The animal cruelty described below is supported by Air France, Hendry County Commissioners, Florida Water Management, and is the company believed to be behind SO FLO AG, LLC, which has made plans to build the cruel monkey experimentation facility in Hendry County, Florida.
An undercover investigation by Animal Defenders International (ADI) has filmed horrific treatment of monkeys at Biodia, a Mauritian monkey factory farm that supplies U.S. laboratories and whose monkeys could soon be behind bars in a new breeding farm in Florida. ADI’s investigation has revealed that Biodia’s U.S. trading partner Prelabs has plans to “establish the first Mauritius breeding colony in the U.S.” in Labelle, Florida.

Findings include:
· Workers swinging screaming monkeys by their tails
· Distressed baby monkeys torn from the arms of their desperate mothers and tattooed without anesthetic
· Monkeys injected in the eyelids for TB tests
· Animals killed and injured from fighting
· Rough handling; monkeys wrenched from cages by their tails; netted animals slammed onto concrete floors
· Heavily pregnant monkeys manhandled and pinned down

NOTE: EBOLA IS SPREADING IN AFRICA AND OFFICIAL WARNINGS NOT TO EAT BUSHMEAT (MONKEY MEAT) have been issued. Ebola virus, for which there is no cure, can be spread by bodily fluids. So, could runoff from the proposed facility, spread Ebola if one of the monkeys is infected?