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Rolltop, le premier concept d'ordinateur flexible qui se porte en bandoulière

Rolltop, le premier concept d'ordinateur flexible qui se porte en   bandoulière | Pralines |
Le Rolltop n'est pas un ordinateur comme les autres. Et pour cause, il est flexible et on peut l'enrouler sur lui-même. Une invention très futée.
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a trouvé son prochain portable !

Francoise ROCAFORT's curator insight, July 13, 2015 10:50 AM

Rolltop, le premier concept d'ordinateur flexible qui se porte en   bandoulière

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Education Rethink: Ten Myths About Technology

Education Rethink: Ten Myths About Technology | Pralines |

Sometimes my view on technology seems paradoxical and messy. Sometimes it feels like cognitive dissonance. I hang with Luddites and Technophiles. I join #chats and write blogs and yet I frequently criticize technology. So, this list might seem conflicting. Or nuanced. You can make up your mind.

The following are ten myths I have found myself believing over the years:

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Yeah, interesting pause and thougths around technology ! 

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Oculus Rift at forefront of wave of new VR technology – Hypergrid Business

Oculus Rift at forefront of wave of new VR technology – Hypergrid Business | Pralines |

The promise of virtual reality was all the rage in the 90s, but didn’t go anywhere because the headsets were laggy, low-resolution, had small fields of view, and made their users sick.

Today, the Oculus Rift is ushering in a new wave of virtual reality technology, with over 17,000 development kits already in the hands of video game designers. The Rift has been receiving rave reviews from everyone in the gaming industry, and from folks outside it, as well, like our own architect Jon Brouchoud.

In fact, the only bad review I’ve read so far was from one guy complaining about the “screen door effect” caused by the low resolution in the development version of the Oculus Rift, a problem which has been fixed in the latest, higher-resolution version.

I used to think that the mobile trend was a distraction from the move to virtual reality. A quick side trip. But it turns out that, in fact, mobile devices were a key stepping stone. The mass production of smartphones has created an all-out war for the best screens and accelerometers, both of which are key components for successful virtual reality goggles. Previously, the screens were too slow, too big, and too expensive, as were the accelerometers, resulting in headsets that were heavy and cost tens of thousands of dollars each.

The Oculus Rift, by comparison, costs just $300 for the development version, and prices will likely drop with mass production, competition, and continuous improvement of the technology.

The Rift seems set to usher in a new age of virtual reality.

But it’s also ushering in a new age of experimentation with interface hardware design. Not minor improvements to a mouse or joystick, but dramatic new types of hardware.

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aime cette visite rapide autour de ces développements nouvelle vague ! 

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Agora Tower, Taipei: A Twisting Skyscraper Wrapped With Vertical Gardens

Agora Tower, Taipei: A Twisting Skyscraper Wrapped With Vertical Gardens | Pralines |

Taipei just broke ground on a twisting skyscraper that is wrapped with a jungle of vertical gardens...

Designed by Vincent Callebaut Architecture, the 455,000-square-foot Agora Tower will have an orchard, a vegetable garden, space for aromatic and medicinal plants, and a compost and rainwater capture system.

Designed to mimic two encircling hands and the helical structure of DNA, the towers are organized a central core that allows for a “hyper-abundance of suspended gardens.” These will spill over with edible and decorative plants, enabling residents of 40 luxury apartments to harvest a great deal of their own food (except for protein.) Plus, the rainwater capture system alleviates pressure on the municipal water supply and gives the complex even greater independence.

Each 540 square meter apartment will have an interior green wall as well, ensuring optimum air quality and a great green aesthetics. A circular light funnel will push daylighting right down to the basement of the building, a solar roof will provide energy, and low E glass will mitigate excess solar gain and prevent thermal loss.

Complete with nanotechnology and a host of other high-tech features, this one-of-a-kind tower may well be the greenest of its kind when it is completed circa 2016....

Via Lauren Moss, association concert urbain
Pagina Uno's curator insight, March 10, 2013 6:10 AM

Progettato per imitare la struttura elicoidale del DNA, le torri sono organizzate intorno ad un nucleo centrale che ha permesso la realizzare un "iper-abbondanza di giardini sospesi." Questi traboccano di piante commestibili e decorative, che consentono ai residenti dei 40 appartamenti di lusso di raccogliere una grande quantità di cibo. Inoltre, un sistema di raccolta delle acque piovane allevia il peso sulla rete idrica comunale e dà indipendenza al complesso.

Bubba Muntzer's comment, March 10, 2013 1:30 PM
This is a real fad now, skyscrapers that twist toward the sky like that, isn't it? I can't help but wonder about the legacy. Are we entering a new era where the species is losing its self consciousness, or have these architects simply not heard the old limerick about the heartbreak when the man who was threaded one way fell in love with the woman who was threaded the other way?
Backbone's curator insight, September 13, 2014 7:54 AM

more constructions like this expected in near future !