7 Websites For Science Questions & Answers For The Scientific Spirit | Politically Incorrect | Scoop.it

"The web is the Grand Oracle. It sees all and answers all. I wish we had the educational and self-learning edge it gives to today’s generation. In a snap, you can tap it to ask anything about the world we live in, and generally it is pretty accurate answering back. Perhaps, apart from the ‘question of life’ it can answer anything. Who knows, someone might come up with that answer too in due time. But for now, from the purely scientific point of view, you can ask away about life sciences…and all the associated disciplines.
We have our own platform for questions and answers, and that’s where a reader asked us about some good websites on questions related to science, particularly physics and chemistry? He got the help he needed. Perhaps, with the help of this post and the seven websites mentioned here, you will too...."

Via Maria Margarida Correia, Shayne Swift, NikolaosKourakos, Lynnette Van Dyke, Lou Salza, Sakis Koukouvis