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Realizing Your Dreams and Goals

Realizing our dreams and accomplishing our goals can happen much faster if we employ these 3 important keys.

Via Cynthia Chia, Poon Ying Ying, Jasmine Goh
Jaslyn Si Jia's insight:

After reading the article, I see that dreaming wouldn't help in achieving our goals and dreams but instead hard work does. In order to achieve our desired goals, we should work hard for it, for if no work is done, goals that we desire to get may be hard to come by. The article which shows techniques in achieving our desires are really helpful and I do hope that people actually uses these few techniques to actually work towards drawing their goals towards themselves. I wonder if people who use these techniques actually had the patience and perseverance (if it takes a long time to achieve the goal) to work towards their long awaited goals.

Kyle Tan's curator insight, July 1, 2013 1:53 PM

I can see that if anyone wants to realize their dreams and goals, a lot of hard work must be done. All of us have dreams but we shouldn't just be dreaming to achieve it, we must work towards it. Goals cannot be achieved if they do not work for it. I think that the techniques shown are very useful for people to use to accomplish their goals. These could help many people realise what they could only dream of having. I wonder if there are even more methods to realise what we want to achieve.

Poon Ying Ying's curator insight, July 2, 2013 12:29 PM

Using the See-Think-Wonder route, i can see that in order to achieve our goals and turn our dreams into reality, we can not just sit at around and think or talk about it. A miracle will not happen just by wishing for it to happen, however we should work hard towards our goals and consistently close up the gap between a dream and reality. We should be determined about attaining our goals and have passion to be willing to work hard. To achieve our goals and dreams, we have to take 3 important moves. First, we have to be clear what define our dreams and goals. Take note of what actions have to be taken and write down clearly to always remind and motivate yourself. Secondly, you have to start taking actions. Now that you are clear about the steps to take, you will have to act them out. Work towards the right direction and make every act of yours productive. Lastly, you will have to draw the distance of your dream closer to you.

I think that it is complicated to think about doing all these to achieve our goals, but once we start to work towards our dreams, it will be much simple. Also i think it is not easy to work towards our dreams, but it is rather easy talking about acting it out and end up procrastinating, which is commonly seen. Therefore we all will need lots of determination and passion in order to take action. I feel that it is true about noting down our goals and steps to take, that is a reminder and motivation for us.

However i wonder how long will it take on average to reach our goals, if it require a very long period of time, how will people manage to persevere on? Will people get thoughts of giving up on the way towards their dreams because they are too tired pushing themselves to the limit? And how will they usually reject all the negatives thought and continue working hard?

Jasmine Goh's curator insight, July 2, 2013 6:12 PM

This article has clarified the factors leading to the realization of reaching possibilities. There are many factors that add up to achieving our dreams and goals. Some of which are being positive, willing to sacrifice and having the determination to succeed. However, after reading this article, there more more important aspects that help us realize our goals. First, we have to be clear of what we want to do. We have to know what exactly we want to accomplish, and involve our feelings in it so that we will be able to experience it on an emotional level. Secondly, we have to make adjustments and be flexible to go in the correct direction of being successful. Lastly, we have to change our perspective of attracting our dreams to us, and visualize ourselves in the future. These factors have really changed my mindset and influenced me to pursue my dreams.

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The Depressing Truth About Kids And Fat Prejudice

The Depressing Truth About Kids And Fat Prejudice | Possibilities,Conflict and Prejudice_Si Jia | Scoop.it
Fat prejudice isn't limited to the adults leading Abercrombie & Fitch and the tabloid industry. According to a new study out of the University of Leeds, children as young as four have internalized the idea that overweight means bad.
Jaslyn Si Jia's insight:

From this article, I realized that not only adults but even young children of 4 to 7 years old are judging that being overweight is bad and that these overweight people are less likely to achieve a result in life, like, winning races etc., and that most children won't accept the friendship between themselves and a overweight child. Not only will prejudice act on others, but it will also act on themselves via the surrounding things that influences them. I feel that everyone shouldn't judge overweight people in the way most people are doing it, but instead they should accept these overweight people and not judge their appearance but their character. I wonder why people judge overweight people in this way and whether there are any plans to help people around the world to understand and stop these unfair judgments.

Jacob Ng's curator insight, July 1, 2013 9:29 AM

From this article i can see that nowadays kids think that being fat or overweight is bad.Due to the media, social network and/or their friends. These kids have been influenced and have internalised the thought that beign fat is bad.This is called fat prejudice. Due to fat prejudice, many fat kids are also discriminated in school and when they are around their friends. I think that this has to be stopped so that there would not be so any social problems happening to people.I think we should just accept each other for who we are and also to know that being fat is not necessarily bad. I wonder what will happen to these kids if the prejudice goes on.Would they choose to solve the problem using suicide or any other way that will not result to death.

Xinghui's comment, July 1, 2013 2:22 PM
From this article, i can tell people all over the world have been sensitive about being obese. They are constantly worrying about how they look, how people will see them, how they dress etc. I believe many girls fear about getting judged and no doubt, people say we all live in a judgmental society. I felt ridiculous when a kid as young as 4 have the idea that being overweight means bad. Your appearance does not determine your personality and your attitude. It isn't all about being 'skinny' and 'in shape' as "Nobody's Perfect". I realized that people all over the globe has been trying to chase perfection. I strongly feel that they should stop and be comfortable with the way they look. I wonder what is keeping people from being satisfied with their body weight/ size. Will people continue to have that idea about being obese?
Kyle Tan's curator insight, July 1, 2013 2:28 PM

In this article, I can see that even kids are thinking that being fat is bad. This is due to many influences arround them like social media, influence from family and friends. I think that this prejudice should stop. People who are overweight are people too, they have feelings and they will feel hurt if someone were to tell them that being fat is bad. I wonder what will happen if this prejudice goes on.

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Case Study: Sri Lanka - Conflict and Harmony in Multi-Ethnic Societies - Resource Guides at National Library, Singapore

Case Study: Sri Lanka - Conflict and Harmony in Multi-Ethnic Societies - Resource Guides at National Library, Singapore | Possibilities,Conflict and Prejudice_Si Jia | Scoop.it
This LibGuide explores the following themes: 1. causes and effects of conflict in a multi-ethnic society (case studies of Northern Ireland and Sri Lanka and 2. challenges in resolving ethnic conflicts.

Via NeoJiaLing, Chan Loveshislife, Cynthia Chia, Tammy Sim
Jaslyn Si Jia's insight:

After reading this article, i learnt that there is a conflict between the Tamils and Sinhalese, which took place in Sri Lanka and lasted for over more than 100 years. As the Sinhalese have many benefits like, more job offers and further education opportunities, which the Tamils are unhappy about, thus conflicts between the two ethnic groups started.

I feel that the two ethnic groups shouldn't use violence to solve their problems. Its not worth it to get people injured or killed just to have that problem evened out. Both should talk to each other what their are unhappy about and give in to each other.

I wonder why they want to pursue the matter for such a long time.

Jasmine Goh's curator insight, July 2, 2013 6:56 PM

I have learnt that there was a conflict between the Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka which lasted for 100 years. This article tells me that the conflict was due to Tamil minority, where the Sinhalese had more job and education opportunities. The Tamils resented the Sinhalese and felt unhappy about the way they were treated. The conflict has lead to several riots and many were killed and injured.
I feel that people should not use violence to resolve problems as it does not benefit anyone, instead, it brings more problems and also affects others. People should talk things out nicely and sometimes give in to the other party.
I wonder how people are about to create problems out of a small matter due to their pride and ego.

Ameer Artsyrup's curator insight, July 5, 2013 1:59 PM

After reading this article, I believe that in order for a country to achieve progress, social, economical and political stability, it has to first achieve muti-ethnic harmony. this is true as different races in a country need to work in cohesion in order to benefit both the country and themselves. This can be seen as Singapore has gone through much progress since the racial riots end. However if racial instability has struck a multi-ethnic country, this will create a lot of problems for the country like major riots and civil wars. this will cause the country to fall in economical and political terms. This can be seen in Sri Lanka as it went through civil war which killed more than 100000 people. This war greatly affect Sri Lanka's economy and causes a major political instability in the country. Due to this, I believe that a country multi-ethnic country must achieve racial harmony in order to benefit everyone.

Evelynkoh's curator insight, July 5, 2013 4:23 PM

Peace and harmony , don't everyone want to stay that way forever? Thats why i seriously wonder , why would people want to start wars , destroying their paradise. In every country's road to success , there must be lots and lots of ups and downs , between its neighboring countries and even between their own people. We're all living in the 21st century , why would we still think in that manner that violence will solve everything? It never will , it will just make the matter worse and cause it to affect a larger amount of people and to last for an even longer period of time. The matter may start of small but because of the use of violence , the matter will start to enlarge and then it would not only be in-between the people who started the matter but the whole country. It will then be reflected badly on the race of the people and also the country. Bit by bit everything will start to fall. Therefore , to me i wonder , why would people want to make things that are simple into things that are so complicated that will cause major damages?

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Seeing Possibilities

Seeing Possibilities | Possibilities,Conflict and Prejudice_Si Jia | Scoop.it
You are today where your thoughts have brought you & you will be tomorrow where your thoughts will lead you. Engage in the future when seeing possibilities.

Via John Michel
Jaslyn Si Jia's insight:

After reading this article, I realized that positive attitude is needed to determine the life we're living in and also the possibilities that we can achieve. Many people may be affected in their life due to the negative thoughts and attitude that they have, if they had positive attitude in all the things they do, they would live a better life and discover things that they might have never discovered before. These positive attitude and thoughts leads to finding even more possibilities and lead us to the right path onto our future.

vengaadesh's curator insight, July 2, 2013 6:18 PM

From this article I can see that attitude is a very important factor in realizing in reaching the possibilities. When we want to do something we must do it with a positive thought that way we will be able to achieve what we want to. Thus what we think is what we become so if we think positively the results would be a positive one and if we think negatively in the result would be a negative one. I would conclude that attitude is everything.

Teo J-lyn's curator insight, July 3, 2013 8:23 AM

I can see that when people are awlays being exposed to negative thoughts and information, they tend to make bad choices due to their negative thoughts, affecting the way he or she lead their life. This cause people to feel demoralised , which will also affect the way they think.Thus, it is important to think positive, and see the brighter side of life. This will allow people to strive towards their goal, and have their desired outcome. I think attitude plays a important role in the way we think. i wonder why do people not think the positive side of life.

Coven Chong Weng's curator insight, July 5, 2013 12:09 PM

From this article, i realise that with the right attitude, we can come up with all different kind of outcome in some situations. If your attitude is positive for everything, everything might just turn out the way that you want it. However if you have a negative attitude, things will not go the way you want it to and it might get even worse. Thus, i wonder why some people dont think with a positive attitude.

Rescooped by Jaslyn Si Jia from Possibilities, Conflict and Prejudice_Tammy Sim

The Global Search for Education: More from Singapore | Education News

The Global Search for Education: More from Singapore | Education News | Possibilities,Conflict and Prejudice_Si Jia | Scoop.it

C.M. Rubin talks with Dr.Pak Tee Ng, Singapore education leader, regarding the globally respected education system in Singapore and the reasons for its success (Insights from Singapore on its globally respected education system

Via Lynnette Van Dyke, Leong Kin Wai, Tammy Sim
Jaslyn Si Jia's insight:

The Ministry of Education gives out a good education system which benefits students and engages them in learning about the happenings around them and prepares them for a better future. Many young adults are inspired to become teachers and lessons taught by teachers are interesting and engaging. This action can help motivate students and others to be hard working and obtain their desired results, but being a teacher might not be as easy as it seems as there are many things which they need to, like, preparing for the lesson to be taught beforehand to precise detail so that students are able to learn better and also handling behaviors of students who are hard to engage in the lesson, rowdy, disturbing or even mischievous.  Which makes me wonder what will happen if the current status turns around, with students willing to learn but are unable to due to the poorly handled education system.

Jia Wei's curator insight, June 28, 2013 4:37 AM

This scoop reflect Singapore's education in the global community. The Ministry Of Education worked hard to promote creative learning in school's of Singapore. Students are mostly motivated by their surrounding like their teachers and parents. The education system in singapore is fair to everyone, it dosen't matter they come from a rich or poor family, the rich no not recieve any special privilege and the poor do not get ostracized. Singapore students are taught to face society at a pretty young age, this way they do not have to fear working. In this equalized society, Singapore is aknowledged globally for their education, i wonder what is singapore's next breakthrough.

Merci Goh's curator insight, June 28, 2013 11:04 AM

Using the See-Think-Wonder Routine... 

I See that Singapore Is Globally known as one of the Countries that are Top in Education. Example, Singapore is known 4th for Science and 2nd in Mathematics. I can also see that the MOE [Ministry Of Education] has also put in extra work to help Singaporeans Education and giving a fair education to both the rich and the poor.

I think that having inspired teachers to help motivate the students and make the lessons more interesting is really impotant for students as it helps them to have a better understanding about the subjects. I think Students are starting to lose their motivation in studying because of the High tectnology and video games that are gaining more attention from them.

I wonder... So what if we have inspired teachers? Will the Students still be motivated to learn? I wonder if education is not fairly given to pupils what will happen between the rich and the poor?

Joycelyn ت✡'s curator insight, July 1, 2013 5:20 PM

Singapore is a global community with a good education system. The articles tell us the views of Dr. Pak Tee Ng on some questions. Singapore school system keeps students engaged in learning. Teachers are inspired to teach and their lessons are interesting. They motivate students to work harder and achieve greater results. I think that being a teacher is not easy as we have a lot of things to handle, example, students’ behaviors. Some students may be mischievous and disrespectful. With Singapore’s education system, students cultivate their interest in learning to have a brighter future for themselves. I wonder how Singapore would be like if we had a poor education system.