Four Year Plan to Build a Sustainable PLE for RTT-D | Personalize Learning | Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports:  Oakland County |

The RTT-D competition allows for building a sustainable Personalized Learning System over a four year period. We know it takes at least four years to make real change. Personalizing learning can incorporate many of your existing initiatives or a redesign of a combination of what you are doing. In some cases, it will be a complete redesign.


This takes a process, a common language that everyone understands, a shared vision that involves all stakeholders, and an action plan detailing the steps to transform teaching and learning. We designed a four year plan that supports teaching and leading in the application. We work closely with your leadership team to integrate our services across the four year plan.


If all stakeholders in the community create a sustainable shared vision of personalized learning that encourages creativity and engagement with learners who take responsibility for their learning, then the implementation of the vision and plan over a four year period will work for every learner so they are college- and career-ready.


Let us support you in building a sustainable Personalized Learning Environment (PLE)!

Via Kathleen McClaskey