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Gaming Portal First Merchant To Check in On Danish Bitcoin Exchange CCEDK

Blokhus, Denmark, Jun 28, 2014 -- “With FUN-CASINO added to the trading platform, CCEDK expects to make a strong presence in the bitcoin gaming industry, as it is expected this gaming portal will be the first of many to join the CCEDK merchant program ( in near future. It is a sector so far with the highest bitcoin usage, and is the first of many industries, where setting up a merchant account on our platform seems the right thing to do,” Ronny Boesing, CEO CCEDK ApS said in an interview.

“Once the gaming portals dealing with crypto currencies worldwide realize what we are offering, I expect them to stand in line to sign up for our merchant program”, Boesing says, and he continues. “This program is of course also meant for all other enterprises believing in crypto currencies to be the no. 1 alternative way to pay for goods and services in the future!”


This first merchant to be listed on CCEDK online trading platform softly launched in Aprilwith support for gaming in Bitcoin and Litecoin. Already on the site is offered 40-plus games, including roulette, blackjack, Texas hold ‘em and slot machines. Worth noticing is the site’s security which is backed by iTECH Labs.


Multilingual presence:
Working well together with the CCEDK strategy to be the most multilingual bitcoin exchange worldwide, FUN-CASINO at can offer some synergy to that area by being already available in the languages: English, Russian, Chinese, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Dutch and Turkish and many more to come!


Good news to holders of crypto currencies in general:
“Today it is possible to play with Bitcoin and Litecoin on FUN-CASINO, and later on it is possible to play with all other crypto currencies via a special FUNcoin currency, which will be available for free exchange on CCEDK” Boesing says:


“In co operation with project managers of FUN-CASINO we are working on the integration and presentation of FUNcoin on our trading platform, enabling holders of alternative crypto currencies to convert for free to FUNcoin which will then be possible to be used as currency on the FUN-CASINO game portal similar to Litecoin and Bitcon.”


With numerous users of virtual currencies indulged in the world of Bitcoin Games CCEDK is already poised to generate high volume of trades. With the potential of adding future merchants from other industries as well, CCEDK seems to be going down the right track to become the natural choice of exchange for crypto currency transactions worldwide.


About CCEDK ApS: is an online trading platform of digital currencies order-to-order, on which seller and buyer meet to perform their transactions peer-to-peer from crypto to crypto or fiat to crypto or vice versa. The company is registered in Denmark, a country in the EU, under the name CCEDK / Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS, providing exchange services of crypto currencies like BTC, LTC and PPC paired with the fiat currencies USD, EUR, GBP, NOK, and DKK in a safe, secure and transparent environment. Payment services are provided on the basis of SOFORT instant pay system, SEPA transfers, Wire transfers and various alternative payment service providers.



If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Ronny Boesing, please call +45 36 98 11 50 or e-mail Ronny at

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Danish Exchange CCEDK Offering Direct Payments from 1000-Plus Banks in the EU

Blokhus, Denmark, Jun 24, 2014 -- Danish cryptocurrency exchange CCEDK, whose launch we covered last month, announced in a statement Friday that it would begin offering direct deposits from more than 1000 banks in 10 eurozone countries via SOFORT Banking.

"This instant payment system from SOFORT allows users on the CCEDK platform to deposit money as if they had deposited with a credit card, as deposits are confirmed 15-30 minutes after confirmation of transfer," said CCEDK CEO Ronny Boesing. "It allows you to act on the change in price of the various cryptocurrencies instantly, thus increasing the chances of making some good deals."


For users outside of Denmark eligible to receive such payments, that means there will no longer be waiting times of two to five days while Single Euro Payments Area bank transfers process, Boesing said in a release:


“It is obvious, that the future lies in an exchange able to show transparency, a safe and secure trading platform, multiple currency pairs and multilingual interfaces allowing the exchange to embrace the world in a personal way, making everyone feel welcome.”


“No more delays on deposits, no more missing out on a good Sell offer! As soon as we get your money in euro, we send you Bitcoin, Litecoin or Peercoin or any of the other cryptocurrencies to be listed in coming months.”


Currently, CCEDK can support direct SOFORT deposits in EUR to banks in

The Netherlands,
Austria, and


Boesing said he plans to add support for UK clients and transfers in GBP in August.


Elsewhere, international wire transfers are available, though Boesing noted his exchange is exploring “many alternative ways of payment through integrated payment service providers.”


For More Information: Ronny Boesing, +45 36 98 11 50,,

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Researcher raises public money to sequence genome of small fern with massive green potential

Researcher raises public money to sequence genome of small fern with massive green potential | PRArrow |

Durham, NC, June 15, 2014 -- Scientists from Duke University are raising money through crowdfunding platform to sequence the genome of a promising little fern called Azolla. This could be a huge step towards decreasing Earth’s CO2 levels, improving biofuel production, and lowering food prices.


Fifty million years ago, the Earth was so warm that turtles and alligators thrived in lush forests at the poles. Much of the North Pole was covered in a rather less charismatic life form: the floating, duckweed-like fern, Azolla.


Recent geological evidence from Arctic Ocean seabeds reveals 50-million-year-old sediments that are composed almost entirely of Azolla fossils for an 800,000-year span. This interval, known as the ‘Arctic Azolla event,’ was a period when Azolla blanketed the ocean surface repeatedly, forming dense mats of vegetation.


Then something really interesting happened. As these Azolla plants died and became part of the sediment, they took atmospheric carbon down with them. Global atmospheric levels of CO2 fell significantly, precipitating Earth's initial shift from a greenhouse world towards the current icehouse climate that we're now worried will melt.


Azolla is still with us, floating on the surface of ponds, lakes and rice paddies. Though tiny––one Azolla plant could comfortably sit on top of your smallest fingernail––it can double its entire body mass in just less than two days. Some researchers think this makes it a promising alternative for biofuel production and carbon-capture efforts.


But Azolla does yet another interesting trick––it captures all the nitrogen fertilizer it needs from the atmosphere around it. Since the dawn of agriculture, Asia’s farmers have known about, and deliberately exploited, the benefits of growing Azolla as a companion plant with rice. The floating fern thrives in rice paddies, fixing nitrogen and other nutrients, which are released into the environment at the end of each growing season, constantly improving the soil composition and providing a natural, green fertilizer that significantly bolsters rice productivity.


The secret here is that Azolla isn't just a plant; it’s a ‘superorganism,’ a symbiotic collaboration of a plant and a microbe. In a special protective cavity inside each leaf, Azolla hosts a microbe called Nostoc that spends its entire life converting atmospheric nitrogen into food for its host.


Azolla and Nostoc have clearly demonstrated a prodigious ability to combat global warming, and to produce precious nitrogen that could help feed the world in a more sustainable way. Even though they have been co-evolving for nearly 100 million years, we­­ know very little about them and how they communicate. Wouldn't it be great to understand this symbiotic relationship better, and to be able to understand the biological "conversation" between the host and the microbe?.


Because it is classified as a “lowly fern,” Azolla has been sidelined in plant genome studies. Repeated appeals to granting agencies for funding to unlock the know-how embodied by this superorganism have been met with responses like “too unconventional,” or “too risky.”


But to sustainably produce food for a world population of more than 7 billion people––all while reducing pollution and greenhouse gases––we will need to do some "risky" research. Novel ideas and innovative approaches that could reveal just how nature ‘does what it does’ naturally might help to revolutionize current farming practices. The cost of continuing to do the same old, same old makes little economic sense.

Specifically, we need a more sustainable source of nitrogen. By 2015, roughly 200 million tons of industrially produced, nitrogen-rich fertilizer will be needed to grow the world's food, a process that will consume vast amounts of fossil fuel, exacerbating our CO2 problems.

I think Azolla and Nostoc have great potential to reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuels, while scrubbing a bunch of CO2 out of the atmosphere in the bargain.


We're not talking about a lot of money to do this. Genomic sequencing of this unique Azolla-Nostoc system would cost well under $1 million. That's far less than the $8 billion each year that U.S. farmers pay for nitrogen fertilizer––much of which finds its way into rivers and streams, damaging delicate water systems. This small step toward potentially helping crops to use less synthetic nitrogen could benefit farmers' bottom lines, the environment, and the prices we pay for food.


I'd like to see the genome of the Azolla superorganism sequenced so that we can understand the language that codes for the molecular machinery underlying this symbiotic partnership, and possibly tailor it to suit our needs. Knowing how this works might even enable us to engineer crops to fix their own nitrogen––an achievement that could truly revolutionize modern agriculture.


Not often does such a small price promise a big gain -


Kathleen Pryer is a Professor of Biology at Duke University. She is also President of the American Fern Society and Past-President of the American Society for Plant Taxonomists.


For More Information: Dr. Kathleen Pryer, Duke University, 919-660-7380,

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Get Radio Play, BDS, Soundscan, FM Airplay, Medibase at Registermymusic dot Com

Los Angeles, CA, June 12, 2014 -- Music Registry is dedicated to radio airplay, promotion and public relations for independent and major artist. is one of the most powerful yet cost effective ways for artists to get their music played and charted.

Music Registry radio and promotional services have resulted in major label signings, label distribution, increased sales, world wide airplay, tours, talk shows and charting with Billboard, BDS and Mediabase.


Music Registry offers radio airplay to free and significant artist on FM (BDS & Mediabase Monitored), Sirius Satellite, College, Yahoo, MTV, Music Choice, VH1, Shoutcast, Music Choice, Europe, UK, Canada and China Radio. There team networks with Program Directors, Station Managers; DJ’s & radio affiliates to attain national radio airplay, charting, interviews world tours and introduction. Moreover they include each one track for advanced openness & audit by many radio stations.


Music Registry ranks under 100k in the US and has grown to be one of the largest radio airplay and promotional firms in the United States. Accepted formats include Pop, Rhythmic, Urban, Country, Adult Hits, Alternative, Gospel and Christian music. All tracks are submitted electronically. No CD duplication or station mailings are required with there radio campaigns.


Radio Campaigns include weekly airplay reports, station links (hear your music played live), airplay dates, times, locations and total spin count. There association has in excess of 60 yrs consolidated experience having some expertise in promotion, FM Top 40 Airplay, Sirius Radio and we as of now hold artist on Billboard Top 10, BDS, Mediabase, CMJ, DRT and World Charts. Music Registry graphed in excess of 300 significant and independent artists in 2013 and they continue to chart over 70% of our radio campaigns through screened radio airplay. Weekly airplay reports are provided with all radio campaigns, including weekly BDS and Mediabase reports.


For More Information: Kathryn Sebanc, 1-800-470-8803,

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Creative Diary - IED Win 27 Master Scholarships in Italy and Spai

Creative Diary - IED Win 27 Master Scholarships in Italy and Spai | PRArrow |

Milan, Italy, June 10, 2014 -- Daily showcase of young creatives from all over the world who compete to win 27 international scholarships for IED master courses for the 2014-2015 academic year in Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, Florence, Madrid and Barcelona.

This competition is open to young international students.
IED rewards young creative talents aged between 22 and 40 years with scholarships for master courses in its schools of Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management and Communication.


IED calls young creatives to develop ideas and projects describing “Design for a better World”. Nowadays, being creative can have a lot of meanings. It means being curious, adventurous, sensitive, independent, inventing new things, but above all it means seeing things that others do not. Design can change the world alias has been changing the world for the best, creating new products, finding innovative solutions, describing things from a new perspective.


A design for a better world can reveal students' energy, ideas about the purpose of an object, about sustainability and eco-design. With their design students can “give the world a better design”

The projects and images selected will be published on the site and can receive ratings, comments and still be sponsored by internet users through their facebook newsfeed.


A jury of experts will award scholarships to best works. The deadline for submitting projects is September 1st 2014.


Find out how to participate on


About Istituto Europeo di Design:

The Istituto Europeo di Design is a school of internationally acknowledged excellence, built on a completely Italian matrix, that issues first-level academic diplomas and organises three-year courses, Masters courses, continuous professional development and advanced training courses. A hotbed of creativity, it trains professionals to work in the fields of design, of fashion, of visual communication and of management. The IED is now a continuously expanding international network, with locations in Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, Florence, Cagliari, Madrid, Barcelona, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


For More Information: Fernanda Massarotto, +39 02 54014350,

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23 Cities from European Regions are in Top 100 Global Outsourcing Destinations

Bucharest, Romania, May 28, 2014 -- Nearshoring vs. Reshoring vs. Offshoring, what is the next way to go?

More and more businesses are nearshoring in Europe. According to the AlixPartners studies the top three nearshoring reasons are: lower freight costs 37%, speed-to-market 31%, lower inventory costs 26%.

The BPO dynamics is catching up speed and so should the leading European players. 23 cities from European regions are in top 100 global outsourcing destinations (Source: Tholons - 2013 Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations).


The global business process outsourcing landscape is constantly changing and the European market needs valuable, niche insights more than ever. From those premises sprung the top level happening European BPO Forum 1st Edition – The Customer Relationship Cycle. This international forum was designed by Marketing Insiders Group as a strategic bridge, practically one accessible contact point for all the European BPO players (providers & beneficiaries) right in the heart of Europe.


The niche conference will take place on June 6th 2014 in Vienna (Studio 44) and its primary objectives are:  engaging profitable partnerships, acknowledging operational excellence, creating a BPO knowledge exchange center and maximizing multicultural perspectives & attributes.

The main content structure focuses on three important areas: processes, technology and people, and this year’s attendants are from multiple countries: Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Czech, Luxembourg, Austria, Romania, France, UK, Poland, Russia, Italy.


Topics glimpse: Nearshoring vs. Reshoring vs. Offshoring, Current European Regulations and Standards - EN 15838, Enterprise Workforce Optimization Solutions, Global Business Services versus Shared Service Center (SSC), Emerging markets: statistics & tendencies in ERP solutions, Global Process Standardization: Change Management, The digital workplace & domestic outsourcing, Customer contact optimization through social media, Contract Negotiation Strategies & Relationship Management, Business Finance Optimization, Branding & CSR in a BPO structure, Strategic Business Partnering: Best Practices.


The business initiative welcomes top and middle management representatives who show a high interest in the international BPO dynamics. Here is a glimpse of the attendant profile: corporate C-Suite members, professionals from Operations, HR, Finance, Procurement, Legal, Administration, IT, Manufacturing, Logistics and related business functions, entrepreneurs and corporate advisors. Targeted industries: Banking, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Retail, IT&C, Utilities, Consultancy, Manufacturing, Automotive etc.


Here are some of this edition’s expert speakers: Vincent VandenBossche - General Manager at Call, Richard Kenny - EMEA Marketing Manager, Plantronics, Krzysztof Gawecki - Lead Auditor, SGS, Stefan Arzner - International HR Manager, Raiffeisen Bank International AG, MihaelaApostoleanu - Support Sales and Business Operations Director, Oracle, Stefan Jung - Senior Account Executive, Aspect Software GmbH andMarcela Stoica - Senior Management Skills Developer Customer Service School.


“We are experiencing the rise of Eastern Europe in the BPO area. European BPO Forum brings together both BPO providers and beneficiaries, focusing on specific needs and customized solutions for both parties. Our aim is to build an European strategic bridge, an authentic BPO knowledge exchange center. This business platform ensures fertile ground for partnership development and knowledge sharing with the best of the best in the field”, says MadalinaVilau - Managing Partner, Marketing Insiders Group.


European BPO Forum 2014 is possible with the inspiring support of Competence Call Center – Start Sponsor. Also, the conference benefits from the media coverage and strategic input of Contact Management Magazine, Contact Center Magazine, Customer Management Multimedia Competence, Call Center Verband and ECCCO.


For more information about conference participation terms, sponsorship and speaking opportunities, please contact us via mobile: +43 720 880 246 l +40 733 060 010 or e-mail:

The complete forum agenda and sponsor list will soon be available on


About Marketing Insiders Group:
Triggering marketing greatness since 2004.
Experience the new business era! Marketing Insiders Group easily resembles a MIG: power, speed, heights, independence, impact. We gathered the best marketing experts, trainers, consultants and specialists under one visionary roof, which opens the business skies. Highlights: over 50 international brands in the M.I.G. portfolio; more than 100 niche business conferences:; ATL, BTL and TTL competences;part of the Stevie Awards Jury (Sales & Customer Service Category) for several years.


Media Contact: Oana Olteanu, +43 720 880 246,

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CoreMedia Systems and PowerCloud Development Announce Integration Partnership to Track Web Visitors from Offline Media Campaign

Fairfield, NJ, May 24, 2014 -- CoreMedia Systems, developer of the CoreDirect direct response media management software system, announced today that it has partnered with PowerCloud Development, enabling its users to seamlessly integrate website tracking data into CoreDirect.


Using the PowerCloud SaaS product, PowerTrax, users are able to track data such as date and time, referrer, IP address, Internet browser and more. PowerTrax also provides integrated pixel tracking which enables CoreDirect users to track visits that convert into sales.

At timed intervals the PowerTrax server seamlessly makes the visitor data available to CoreDirect. Users can perform online to offline attribution from CoreDirect without the need to import the data manually.

As consumers increasingly use the Internet to shop and research products they are interested in, tracking consumer visits, and ultimately their purchases, is critical to a media buyer’s marketing success. The integration between PowerTrax and CoreDirect makes gathering and using this data simple.

“The CoreDirect user doesn’t need to do anything beyond the initial set up,” said Jim Hagans, PowerTrax Director of Development. ”Once the tracking is in place, the data is integrated into CoreDirect using the CoreConnect module.”


“We are excited about the additional functionality PowerTrax brings to CoreDirect,” said Gabrielle Schueler, Director of Product Management for Core. “Integration partners like PowerCloud add value to the CoreDirect system.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the PowerTrax service can visit or contact Jim Hagans at or call 352-509-6027.


About PowerTrax:
PowerTrax is a product of PowerCloud Development, a software development firm. PowerTrax users can track a virtually unlimited number of domains. Data such as date and time, referrer, IP address, Internet browser and more are logged and stored. More information can be found at


About CoreMedia Systems:
Based in Fairfield, NJ, CoreMedia develops and supports CoreDirect, the industry’s most widely used direct response media management software. The system is used by more than 130 direct response agencies and marketers to plan, buy, manage, measure and optimize direct response media campaigns.


CONTACT: CoreMedia Systems
Gabrielle Schueler
Director of Product Management
(973) 276-0882 ext 322 (off)

CONTACT: PowerCloud Development
James Mosieur
352-804-8733 (cell)

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Apply now for IED Undergraduate Courses in Italy and Spain Starting next October 2014

Apply now for IED Undergraduate Courses in Italy and Spain Starting next October 2014 | PRArrow |

Have you thought about your future career? Why not have an experience abroad? The Istituto Europeo di Design can help you to choose your future career thanks to its internationally acknowledged excellence, built on a completely Italian matrix.

Milan, Italy, May 15, 2014 -- Have you thought about your future career? Why not have an experience abroad? The Istituto Europeo di Design can help you to choose your future career thanks to its internationally acknowledged excellence, built on a completely Italian matrix. So the time is now! Viisit our website ( and choose one of ours most complete undergraduate course in Fashion, Design, Visual Communication and Management for you!


For those who wants to work on the fashion field, we offer exclusives and uniques BA programmes in Fashion Communication, Fashion Design, Fashion Sylist and Jewelry Design in Italy and Spain. The same happens to the courses at IED Design that are tailored to develop gifts, while at the same time favouring the acquisition of extensive technical and design skills in the course of workshops and numerous active partnerships with leading industrial concerns. You can choose our BAs in Interior Design, Transportation Design and Product Design.


At IED Visual Communication school, you can ?enjoy? the creative lab where one can learn about the instruments, the specific language and expressions, new techniques and the technology needed in order to develop a visual communications project. We live in a world where images and sounds pervade our daily existence and are the primary vehicles we use to transmit values and significance of our ideas and products, which between them are so diverse, such as fashion, design, different types of industrial production, and advertising; but also cultural, political and social fields. Our BAs in Photography, Graphic Design, Illustration and Animation and Video Design and Filmmaking are perfect for you.


So, it?s time to show your talent and criativity in one of 40 international undergraduate courses at IED Milan, Rome, Turin, Cagliari, Venice, Florence, Madrid and Barcelona starting next October 2014. The courses are held in English, Italian and Spanish. To get more information about our complete undergraduate Course List please check on :

Study in Italiy -

Study in Spain -


About IED:
IED - Istituto Europeo di Design is the International Higher Educational Network in Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management of creative industries. It offers more than 500 undergraduate courses, advanced courses and Masters in English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. The most significant milestones in the Group?s history include the foundation of the IED campuses in Milan (1966), Rome (1973), Turin (1989), Madrid (1994), Barcelona (2002), S?o Paulo (2005), Venice (2007), Florence (2008), Cagliari (2009), Aldo Galli Academy in Como (2012) and Rio de Janeiro ( 2014).


For More Information: Fernanda Massarotto, +39 02 54014350,

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Taxes Are Due: What Happens if You Can’t Pay the IRS?

Earlier this month was much of America’s least favorite day of the year: Tax Day. And while millions of Americans sent a check to the IRS, plenty more found that they were unable to pay their tax bill. There are plenty of reasons why this could happen, such as – failing to withhold enough money during the year, failing to anticipate how much you’d owe, or experiencing financial duress in various forms.

What should you do if you owe money to the IRS, but can’t afford to pay?

If you get nothing else from this article, please understand this: the worst thing you can do is simply ignore the situation!


Trust me, failing to address your IRS debt won’t make it go away, it will only make matters worse. And you do have options. The IRS now accepts payments via credit cards and they are generally willing to enter into installment payment agreements with taxpayers.


A recent Fox Business article breaks down the details of the installment options that are available:

If your tax bill is too large for a credit card, the IRS will take monthly payments. You even get to pick your monthly payment amount and the day it will be due.


In fact, when a taxpayer has previously filed — and paid — taxes on time and the tax bill is $10,000 or less, the IRS usually grants installment payment requests even if taxpayers have enough money on hand to pay their bills in full.


To get the program going, attach Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request, to the front of your tax return. Or, if the total amount you owe is not more than $50,000, you can ignore Form 9465 and request an installment agreement online at the IRS website.


Financially strapped taxpayers also can use an installment plan to make partial payments of tax liability. The IRS previously had allowed partial installment payments but stopped the practice in 1998 when an IRS attorney raised questions about the IRS’ authority to accept such payments without statutory authority. Congress officially granted the IRS the power to resume partial payment installment agreements as part of the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004.


Regardless of whether you pay your tax bill in full or partially via an installment agreement, keep in mind that paying over time, even to Uncle Sam, will cost you more. The IRS charges a one-time fee of $120 unless you arrange to have your installment payments made via direct debit from your bank account.


As you can see, a variety of options exist for taxpayers who can’t pay their IRS bill. And while it’s never pleasant to owe money to the IRS, its far better to make arrangements to pay your debt than it is to ignore the situation. If you’d like to learn more about your options, we can help. Our team focuses exclusively on helping taxpayers overcome IRS disputes and get back to enjoying their lives. Contact us today to learn more.


For More Information: John P. Willis, IV,, 877-254-4254,

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Beyond Milk And Cookies is Now Live On Indiego

Atlanta, Georgia, April 21, 2014 -- Introducing a newly formed nonprofit organization Beyond Milk and Cookies, Inc.


The Beyond Milk and Cookies, Inc., a nonprofit organization, allows students from kindergarten through high school to experience hands – on cooking which will develop practical life skills, and a foundation for healthy eating by assisting children on making their own afterschool snacks.


By giving students the opportunity to learn basic cooking skills and work with nourishing foods, math, science and health education become relevant and are more readily integrated with current knowledge. The Beyond Milk and Cookies, Inc. program allows students to take meaningful steps in helping children develop good health habits, which is the best foundation for academic and physical success.


A campaign can be found on Indiegogo


The goal of The Beyond Milk and Cookies, Inc. after school program is to ensure students physical needs are met in order to focus on academics and promote good nutrition and proper food handling.


We urge everyone to view our video to learn more about our program or go to our website for more information.

Please contact us for an interview or more information:

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Gerald Lucas Wins Outstanding Speaker EXPY Award in Times Square

Gerald Lucas Wins Outstanding Speaker EXPY Award in Times Square | PRArrow |

Jersey City, NJ, April 15, 2014 -- Internationally recognized real estate expert and best-selling author, Gerald Lucas was presented with an Expy Award for outstanding public speaking by the National Association of Experts, Writers & Speakers at a lavish ceremony at The Hard Rock Café in New York City’s Times Square. Lucas was overcome with emotion as he accepted the award saying “I am humbled and truly grateful for this amazing honor and blessing.”

About Gerald Lucas:
Gerald Lucas is a real estate investor, best-selling author, coach and professional speaker. Gerald’s most popular speaking topics include:

-Being Your Own Boss: Meeting the Challenges of Entrepreneurship

- Passion & Perseverance: The Keys to Enduring Success and Financial Freedom

- How to Get Started Investing In Real Estate


A renowned business thought leader, entrepreneur and teacher, Gerald has coached hundreds of students throughout the US and Canada how to invest in residential real estate. Gerald channeled his extensive entrepreneurial experience when he designed, developed and taught the small business certificate program for aspiring entrepreneurs at Hudson Community College which included the following courses:

- How to Form a Corporation

- How to Write a Business Plan

- Sources of Financing

- Record Keeping and Cash Flow Analysis

- How to Write a Marketing Plan


Gerald is the Founder and Managing Director of real estate investment firm, Performance Property ( Gerald is a landlord, a condominium developer and a licensed Realtor who has owned & managed properties that range in size from condos and single family homes to big apartment complexes.


In 2011, Gerald partnered with an Australianpension fund to form a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) and together they raised over $100 million to invest in residential property. Gerald developed the REIT’s entire investment strategy, handpicked the REIT’s initial team of professionals and oversaw the first $20 million of all property acquisitions.

Gerald holds business degrees from both Howard University as well as MIT’s Sloan School of Management. For real estate tips and to learn more about Gerald Lucas visit

For More Information: Performance Property, LLC, (201)-222-2979,

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New Travel Guide for Rome Focuses on Catholic Pilgrims

New Travel Guide for Rome Focuses on Catholic Pilgrims | PRArrow |

Rome, Italy, April 11, 2014 -- Record crowds are expected in the eternal city, for the upcoming canonizations of Popes John Paul II and John XXIII on April 27th. Add in the worldwide popularity of Pope Francis, and Rome has now become an even more desired destination for travelers. Rome and the Vatican - Guide 4 Pilgrims is a new travel guide, rich in history with approximately 800 inspiring photographs detailing over 100 pilgrim sites with numerous maps and convenient walking tours, as well as hundreds of tips with essential information any Rome traveler would value. For those pilgrims traveling to these canonizations, who want to dig deeper into the Eternal City and their Catholic faith, authors Kenneth and Elizabeth Nowell share bonus sites and eccentricities that most Rome/Vatican travel books and tourists miss.

"This book is at the top of my list as one of the most comprehensive Catholic travel guides to Rome,” says Teresa Tomeo, a popular Catholic radio and television show host who has led thousands of pilgrims to Rome for over ten years. “I am taking this book with me on all four of my pilgrimages to Rome this year. Although I have been to Rome many times, this book will help me to discover the hidden gems most miss when visiting the eternal city."


Pilgrims are steered off the well-trodden tourist paths to out-of-the-way sites complete with over 1,000 surprising facts, history, and trivia.

These sites most tourists miss include:
>The preserved head of St. John the Baptist
>A baptismal font used by St. Peter
>The column upon which St. Paul was beheaded
>The stone upon which soldiers cast lots for Jesus’ tunic
>St. Paul's remains, sarcophagus and the chains that held him
>A section of the scourging column of Jesus Christ


"With this book in hand, you can see and appreciate what most Christians never learn, and to elevate your faith to a new level - what most tourists miss," says Nowell. "My wife and I wrote this book for people like us: those who want to experience their travels as life intensified, seeking to squeeze every ounce out of what they see, experience and learn. We want not only the city of Rome to be called eternal, but the memories of these beautiful sites as well.”


More information can be found at Author Kenneth Nowell is available for interviews. Contact:

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Virginians of Maryland to honor Brit Hume as 75th Medallionist

Baltimore, Maryland, April 08, 2014 -- The Virginians of Maryland, a fraternal organization of Virginians transplanted to Maryland dating to 1927, will honor the distinguished journalist Brit Hume at their 75th annual Medallion Award dinner at The Maryland Club on April 17th. Mr. Hume will be the 75th recipient of an honor that has been awarded to distinguished Virginians since Senator Carter Glass became the first recipient in 1940. Recipients include such illustrious Virginians as Admiral Richard Byrd, Senator Hugh Scott, Lady Nancy Astor, Honorable Lewis F. Powell, Governor Colgate Darden, Colonel John W. Ripley, Larry Sabato, General George C. Marshall and many others.


The Virginians of Maryland date to 1927, when on November 27th a group of men gathered at The Emerson Hotel to consider the formation of a new society of Virginians. Mr. Willoughby McCormick called the meeting to order, and after some debate, a motion to form the society was proposed and unanimously approved. A Certificate of Incorporation was filed with the state of Maryland, which was issued on December 29th, and sets forth the purpose of the society as follows: “The purpose for which this Corporation is formed is to preserve and fasten pride in Virginia history and traditions, to celebrate the anniversaries of great events in her annals, and to cultivate social and friendly relations among the members of this Corporation”.


Mr. Hume is a veteran journalist with more than 35 years experience in senior positions at Fox News and ABC News. During his career he has held such prestigious positions as the anchor of Fox News ‘Special Report’, and senior White House correspondent for ABC News. Mr. Hume is the recipient of many awards, including an Emmy Award in 1991 for his coverage of the Gulf War, and has authored two books, ‘Inside Story’ and ‘Death and the Mines’. Early in his career, Mr. Hume worked as a newspaper reporter at the Baltimore Evening Sun. A graduate of the University of Virginia, Mr. Hume resides in Washington DC with his wife Kim Schiller Hume.


The evening’s events for the 75th annual Medallion Dinner will begin at 6:30 on April 17th at The Maryland Club in Baltimore, and will include remarks by the society’s president J. Tuley Wright V, introduction of the Medallionist Alexander Brit Hume, presentation of the Medallion of Honor, and remarks by the guest of honor, Alexander Brit Hume.


To learn more about this event, contact Mr. J. Tuley Wright at or 443-791-9440 and visit the society’s website at

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Fun Casino An Amazing 80% of Revenue Available to Affiliate Members Registering Before and Until September 1st. Next step FUNcoin

A New Gaming Portal FUN-CASINO is NOW Available on the Internet with the Option to Pay to Play with all Available Crypto Currencies. The Portal Provides an Initial 40 Games with Colorful Graphics and Great Sound Including All-Time Favorites Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Hold´em, Casino Hold´em, Poker and Slot Machines to Name a Few. The Security and Integrity of the Games are Guaranteed by iTECH Labs.

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10.000 FUN play money is available from FUN-CASINO to the beginners and those wishing to experience the quality and convenience of the games offered.

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About FUN-CASINO: promises online bettors from all over the world guaranteed enjoyment, entertainment, and excitement. Launched in April 2014, this new Bitcoin casino offers an online betting party armed with the finest set of gambling features and services, fully prepped to bring so much fun to everyone. Thus, casino enthusiasts longing to experience the freshest ways to party in an online casino should definitely check out its offerings and give them a try.

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For More Information: Ronny Boesing, +45 36 98 11 50,,

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Study in Italy and discover why Milan, Rome and Florence are the cradle of the fashion and design

Study in Italy and discover why Milan, Rome and Florence are the cradle of the fashion and design | PRArrow |

Milan, Italy, June 21, 2014 -- Clothing, footwear, accessories and luxury. The fashion world is complex and fascinating. If you love to design, to manage into marketing, to communicate or just to be involved in this universe, the Istituto Europeo di Design, in Italy, has the most complete and exclusives BA, undergraduate, masters and One Year Courses in Fashion for you.


Milan is the focal point of Italian fashion and cradle of an incredible tradition related to. Furthermore it is worldwide known in the fashion map with Fashion Week, several fairs as well as luxury stores located in the city center, the so-called “Quadrilatero della Moda”. IED Milan, recognised as one of the world’s most important fashion capital delivers outstanding BA in fashion such as Fashion Design, Fashion Stylist and Fashion Marketing and Communication. “We also have a selection of exclusive and unique courses addressed to postgraduate students, professionals and consultants aiming to specialize on the fashion fields”, remembers Sara Azzone,Head of IED Fashion Milan.


Talking about Made in Italy, Claudia Aguilar, 26 years old, from Caracas, Venezuela, landed in Italy two years ago to attend the Master Course in Fashion Communication Styling. Graphic designer, she had no doubt when decided to study fashion in Milan. “I wanted a course that could analyze the evolution of the communication media and their strategies. At IED Milan I founded the right one”, she says.


From Milan to Rome passing through Florence. Fashion is on IED’s DNA. Rome is not known as Milan, Paris and New York, but the capital of Italy is considered the world's 4th most important centre for fashion in the world, according to the 2009 Global Language Monitor after the 3 bigs beating even London. Home of the major luxury fashion houses and jewelry chains such as Valentino, Bulgari, Fendi and Laura Biagiotti, Rome houses major labels, such as Chanel, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and Versace along Via dei Condotti.


In the city, IED delivers an exclusive and unique BA in Fashion Design (3 years), held in English. The fashion tradition of the school can be testified by the great success of two ex fashion students: Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli. After graduating from IED Rome, in 1989, Chiuri and Piccioli begin working together at Italian label Fendi. The design duo will stay for ten years, and later will be credited with inventing the brand’s blockbuster Baguette handbag. Since October 2008, Chiuri and Piccioli are the creative directors of Valentino. The school also has a revolutionary master in Luxury Marketing Management.


Less than 2 hours by train from Rome, Florence is the perfect city for a student eager to have a study abroad experience At IED Florence, fashion is part of the school’s culture with a three year course in Fashion Communication, a master in Fashion Business and an academic year in Fashion Communication and Marketing. “The city is amazing and the school atmosphere is very dynamic. In addiction there are lots of students from different countries, so I never felt alone", says Victoria Papa, an Argentinian former fashion student. Victoria is now thinking of continuing studies. She guarantees that she would attend a master at IED: "This school opened my eyes and showed me that I really want to work in this field". Victoria is not the only one attracted by fashion and IED.


About IED:
IED is the International Higher Educational Network in Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management of creative industries. It offers more than 500 undergraduate courses, advanced courses and Masters in English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. The most significant milestones in the Group’s history include the foundation of the IED campuses in Milan (1966), Rome (1973), Turin (1989), Madrid (1994), Barcelona (2002), São Paulo (2005), Venice (2007), Florence (2008), Cagliari (2009), Aldo Galli Academy in Como (2012) and Rio de Janeiro ( 2014).


For More Information: Fernanda Massarotto, +39 02 54014350,

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73 Percent of Global Small and Medium Enterprises plan to Outsource

Marketing Insiders Group reunited 11 countries, 2 continents, 12 international speakers and top BPO professionals at European BPO Forum’s first edition in Vienna - Studio 44, on June 6th 2014.

Bucharest, Romania, June 13, 2014 -- The global BPO dynamics is constantly changing, outsourcing is expanding by the minute, reaching more and more market areas and industries. “73 percent of SME plan to outsource compared with 41 percent of large companies. 80% of the global market has sourced in the past 10 years, reaching 154 billion dollars” - highlights from IAOP survey,,

Europe is a top BPO destination, having approx. “34.830 contact centers with over 2.7 million seats and 3.464.237 FTE (full-time equivalent)”, according to the Call 2013 study.

Here are some of the customer relationship tendencies for the next decade: contact center interactions will be more social, proactive and based on emotional intelligence, omni-channel communication, more customer service from home - smarter working, Vocal Biometrics implementation, strategic shift from downsizing prices to increasing service quality, SaaS integration, 100 percent of customer interactions will be in the public domain etc.

All these insights and more were available at European BPO Forum 1st Edition – “The Customer Relationship Cycle”. This international forum was designed by Marketing Insiders Group as a strategic bridge, practically one accessible contact point for all the European BPO players (providers & beneficiaries) right in the heart of Europe.

The niche conference took place on June 6th 2014 in Vienna (Studio 44 der Österreichischen Lotterien - Rennweg 44, A-1038 Wien), having the following objectives: engaging profitable partnerships, acknowledging operational excellence, creating a BPO knowledge exchange center and maximizing multicultural perspectives & attributes.

This business initiative hosted top and middle management representatives from Belgium, Austria, Romania, Turkey, Kosovo, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, UK, Luxembourg, Switzerland - who show a high interest in the international BPO optimization. Here is a glimpse of the attending industries: outsourcing, IT&C, business consultancy, banking, automotive, contact center, finance, transport, media, training, energy etc.

This edition interactively highlighted strategies and tactics for the most important BPO areas - processes, technology and people - through the voice of leading professionals, such as: Vincent Vanden Bossche - General Manager, Call, Richard Kenny - EMEA Marketing Manager, Plantronics, Krzysztof Gawecki - Lead Auditor, SGS, Stefan Arzner - International HR Manager, Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Mihaela Apostoleanu - Director EMEA Premier Support Business Operations, Oracle, Stefan Jung - Senior Account Executive, Aspect Software GmbH, Madalina Vilau - CEO, Marketing Insiders Group, Elcin Yazan - International Business Development, Turkcell Global Bilgi, Catalin Victor Arjoca - Minister-Counsellor, Embassy of Romania to Austria, Bogdan Herea - CEO & Founder, PITECH+PLUS, Youssef Hautier - Managing Director, Sonic+Pay, and Marcela Stoica - Senior Management Skills Developer, Customer Service School.

The 2014 forum agenda, speaker presentations and photos are available for download on:

“Over 4.500 employees in 8 European countries teach us that outsourcing is about change and constant development. 16 years of investing in quality people and technology are not enough in the contact center industry, not when leadership is your main goal. Our 42 international awards were possible only with the trust and support of our customers. They drive our business strategies, their voice shapes each step we take, year by year. This European BPO Forum edition – “The Customer Relationship Cycle” focuses on the heart and mind of any multinational company, the consumer. We are proud to sponsor this inspiring, educational initiative, supporting the evolution of the European BPO community.” - Maria Hoffrichter-Zanetti, Communications Management, Competence Call Center.

“This forum was built with and for the international BPO community. Although this was the very first edition, I was happy to experience great interest from global companies and the presence of important niche brands and leading professionals across Europe. Even more, over 85 percent of the audience feedback was very encouraging, motivating the M.I.G. team to expand the international conference series in the following years, covering others industries as well. See you again soon” - Madalina Vilau - CEO, Marketing Insiders Group.

European BPO Forum 2014 was possible with the inspiring support of Competence Call Center - Start Sponsor, and Turkcell Global Bilgi, Aspect Software, SGS, Plantronics - Supporting Partners.

The conference covered a wide media network, having the strategic input of Contact Management Magazine Switzerland, Contact Center Magazine Romania, Customer Management Multimedia Competence Italy, Call Center Verband Deutschland and ECCCO -European Confederation of Contact Centre Organisations. Also, the event had the honoring support of the Romanian Embassy to Austria.

The next forum edition will take place in the spring of 2015. Early bird registrations benefit from special discount fees.

For more information about conference participation terms, sponsorship and speaking opportunities, please contact us via mobile: +43 720 880 246 / +40 733 060 010 or e-mail:

About Marketing Insiders Group:
Triggering marketing greatness since 2004.
Experience the new business era! Marketing Insiders Group easily resembles a MIG: power, speed, heights, independence, impact. We gathered the best marketing experts, trainers, consultants and specialists under one visionary roof, which opens the business skies. Highlights: over 50 international brands in the M.I.G. portfolio; more than 100 niche business conferences:; ATL, BTL and TTL competences; part of the Stevie Awards Jury (Sales & Customer Service Category) for several years.


For More Information: Oana Olteanu, +43 720 880 246,

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Wetlands Entertainment and Hip Hop Group Thunder & Lightning Launch New Site

Wetlands Entertainment and Hip Hop Group Thunder & Lightning Launch New Site | PRArrow |

Los Angeles, CA, June 11, 2014 -- The Music Registry Corporation and Wetlands Entertainment announce the official launch of for Independent hip hop group Thunder & Lightning. New social networks have also been launched and will provide fans with new music, interviews, tour dates and more..

Their first single "Firecracker" gained national attention with charting the National Top 200, Top Urban, Independent and Record World Charts. "Firecracker" became one of the most requested songs with internet radio receiving over 5k plays and eight weeks of consecutive charting.


Now released to fm radio, "Firecracker" has quickly gained new fm markets including Greenville, Augusta, Charleston, Corpus, Fayetteville, El Paso, Ocean City, Reno, Ft. Wayne, and Huntsville. The album gives hip hop fans party, street, and rhythmic tracks with features from Rawhead (SBP), Mr Phat, Cupid, Takiyah, Torino Williams, Dwond R, EPH and God Blessing.


Thunder & Lightning has quickly become one of the hottest new groups to follow. For more information or booking please refer to the artist website or networks.




For More Information: Kathryn Sebanc, 1-800-470-8803,

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IED Turin The “heart” of Transportation Design

Do you love cars? Do you intend to design cars? If you answer as you could persuade a career as a transportation Designer a professional that has to be able to reconcile aspects of style, aerodynamics, feasibility, design and ergonomics. This kind of designer must have a profound understanding of the product and the functions that the consumer is looking for, so as to be able to have a clear idea about the relationship between design and marketing, innovation and commercial requirements.

Istituto Europeo di Design, the International Higher Educational Network in Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management of creative industries, offers a complete BA in Transportation Design,starting in October 2014, that prepares professionals, principally concerned with designing the primary means of transport and is capable of designing a number of different kinds of vehicle, in particular motorbikes, yachts and trains.


The three-year curriculum - in english - is based on a training methodology that focuses on achieving synergy between creativity, technology and experimentation. Its main objectives are to develop students’ creative sense, knowledge of technologies, materials and design culture, ability to understand the market and its requirements and their ability to communicate the quality of their design projects by learning specific techniques of presentation and illustration.


Being a student at IED Turin -


“My passion for cars and design led to the study Industrial Product Design. My strong desire to work on cars, finally led me to IED Turin. Italy is renowned for many things, but for me its fabled history in car design is insurmountable and Turin is the heart of Italian car industry. I chose IED Turin, because the course not only builds all the essential skills up right from the core, like sketching and clay and digital modelling, but also it is the closest to working with a car design department of a company. The final year of the course sees the development of project in collaboration with a car brand, right from sketches to a show car at the Geneva auto show. This experience is definitely unparalleled. No other college or university offers such an opportunity, along with the sufficient training to execute such a task. The choice was easy”, says Ranbir Kalha, former Transportation Design student.


About Istituto Europeo di Design:
IED - Istituto Europeo di Design is the International Higher Educational Network in Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management of creative industries. It offers more than 500 undergraduate courses, advanced courses and Masters in English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. The most significant milestones in the Group’s history include the foundation of the IED campuses in Milan (1966), Rome (1973), Turin (1989), Madrid (1994), Barcelona (2002), São Paulo (2005), Venice (2007), Florence (2008), Cagliari (2009), Aldo Galli Academy in Como (2012) and Rio de Janeiro ( 2014).


For More Information: Fernanda Massarotto, +39 02 54014350,

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Universal Peel & Stick SlideStand for Smartphones enters Accessories Marketplace with CNET Review

Toronto, ON. May 24, 2014 -- After several years of development and market testing, ROYZ LLC, a U.S/Canada joint venture has introduced SlideStand, its first and flagship product, into the $20 billion worldwide smartphone accessories marketplace.

SlideStand is the only peel and stick stand for small, medium and large format smartphones and other iPod like porta­ble entertainment devices or their various protective cases, skins and shields. Its sleek and practical design locks away flat when not in use but is always there when you need it. SlideStand increases convenience and enhances the user experience by allowing hands free operation of the device in multiple portrait as well as landscape orientations.


SlideStand is available in multiple and dual colour combinations. Using high quality adhesive, the product will adhere to almost any device or case and will not damage the phone if detached. SlideStand enjoys worldwide patent protection.


As a product development company actively working to get SlideStand listed with distributors and into big box stores across North America and internationally, ROYZ LLC is extremely happy to have CNET, one of the world’s largest and most respected reviewers of technology products on the web, review SlideStand. See CNET review here: “The CNET review introduces SlideStand to a large online audience and provides important credibility as we begin to sell the product into both domestic and international markets”, said Miraslav Royz, CEO and inventor of the SlideStand, “This review has already opened several doors for us and we are working on some exciting strategic partnerships as a result”.


If you would like to receive a product sample to review SlideStand and/or would like to discuss related opportunities or place a corporate order, please contact V.P. of Business Development Ben Marshall at 416 656-8824 or . For more general information or to purchase a SlideStand, please visit their online store at .


For More Information: Ben Marshall, 416 656-8824,

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Mequon Daycare Features Wisconsin's Only Fully Organic Menu

Mequon Daycare Features Wisconsin's Only Fully Organic Menu | PRArrow |

Mequon, Wisconsin, May 23, 2014 -- Kids Rule Academy, which is already making news for their uncompromising approach to daycare, is once again turning heads as they feature the state’s only fully organic daycare menu.

Kids Rule Academy’s initially had hoped for a vendor to supply the organic menu locally but was unable to find one not only in metro Milwaukee but in Wisconsin as well. Therefore, Alex Mazur, owner and operations manager of Kids Rule Academy, went next door to Illinois. “We could have decided, 'Well, there's no one around here who can supply us organic food for our day care, let's just not do it,' but I really believe that an organic diet with only the most wholesome of ingredients makes the difference in children's diet and development.”


The emphasis in organic means less exposure for children from the toxins, dyes, additives, and other unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients added to food during its production. According to the Center of Science in the Public Interest, children especially should limit their diets these chemicals which are not found in organic foods. Studies show these chemicals have direct influences on learning and behavior in children.


Quality Catering Inc. based in Illinois, stepped up to provide kids-tested, organic meals for Kids Rule Academy “Quality Catering is dedicated to nutrition and education children about healthful eating habits and so are we,” says Mazur. While disappointed they could not find a catering company in Wisconsin, Mazur says, “Our convenience and money saving are the last things on our mind when it comes to serving your children.”

Kids Rule Academy’s entire menu is certified organic. Along with Quality Catering Inc., they ensure every meal exceeds the USDA’s “Food Plate” nutritional guideless as each menu is reviewed by the company’s staff Registered Dietitian. Unlike other daycare centers, Kids Rule Academy does not try to cut cost of food using canned or processed foods. Only the freshest natural and organic fruits and vegetables go into the children's lunch and snack.


Kids Rule Academy is currently accepting enrollment for the summer programs. A Free iPad Air is being offered for those parents who enroll their child for a full year by July 31st. See their website for details and conditions.


For More Information: Alex Mazur, 262-242-5500,

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Charity “Ride for the Missing – Poker Run” to be held weekend of National Missing Children’s Awareness day

Lewiston, ME, April 30, 2014 -- In the United States over 2,000 people go missing each day. L-A Harley Davidson, recognizes these statistics and is sponsoring an event. L-A Harley is a motorcycle dealer for new and used bikes, as well as parts and services in Lewiston, Maine, they are sponsoring a “Ride For The Missing – Poker Run Charity Event” to benefit LostNMissing, Inc., a 501c(3) Nonprofit, which is a national missing persons organization based in Londonderry, NH. The organization aids law enforcement and families of missing, at no charge. While their case load is primarily missing adults, they also assists families of missing children.

LostNMissing has worked with the maternal family of missing child, Ayla Reynolds, since the time of her disappearance, reported on December 16, 2011. “The search for Reynolds is the largest criminal investigation in state history, it is also the third largest search for a missing child in Maine history” according to Stephen McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety. Reynolds’s disappearance is believed to be the result of "foul play.” Reynolds will be the honorary recognized missing person at the event and the maternal family will be in attendance in support of LostNMissing.


All families of missing in New England are invited and encouraged to attend to set up an awareness table for their missing loved one, as well. An “open-mike” will follow the event in which those with local musical talents may play and families of missing may talk of their loved one’s cases. Media is encouraged to attend.


According to the NCIC (National Crime Information System / FBI) in 2013, 627,911 missing person records were entered into NCIC in the United States. “This figure does not count those missing, such as runaway teens, who are not entered or adults who may be mistakenly reported as missing due to non-communication with family members.” says Cynthia Caron, President-Founder, of LostNMissing. Overall, according to Caron, over 2,000 loved ones go missing each day. She further adds, “This event has been designed to not only help support our mission but also to help bring awareness to the public of those missing in New England.” Mary Vitt, VP of LostNMissing, further adds “Each stop the bikers make will have tables set up for bikers to pick up their poker card and will have informative brochures and information for the public to pick up, as well.”


Local businesses participating as stops will have an LNM representative to give safety and awareness information and brochures to the public from 9-11:30 am. Those businesses will include, L-A Harley in Lewiston, Hodgeman’s Frozen Custard, of New Gloucester, the American Legion, Post 86, in Gray, andTailgate Sports Bar & Grill, of Gray. The event begins at L-A Harley and will end there, as well, with a BBQ lunch, raffles and door prizes and local performers have donated their time to provide entertainment. Those performing are MB Padfield, an acoustic pop-rock singer/songwriter from Manchester, NH, Vincent ( DJ KOOL V ) Oden one of New England’s Premier DJs, and Lewiston’s own hip-hop artist Pius Mayanja, who goes by "Pallaso" onstage will perform his moving tribute to "It's Cold (Tribute to Ayla Reynolds)."


The event is open to the public. All New England bikers are also encouraged to participate. L-A Harley is offering the first place prize of a $500 store gift card and Central Maine Powersports is offering the 2nd place prize of $150 for their shop. Entrance Fee for bikers is $20.00 (Includes 5 Poker Cards / 1 Raffle Ticket / BBQ Lunch) Non-riders and the public can enjoy the BBQ Lunch at $10 per person, ages 6-12 is $5, under the age of 5 is free. A number of business have donated raffled prizes in which tickets are 2/ $5.00 or 5/$10.00,, of Nashua, NH, donated four $25.00 gift cards, a $50.00 gift card to “The Common Man” Restaurants has been donated by the John Caron Family, of Londonderry, NH. Handmade crafts and jewelry will also be awarded as raffle gifts. Dunkin Donuts has donated the coffee for the event.


For more information, see any of the below links:


Media Contact: Karen Ranoni, LostNMissing Inc., 603-490-8903,

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Parents Protect Kids from Social Networking Bullies and Predators

Parents Protect Kids from Social Networking Bullies and Predators

Bullies and Predators Out: KidzRocket to employ Responsive Design Compatibility to offer Browser and Computer & Operating Systems Compatibility.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, April 25, 2014 -- Unfortunately, the U.S. and world press, radio, and television daily reports that kids may be at great risk using some social networking websites. is the only social networking website for children licensed to utilize the awarded U.S. Patent for a SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SECURE SOCIAL NETWORKING. Social networking bullies and predators kept out.

Our principal mission is to eliminate bullies and predator from social networking access to our children. Kids are safer using The redesign and development team to employ Responsive Design Compatibility to include widescreen, standard, tablet and smart phone units. Browser Compatibility to include Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Computer & Operating Systems Compatibility to include IOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and Blackberry systems.

Kids and pre-teens will soon have the safest social networking website to have fun and learn. has been awarded exclusive license to U.S. Patent issued for a "SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SECURE SOCIAL NETWORKING”.

- goal is the development of the best and most secure social network for kids anywhere!

- is dedicated to offer the safest website for the well-being of children and to provide exceptional fun content and an engaging platform for them to safely connect with other kids and friends.

- is rebuilding the program and website so your children can benefit from the latest and greatest Internet security today's technology has to offer. Want to help secure your child’s safety? $1.00 gets your family a $25.00 exclusive Perk and more! is pleased to invite parents, grandparents, friends, and other interested parties and groups to: to help ensure all our kids have a safe Internet experience.

Contact: Robert Williams, KidzRocket, LLC,,

Robert Williams

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Prolite II Intense Pulsed Light Product Support

Carrollton, Texas, April 18, 2014 -- Parts and consumable including Prolite II lamp Kits are stocked and available to physicians both in the United States and Internationally.

The Prolite II, IPL device has become known as a reliable workhorse in the aesthetics industry for photorejuvenation and is functional for addressing issues with pigmented and vascular lesions. It has recently come to our attention, that many Prolite II owners may not know where to find support for their devices. At Innovative Biomedical Resources, we are proud to support the Prolite II intense pulsed light device for both service and consumables, which include lamp kits. Lamp kits contain the following much needed items which are required for proper function of Prolite devices:


Prolite Flash Lamp, Syringes of optical coupling gel, 530nm, 550nm, 580nm, 610nm, 615nm filter slides, and a ProliteII smart card.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact customer service at 800-918-0161 or email at

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Small Business Conference Premieres In Hunt Valley

Hunt Valley, MD, April 12, 2014 -- Though small- to mid-sized businesses have been hardest hit by the recent economic downturn and some of the slowest to recover, they are also responsible for over 68% of the hiring in the state of Maryland. Now those businesses can get the tools and help they need to grow, thrive and succeed in just one day, May 2nd, 2014 at the Embassy Suites in Hunt Valley.

The SMB Bootcamp Conference is designed to address the six key areas that plague small and mid-sized businesses, those under $30 million in annual revenue, all in one conference:

- Taxes and Cash Flow Management

- Insurance and Benefits

- Hiring and Retaining Top Talent

- Marketing their Products/Services Effectively

- Use of Technology to Recruit and Network

- Use of Social Media to Engage Customers


Small business owners are responsible for a large slice of the economic recovery and growth in Maryland, and this conference is built to make the most efficient use of their most prized resource, time.

"As a small business owner and consultant myself, I know how busy owners and executives in these small companies can be, and I respect that their time is precious. I also know that deficits in those key areas often hold them back, and prevent the very growth they are striving to achieve. This conference is designed to address both aspects of their business lives and help them succeed," notes Dave Poulos of Granite Partners, organizer of the event.


"I’m pleased to host this innovative conference. I’m looking forward to a hearing a roster of great speakers, and learning something from each of them at a very high level – this has been likened to getting an MBA in one day," said Mark Debinski, of Bluewater Advisory and Bluewater Search, a local recruitment and search advisory firm, and host of the event.


Six top experts have been selected to present tips, tools, case studies and education on topics in each specialty, and have the added advantage of being small business owners themselves, so they share both the empathy and the passion of the audience. Speakers include:

- Host, Mark Debinski, Bluewater Advisory

- Jim Wilhelm, CPA, SC&H

- Tuley Wright, Wright Benefits Solutions

- Dave Poulos, The Marketing Doctor

- Amy Polefrone, HR Strategy Group

- Colleen McKenna, Intero Advisory

- Luke Harlan, Harlan Marketing Solutions


Sponsored by Granite Partners, and The Baltimore Chapter of the American Marketing Association, the conference includes six educational sessions, Q&A panel discussion, plated lunch, book signings and Happy Hour open bar. Attendance is limited to 100 attendees, to encourage interaction and networking.


For more information and registration details, visit

Tuley Wright, 443-791-9440, tuleywright(at)

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