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Baron-Moore Associates

Baron-Moore Associates | Press Boom |

Baron-Moore Associates to Create a Fully Integrated Electronic Rates Trading Solution

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Investors to Benefit from Greater Efficiency, Transparency, and Liquidity


Baron-Moore Associates (  will create electronic trading solutions in the rates and derivatives markets. The investors’ community, made up of Baron-Moore Associates clients utilizing BMA trading platform and the firm’s investment and risk system, will benefit from a fully integrated trading experience.

Baron-Moore Associates will create a powerful combination of order management, pricing, and execution tools providing clients with increased ability to recognize trading opportunities. The solution will also benefit the broader investment community by bringing enhanced market data and trading tools to Baron-Moore Associates’ clients.

Through this initiative, the Baron-Moore Associates community of investors will benefit from transparent pricing from over 40 liquidity providers through the BMA Trading Network, a liquidity portal that leverages connectivity to aggregate external liquidity and integrate the marketplace within investments tools.


“Integrating this solution in our global rates and derivatives platform delivers a more streamlined and enhanced trading experience,” said Jameson G. Hunag, president of Baron-Moore Associates’ retail brokerage business. “Given regulatory and workflow pressures in the rates and derivatives markets, the feature to aggregate liquidity and increase efficiencies in trading is a natural extension of our trading network and delivers immediate value to the our investors’ community.”


“We have always focused on deploying the most efficient means of trading liquid and transparent markets and this addendum is a great step forward in providing investors with a fully automated workflow. We look forward to the greater synergies and opportunities this feature will bring to the investing community.”


About Baron-Moore Associates

Baron-Moore Associates ( is one of the Hong Kong’s most acclaimed providers of financial services. The firm is an awarded provider of investment management, retirement planning, portfolio guidance, brokerage, benefits outsourcing and many other financial products and services to more than 10 million individuals and institutions, as well as through 2,000 financial intermediary firms.  Every set of services for an account is highly individualized, because every client has unique needs. We don’t just offer you products & services; we aim to offer you the best solutions for managing your wealth keeping in mind your personal financial goals. We provide un-biased and independent investment solutions through professional investment strategy, so that your investments are as successful as you.



Contact Detail:

Company: Baron-Moore Associates

Press Release Author: Baron-Moore
Media contact: Miao Quinfu

The Landmark - Gloucester Tower,
11 Pedder Street,
Hong Kong
Phone: 85258083610

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Southeast Asia Traders Selected Value Fund Welcomes New Manager to Advisory Team

Southeast Asia Traders Selected Value Fund Welcomes New Manager to Advisory Team | Press Boom |

Here at Southeast Asia Traders, we specialize in highly professional financial services for both corporate and individual investors. We take it upon ourselves to take into account our customers' requirements and expectations for their finances and bring them closer to reality. Our resolution is to offer quality services that will help increase our clients' wealth and also minimize the risks.

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Southeast Asia Traders today announced the addition of a new partner to the management team of Southeast Asia Traders Selected Value Fund. Mr. Quin Hai Tao joins two other investment advisors in managing the almost $1 billion mid-cap value fund, which has utilized a multi-manager approach.


Quin Hai Tao currently provides investment advisory services to three other Southeast Asia Traders funds. Southeast Asia Traders established a relationship with Quin Hai Tao when it selected him to manage Southeast Asia Traders Singapore, a $47 million, domiciled fund available only to Singapore investors. Quin Hai Tao has also managed portions of the $250 million Southeast Asia Traders Emerging Markets Select Stock Fund since its inception and the $1.3 billion Southeast Asia Traders Quantum Fund.

“We are pleased to deepen our partnership with Mr. Quin Hai Tao,” said Mr. Wang T. Wenbo, CEO and Chairmen Southeast Asia Traders. “He has an impressive investment view and disciplined approach to value investing. The Selected Value Fund has employed a multi-manager approach for some time, and we expect the fund will benefit from the addition of Mr. Quin Hai Tao  to the advisory team.”

Mr. Quin Hai Tao approach utilizes a fundamental, bottom-up, deep-value-oriented investment strategy. The firm seeks to buy good businesses at low prices, focusing exclusively on companies that are underperforming their historically demonstrated earnings power.


About Southeast Asia Traders

Southeast Asia Traders is a financial company dedicated to offering quality services to its clients. The main factor that sets us apart from our major competitors is the experience and intelligence of our people. Our team works as a very efficient system, putting their best qualities forth so that the services we provide are second best to none. The knowledge we obtain is used to offer our clients a multitude of investment options for their needs, up-to-date information about the market fluctuations and timely advice regarding underperforming assets in their portfolios. We are a young and dynamic company founded by renowned and highly experienced financial experts.




Contact Info:


Company name: Southeast Asia Traders

Address: Hutchison House, 10 Harcourt Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong
Phone: 85258081923

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Nikon D3100 14.2 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera Review

Nikon D3100 14.2 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera Review | Press Boom |

Review Nikon D3100  – While the identify Kodak was connected with film and earlier photography and Lexica had been associated with early on serious digital photography, real Negatives photography obtained its most significant boost in the Nikon camera line because journalists and some other professionals produced great technique line’s fine optics and a number of single lens response bodies and with image entire world turned digital Nikon nevertheless leads the way.



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The Elder Scrolls OL Manufacturing System Choose Diversification

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If you are lucky to get the elder scrolls OL Beta code, so tonight you can formally enter the world of Tamriel. A lot of players will pass the test in this weekend have a deeper knowledge of the game. If you are interested in the game, then you should look at the developer's recently released video. Creative director Paul Sage, chief game designer Nick konkle and chief user experience designer Chris Strasz manufacturing system will show in the video game. And then you can enjoy the game with new The Elder Scrolls cdkey.


When you are in the game after the upgrade, you can put the point’s assigned to the most commonly used manufacturing skills. When you do this, you will be able to add the points on the "keen eye". Different manufacturing system "keen eye level” is higher; the player can more easily find the material making required in the world without paying more ESO gold. But the players won't be limit by the material. If you are a blacksmith, you can still collect flowers, leather and other materials.


The game has a specific place in the world; manufacturing items in these locations have more rates for a suit. In the video, for example, developers enter the site have the opportunity to make things get Magnus' gift sets.


Often see players to ask the question, "why don't you put the game to make no job?” Finally, game makers think, the route of each job vocational skills make it unique, and the other made all job skills course and some, is the best choice. Player's choice is important, and each player has in a large range of options to make a free choice, so that they may feel worth of this ESO CD Key.



About is the online seller of game gold and items that are committed to meeting the demands of game players to buy and trade in-game gold, cdkeys, and items. The site provides gamers with fast transactions, 24-hour customer service and guaranteed transactional security. The website is always devoted to fostering a more enjoyable gaming experience for all online gamers.


For Media Enquiry:


Telephone: 1-(858)-380-5139



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Press Releases - Geeknet Sets Second Quarter 2014 Financial Release Date

FAIRFAX, Va/PRNewswire/ -- Geeknet, Inc. (NASDAQ: GKNT), parent company of online retailer, today announced that it will report its financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2014 on Friday August 1, 2014. A conference c...

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Tiki clothing company

Tiki clothing company | Press Boom |


TIKI Clothing Company - Expressing all of our Visions, Thoughts, and Creativity through our culture.

Tiki clothing company has new line of clothes releasing in the upcoming weeks for their "SPRING 14" collection. This is the latest release since fall 2013.2013. Tiki's CEO/Founder Javaris Neely & Creative Director Addison Sander both say that this spring 14 collection is a fresher, more accurate representation of what the brand really is about.

The Florida based company, which started back in 2012, has grown tremendously, starting with 24 shirts that was distributed online through their website via bigcartel has grown to add snap-backs,crew-necks,beanies,pins to their catalog. The company was recently featured in "CULTURE SHOCK" & "HOT AND TRENDY"Magazine for their eye catching designs and style, their apparel have been worn by a few professional athletes,upcoming skaters and musicians.


This company early November 2012 because I wanted to create something that could relate to everyone, something that’s a necessity in today’s society, lastly something that everyone could afford because its clothing companies who prices are to high and the less fortunate can’t afford them for instance(Trukfit,Pink Dolphin, Diamond Supply), so with that being said "PRICES" and "AFFORDABLITY" was a big key for me,after a while I noticed Tiki seemed to catch a lot of people attention worldwide on Twitter/Facebook because of its loud bright colors and unique designs so i continued to release products every few months.As a future mogul and upcoming business man I noticed that it’s hard to gain traffic for your company or business with little money,so im seeking donations of any amount to help build my company.However I’m not doing it for the money, I’m doing it because I’m a dedicated individual who is determined to make something out of nothing, so I will give a selected percentage of the funds to a homeless charity of my choice, as well as a charity for premature babies due to the birth of my premature daughter who was born on June 12, 2013.


TIKI Clothing Company - Expressing all of our Visions, Thoughts, and Creativity through our culture.


In Polynesian Mythology, ‘Tiki’ is identified as the First Man. Tiki bases our design and vision from those exact ideals. Individualism is our power. Tiki promotes that power.


Our ‘Mantra’ Life is Luxury - Not in the sense of life being only about luxury, but Life itself being the Luxury.

We understand maintaining the originality and exclusivity of a clothing item so all Tiki apparel is released in Limited Collections.

If you will like more information on:"Tiki Clothing Company"checkout their photos on:

Instagram: (@tikiclothing561)

Facebook: (, 

Twitter: (


Phone: +1.4165385457
Customers can also shop online from "Tiki's website 




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My Child Comfort -

My Child Comfort - | Press Boom |
My Child Comfort writes about some of the main products you should consider for your little one and the varieties of each type of product that are currently available for your precious babies, including strollers and other necessities.
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