associated work including electricians, fencing and landscapers to complete your pool.  Most of all you receive complete transparency.


Norfolk pools is a SPASA member and a multiple award winning builder.


Norfolk pools services metro Brisbane and surrounding districts. We guarantee the quality of our work and stand behind every pool we build.


You can view a portfolio of Norfolk pool’s work by visiting the website or contact.


Norfolk Pools

Level 24 AMP Building, 10 Eagle Street

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Phone: 1300 655 036

Fax: 07 5559 2576


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Scooped by Norfolk Pools!



Almost every private home nowadays comes with a swimming pool. When it comes to pool construction methods, concrete pools provide greater design flexibility than other methods such as fiberglass pools and vinyl liner pools. In addition, concrete pools can be built in any shape, size or style, making them ideal for more daunting sites such as those with narrow blocks, limited space or hillside locales. With the capacity to individually outline a concrete pool, the consumer is not restricted to pre-mounded models. Concrete pools can take any form or shape, including geometric, freeform, L-shaped, out-of-ground and lap pools.


For concrete pool construction, you’ll definitely require the services of an expert, especially if you’ve never designed or constructed a pool before. The service companies are there to help you achieve a cutting-edge design using their state-of-the-art assembly process. One company that can help you to achieve this and so much more is Norfolk Pools. They have been designing and constructing in-ground concrete swimming pools since 1971. In all those years, they have gained vast experience in all features of the industry.


Norfolk Pools Brisbane was established in 1974 by Jim & Liz Vansleve. They had the idea of presenting clients the chance to deal with only one person for all services - sales consulting, design and construction. “It would allow us to provide a very individualized service one-on-one with our clients and an absolute apprehension of their needs with plenty of conveyance, hence avoiding the pitfalls of greater swimming pool companies”, report Jim and Liz.


Over 35 years and thousands of Brisbane swimming pools later, Norfolk Pools Company offers the same individualized service and quality with the advantage of building only what they can manage personally. When it comes to Brisbane concrete pools, they offer you the Norfolk distinction. At every stage of the process - from getting a price quote to finalizing the contract, , to meeting on-site, laying out the pool ,  digging,  pouring concrete, tiling, choosing interiors, setting up the filtration system, and finally the handing over  - you’ll be working personally with the builder and the business principals.


 Norfolk Pools will provide you with a schedule, keep you updated on the progress of your pool and will meet the schedule that you request. They will help you with the selections and also assist you in the arrangement of related details like fencing, landscaping and electricians and most of all upfront. Norfolk Pools Company guarantees quality on every swimming pool project since the process is personally supervised by Jim & Liz Vansleve.


If you live in the Metro Brisbane area or its surrounding district and need quality concrete swimming pool construction service, you can reach Norfolk Pools via their website


Norfolk Pools

Level 24 AMP Building, Eagle Street

Brisbane, Queensland- 4000

Phone: 1300 655 036

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