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Possible instructions for educators on how they can work together with the learners. Knowing the tools for 21st Century Learning is primordial to give quality courses. 


One very important knowledge who needs to get taught is “Critical Thinking”; it brings out also new ideas and the courage to become an engager and helps to try to build a better world in both worlds: “Real World” and “Virtual World” (Internet)!


Can YOU drive a car (and this also safely) ONLY by getting theoretical courses and advice? YOU would surprise me, seriously, a BIG LOL for that. So how YOU will expect that someone could surf secure with his computer as it is “visually seen” the “vehicle” with whom users are driving on the “Data High Way” (Internet)!???


There is a need for practice, how!?


Find out more ideas, critical thinking and practice:



Via Gust MEES, Mário Reis