Can we talk?

Hey everyone,


First of all, just wanted to tell you how honored I am to be part of this this wonderful community! 


Over the last year it has been great to talk with many of you through the blog, over the phone or through email. 


I am putting together a course to help people with their careers, networking, resumes, and interviewing.  I want to make sure that I really cover everything. (Or atleast what is most important)


So can you help me out and tell me what your #1 challenge is, and what information, tools, or guidance would help you?  Not only will this help me to make sure that my course creates maximum value...I want to make sure that I am delivering maximum value to YOU here on


Really appreciate your help!!!



Strengths Leadership Coach

PS - Live on Purpose!



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From Bartender to CEO

When I was in my twenties, I was juggling multiple jobs and had to put my career goals and education on hold.  Everything changed for me when one leader noticed something in me – my spark and potential… and the rest is history. 


I know the power that lives inside of each of us, sometimes we just need someone who believes in us to show us the way.  Is your flame going strong?  My goal is to ignite your spark and flame. 


YOU have unique gifts and your true power begins when someone believes in you, and takes hold when you start believing in yourself.  


I am personally inviting you and every woman you know to get access to my FREE online virtual event! 


So I asked some amazing authors and speakers if I could interview them and they said yes!

Please share this information to all the wonderful women you knowJ 


Click here to save your seat and get your flame going strong!       


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