Conflict and Prejudice
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Rescooped by Deepan Luigi from conflicts based on racism!

Neymar's Injury Sidelines Effort to End World Cup Racism - New York Times

Neymar's Injury Sidelines Effort to End World Cup Racism - New York Times | Conflict and Prejudice |
New York Times Neymar's Injury Sidelines Effort to End World Cup Racism New York Times RIO DE JANEIRO — After an episode in Peru earlier this year in which Peruvian soccer fans subjected a Brazilian player to racial abuse by imitating the sounds of...

Via haziq
Deepan Luigi's insight:

It is ironic how sports 


such as soccer and tournaments such as the world cup which is meant to unite people of different ethnicity and walks of life can result in so much hate a fine example would be this article where the Colombian player received astounding amounts of hate such as racial slurs after neymars injury thus proving how racism is a much more complex issue which need to be widely disscussed

haziq's curator insight, July 14, 2014 9:40 AM

i used to think that racial prejudice in sports would not lead to a serious problem

but now, i think racial prejudice will result in a really serious major problem that will even affect the country.

Peng Han Ho's curator insight, July 21, 2014 10:31 AM

In sports, there should only be meritocracy and none of racism, but in this case, conflict has arose from simply the fact that a player is of a different colour. This brings the question of whether a fundamentally unsound society that is in Brazil, which still is largely racist, is fit to host this international sports event where people of different race, religion and culture come together to play a game.

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Donald Sterling's Racist Comments Draw N.B.A. Ban | Times Minute 4/30/14 | The New York Times

Sam Dolnick, the deputy sports editor, on what Donald Sterling's ban means for the Los Angeles Clippers and the new N.B.A commissioner. Produced by: Christia...
Deepan Luigi's insight:

This man is a classic example of a racist as by his statements i am able to conclude that he clearly believes he is more superior than a other ethnicity based purely on the fact that he is white.Such acts should not be tolerated especially due to the fact that he is a influential person himself, such acts would only aid in justifying other racist's view in their so called superiority and thus resulting in the continuation of this vicious cycle of hate and prejudice.

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Scooped by Deepan Luigi!

A frightening new era of Jewish-Arab hatred within Israel | Shiraz ...

A frightening new era of Jewish-Arab hatred within Israel | Shiraz ... | Conflict and Prejudice |
Systematic discrimination by the establishment and popular racism have been some of the fundamental elements of the conflict to date. It seems that another element will now be added: violent conflicts between Jewish and ...
Deepan Luigi's insight:

This article is indeed worrying as the conflicts between arab and jewish citizens has escalated to a whole new level.Such conflicts are  useless and avoidable all it does, is succesfully  breed a new generation of youths to hate each due to their difference in ethnicity and thus no good can come out of such conflicts other then more hate which is a vicious cycle as hate can only lead to more hate

Robert Christian's curator insight, July 16, 2014 5:29 AM

There is a lot of racial discrimination between the Arabs and Jews in Israel. This is caused by the insensitivity and hurtful remarks one race makes to another. This would cause a lot of tension between the two races and would eventually lead to fights which is dangerous. They already resorted to throwing stones or molotovs at each other and this would get even worse if they do not resolve this conflict.