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U.S. AID education/poverty infographic

U.S. AID education/poverty infographic | Poverty Assignment  by_Alif | Scoop.it

An excellent infographic that highlights the importance of education in the process of fighting poverty.  Why is education (especially women) so pivotal for development?  Should this change how we think about humanitarian aid?       

Via Seth Dixon, W. Robert de Jongh
Alif's insight:

Based on what I understand, education will help change a person's life especially those living in poverty. Although countries suffering poverty may not have proper school, they may still learn something that may help them. For example, they said educated women are more likely not to contract HIV/AIDS and educated mothers are more likely to immunize their children. If all the mothers living in poverty are educated through any means, it will improve greatly since less people are being contracted by deseases and more people are able to survive longer and learn more. With some knowledge, those people in poverty may contribute ideas on how to improve their lives and other people lives. There will be less uneducated people living in poverty not contributing to the society. People will know what is right and what is wrong and what is safe and what is dangerous. Educated poverty people will now be able to take care of themselves even better since they know what is good for them. Overall, education plays an important role in poverty countries since they are still developing slowly.

Fiqah Nasrin's curator insight, January 27, 2014 8:37 AM

From this article i get to know that a child who born to an educated mother will benefit more than a child who born to mothers without an education. Quite a number of women in the world are without a proper education. Is it fair to women without a proper education to be condemn to be told that their child will do poorly rather than a child of an educated mothers. Their child would eventually suceed through hard work and support from their family.

Zemus Koh's curator insight, January 27, 2014 10:11 AM

From this infographic, I can see the importance of education and how it can impact us in our lives. Education is key as it can help us in many ways such as being able to teach our offspings survival skills and also help us to earn more so that we can bring up a family and support them. However important education is, it still comes with a price. As such, many are deprived of this oppurtunity to be educated even though education is somewhat considered a neccessity. Other benefits of education to women include a lesser chance of contracting STDs and also having a higher chance to immunize their children compared to non-educated women. Since education is a key to survival and an important part in our lives, why is it that no effort is made to promote this or to fund more projects that help the less fortunate to get a chance to be educated?

Fiqah Nasrin's curator insight, February 23, 2014 7:28 AM

This article tells me that a child who born to an educated mother will benefit more than a child who born to mothers without an education. Quite a number of women in the world are without a proper education. Is it fair to women without a proper education to be condemn to be told that their child will do poorly rather than a child of an educated mothers. Their child would eventually succeed through hard work and support from their family. It stated that most children who drop out from school are girls and most of the people cant read live in developing countries. In this century i am sure that proper education are given to those who could not afford it as everyone want to succeed. I think that it does not matter if a child's mother is without an education as they can succeed if they work hard and opportunity is given to them.

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Childhood poverty leaves its mark on adult genetics - health - 26 October 2011 - New Scientist

Childhood poverty leaves its mark on adult genetics - health - 26 October 2011 - New Scientist | Poverty Assignment  by_Alif | Scoop.it
Genomes of adults raised in poor or rich households have distinctive patterns of epigenetic change – perhaps a response to early adversity (RT @JoelCarnazzo: Childhood poverty leaves its mark on adult genetics - New Scientist -

Via Jón Sallé
Alif's insight:

Most of the people suffering from these kind of diseases were from countries experiencing poverty. Without good living conditions, lack of medical help and eating unhygeinic food may affect their future life. They may not feel the pain now but as soon as the disease starts to developed to its full potential it will affect their lives especially when they are about to get a newborn child. The child may inherit these diseases and suffer the same as their parents. If I would be one of those newborn child with the infected deseases, I would rather end my life since it would be a difficult journey from the start to the end. Even if I would continue my life, I would not be able to survive long due to lack of medical help and poor living conditions. Without any professional medical help, this cycle forever. I hope this will not continue forever.

Tan Qi Shun's curator insight, January 31, 2013 7:38 AM

I do know that people living in a state of poverty most probably live a shorter life or more than often is down with severe dieseases.This article further elaborates on my point and it talks about how new-borns growing up in a poorer environment and state tend to end up in bad conditions. Tests and studies have shown that even when the genes are of similar qualities but when new borns live in a better and richer environment they tend to live longer and it is most probably because the parents are able to afford and seek medical treatments when in need of any. However the poor are unable to do anything about their illness, depriving them of a fighting chance. There is a large difference of the state of health between the rich and the poor, with the rich being able to handle health complications and the poor ending up helpless.After reading this article i feel very fortunate that every single Singaporean is blessed with the chance to meet their medical needs. I would like to challenge the point at which why the goverment of those various countries not implementing any programs to help the poor seek any medical attention. Do they not feel unfair for the poor when the rich is able to meet their while the poor is unable to? 

Teo J-lyn's curator insight, January 31, 2013 7:43 PM

In this article, it shows that there is a rising number of people suffering from diseases such as cancer, herat diseases and many more. This could be cause by the impact of their childhood life because in the article, it state that people who are poorer are more prone to diseases. Tests, studies, experiments have shown that richer people can live longer as they have the money to go or treatment unike poorer people. It is unfair for them to be suffering like that and for some cases, this problems started when they are young, the disease might "follow' thrm until they grow old and it is unfair to them. If only the richer people will lend a helping hand to them and less people will be suffering and this will let the other know that they are not alone and everyone including the rich one is willing to help them.

Benjamin Yap Kian Hwee's comment, February 4, 2013 8:11 AM
After reading this article, I learnt that more people who are born in poor countries are suffering from diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other diseases. These diseases are often from their heredity or since childhood. They come from poor countries, hence the medical development are not advanced. Even if their medical development is advanced, they might not have enough money to pay for their medical bills. I find it very unfair that people who are rich can afford to get expensive medical treatment from private hospitals while the poor cannot even get the most basic treatments from clinics.
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Rotary Provides Cayo Villages Water Filters

Rotary Provides Cayo Villages Water Filters | Poverty Assignment  by_Alif | Scoop.it

Feelgood story of the day.  Rotary brought in water filters to villages all around Belize, including 9 in Cayo.  Now many thousands more Belizeans have a clean source of water.  Thanks, Rotary!


"The Rotary Club of San Ignacio was pleased to partner with the Rotary Club of Belize City to distribute Sawyer Point One Water Filters to nine rural villages in the Cayo District.  Filters were delivered with the help of visiting Rotarians from Clovis, New Mexico and Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The nine villages that received filters were, Duck Run 1, Duck Run 2, Duck Run 3, Los Tambos, Santa Teresita, Selena, La Gracia, El Progresso and Cool Shade.  Providing safe drinking water is one of the main areas of focus for Rotary International and hopefully many more villages will benefit from this humanitarian effort."


Via Best of Cayo
Alif's insight:

Pure water is rarely available in these kind of places. With people there drinking unclean water may be very dangerous for their lives. This causes many lives to be taken away due to lack of clean water. Poverty is related to water since they may not afford to buy clean water or even produce clean water. Water is essential for humans and poverty is preventing them from drinking clean water. If I am one of the children whom get to use the water filters, I would be very thankful because I will feel safe drinking water rather than having to feel unsafe and worried drinking unclean water.

Timothy :)'s curator insight, February 1, 2013 4:35 AM

Wow, that is wonderful. :)

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..:: Child Poverty in Asia ::..

..:: Child Poverty in Asia ::.. | Poverty Assignment  by_Alif | Scoop.it

Via Thaqiv Idraqie
Alif's insight:

After reading through the article, I realised that religion affects those people living in poverty especially in India. Their caste system affects them since they only could do the kind of works that their older generation did to contribute. This prevented their future generations whom may have better talents or intelligence from obtaining a better job. All their generations will suffer the same consequences together with all the other people living in the same province.With their total contribution not even sufficient to help the country, the government may not take into consideration of improving that certain province. This will prevent the province to even developed slightly. The only way for them to improve their lives is to ignore the caste system. Either they follow religion or culture and not have a better life or forget culture to have a slightly better life. I belive this is something the government have to take serious consideration since India contributes the most number of poor people in the world.

Yu Bixun's curator insight, February 2, 2013 8:52 AM

I can see that about two-third of the world's poorest people are from Asia. India had more than three hundred million of people living in poverty which is the greatest in the world. And because of this, many are uneducated with more time spent on fishing instead of studying. I think that wars are the main contributions to poverty as wars destroyed many farms, crops, settlements and people which caused many to be living in poverty. I think the children who are fishing or playing should attend schools as education can help them end their poverty state. People who are not in poverty state, we should excel in our studies and work hard in it as we are very lucky to be studying with proper education to look for job when we grow up. I wonder if regaining back their farms, industries and settlements could end their poverty state.

L.tak poon's curator insight, February 2, 2013 9:12 AM


Form the above picture, i can see that there is an adult with 3 children in the picture taken above.It is pretty clear that the people above do not come form a wealthy family.Their clothing tells me that there are in a poor state of living..(see)

The children and the in the picture above did not smile when the picture is taken which i think that they are not happy. It may probally because needs are not met for their daily living.(think)

I wonder what there real problem is, weather is it because of money or other matter. I wonder if the goverment or anyone could help them in anyways.(wonder)

Tan Yang Heng Terence's curator insight, February 2, 2013 9:18 AM

After reading this article, i realised another factor leading to poverty in India. It is the Hinduism belief of caste system in India. It is the main religion in India. India have the most amount of people living in poverty in a countrycomparing to the rest of the countries. Almost all of them living in poverty earned less than $1 a day. Long hours of work and effort is put to that $1 that does not seems much in our eyes. 522 millions of people of India are suffering this unbearable situation. This system prevents many people from trying to break their poverty. It is very unfair as not everyone is given a chance to start out equal. Why does the poverty of the previous generation have to burden the future generations? However, a stop to such practise is equivalent to the lost of the culture. Thus, they will never have a chance to break poverty. They will be continue to be despise by others at the top of the caste system. It is such injustice. 

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Government Ministers are in Denial About Food Poverty

Government Ministers are in Denial About Food Poverty | Poverty Assignment  by_Alif | Scoop.it
I talked to a constituent who had a stroke and is on benefit. After paying all his bills, he's left with just £12 a week - less than £2 a day - to spend on food.

Via BendyGirl
Alif's insight:

 I did not know that the seventh richest economy country in the world can face food poverty. People's earnings are not even enough to feed themselves and have leftover money for other daily necessities. People rely on food banks which may continue forever since they are not earning anything suppling food to those in need of food. The food bank will not be a permanant solution and if I would be on of those poverty people in need of food due to lack of money, I would be thankful to the food banks but somehow think of what will happen to me if no one would be suppling any more food.

Chan Jia Yi's curator insight, February 3, 2013 1:59 AM

I feel that the Government ministers are very irresposible. As the head of the country, the government ministers should try their best to meet the people's needs instead of blaming it on the rising price. Before i read this article, i thought that being in the 'seventh richest economy in the world' meant that everyone living the country are rich and that they could afford alot more things than us. However i realise that, actually even people living in those countries also have problems like these. I feel that it was very kind and generous of the volunteers from the charity and community groups to provide food for those who cannot afford. Why is food poverty happening in developed countries? If this continues, I think that the world economy will fall apart.

Jovan Chua's curator insight, February 4, 2013 8:42 AM

Being the leaders of a developed country where something like this should not happen, the ministers should not be more irresponible as they are the people who are tasked to run their country properly. One of the reasos fr this problem may be that governent ministers, being very well off may never have experienced poverty before and they may not think much of it.

Bharath Gessian's curator insight, February 4, 2013 8:54 AM

Britain are the seventh richest colony and i thought there would be no poor people but I was shocked by this scoop when i was reading it the first time. Its way worse than what i thought and hopefullythere are charities, community group and people who still care for all these pathetic people. The people who worked for the goverment were shocked,dissapointed and disgusted. Though the goverment did not say this, but it shows that the country does not have a right leader who does his job right and lead the country in the right way. I would really like to thank the charity and community for their help. Why are there poverty in developed and rich countries? What will happen to the world economy if this continues?