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There's a mound of evidence linking it to these chronic illnesses don't think about normal of about a healthy level we want everyone to be above thirtynanograms per ml hey get their that's the problem so you want to be like them right today are clear mesa outside all the time forty to sixty monograms per ml disease burden of vitamin d deficiency worldwide low birth weight stunted growth type two diabetes hypertension fracture infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases for every hunting units you ingest the ritual by level by one so if you're in this race i guarantee that’s exactly where you are you need to be on more than a thousand units of vitamin d day isn't at all children six seven two thousand today out there have a great time but like said ten am to three pm because even for radiance most are vitamin d deficient adults two thousand sedate children it does is the days when i recommend congregate efficiency best source bond read these the fortified with vitamin d clever marketing they said if you did what he could take it outside every day if item d fortified by bright.