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Rowing to success - The Guardian Charlottetown

Rowing to success - The Guardian Charlottetown | Possibilities Assignment_Teoh Jun Fang | Scoop.it
Rowing to success
The Guardian Charlottetown
“We decided to start a business so we started going through the steps to get to that end goal.

Via Ramanaan s/o Suresan
Teoh Jun Fang's insight:

(See-Think-Wonder) From this article, I can see that the three brothers,all entrepreneur, that opens a launch kayak and paddleboard rental business at Charlottetown waterfront because they aspire and believe that they will succeed. I think the main reason they can succeed in their business is because they have a goal and end in mind. They have already planned everything and got ready before opening the launch. These factors of being prepared and have a goal in mind will bring them towards a successful path as the factors are the important steps to start a business. The brother also have passion for water sports. With passion, they will be successful in everything they do because they will not give up that easy. I wonder if there are any challenges they faced and caused them to want to give up before?

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Rescooped by Teoh Jun Fang from Inspiring Small Business Success Stories

Gifts To Go: A Small Business Success Story

Gifts To Go: A Small Business Success Story | Possibilities Assignment_Teoh Jun Fang | Scoop.it

 - The best decision I made was to move into the retail business incubator.
 - I was able to get a site up and running fairly quickly, but it was far less than what I had imagined it to be...What did I learn? Spending large sums of money can be intimidating, but if it is spent on quality work, it is completely worth it.
 - I thought continuous effort would solve a problem; the gift that Gifts To Go has given me is the ability to stop working even in the midst of a problem. Most times a night’s sleep or a morning’s shower will produce the elusive answer.
 - Look for the least expensive way to start building a customer base, and getting both your name and your company’s name in the public arena. And don’t hesitate to talk to and help other business owners.

Via Ashok Ramachandran
Teoh Jun Fang's insight:

(See-Think-Wonder) From this article, I can see that this entrepreneur has worked very hard to achieve her goals. Although she did not know how to start a business at first, she still tried and got her business running quite well eventually. After reading this article, I think that being successful is not about how successful a person is. But it is about how a person overcome and face the difficulty and challenges he or she encounter in a business. When starting a business, I feel that one should also be patient in order to be able to see the results. Otherwise, not only the results will not be seen, but one will also lose its career. Hardwork will eventually be paid off hence i think that no matter how many times a person fail, he or she should keep trying. Similarly, in the article, the entrepreneur was not afraid to fail. She started the business with not having much knowledge about how to start a business. However with her determination, she succeed and excel in her business. I wonder how she overcome and endure through all these hardships?

Ashok Ramachandran's curator insight, May 23, 2013 4:23 AM

Valuable tips from a successful small business owner who has "been there done that".

Wan Ting Wong's curator insight, June 26, 2013 1:40 AM

This article is about an entrepreneur who have put in the effort to set up her business and shares about how she made her buisness a success. I can see from this article that she puts in the effort to research on the factors needed to set up a business and set realistic goals as a form of motivation to meet the goals and make her business successful.I learnt from this article that it is possible for everyone to succeed only if one could put in the effort and have patience to carry on. Overcoming obstacles would be easy if one invests enough time and money on certain areas of the business. I wonder how people could have long term perserverance even if the business is off to a rough start.