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Washington Criminal Justice Schools – WA

Washington Criminal Justice Schools – WA | Police Officer | Scoop.it
Research top Washington criminal justice degree schools and request information from the best colleges and universities in WA to start earning your degree.

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In Washington there are a lot of great colleges that provide the best criminal justice and law programs. its a really good thing that there are nearby colleges so that i dont need to leave home or my family and move to another state

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This Website gives you a list of all the Colleges, Community colleges, tech schools, and universitys in Washington state that offer an associates degree in Criminal justice. It's also talking about what the main universitys offer in the program and what you will be learning and how you learn it.

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What it takes to become a Police Officer

What it takes to become a Police Officer | Police Officer | Scoop.it

Police Officer


The police officers were by far the most entertaining presentation. John Gilbert demonstrated what he does in his everyday life and what it takes to become a police officer. He told us how he approaches people when they have committed a crime and told us to be calm at any time in any situation. John Gilbert told us how he had become a cop and the adventures and tasks he had gone throughout his journey. He told us about the force wheel and how that helps them manage certain circumstances and situations that they deal with. To become a police officer you have to be in very good shape and need 2 years post-secondary education. The wages that police officers get paid is also a great amount of money. For a starting police officer they make $44 an hour, then when they get promoted and get there badge and they make a wage of $53 an hour. After 4 years of being a certified police officer you can make up to $83,000 which is incredible considering the average income is $46,000 a year! The hours are also good as days and afternoons are only 10 hour shifts and nights are only 8 hour shifts. Police officer looks like a very interesting and exciting job and after this presentation it made me consider this as a career.

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Police officers do have an interesting and fun job because there always on adventures on the streets helping and keeping everybody safe from danger. And they get paid well which is good because i want to get paid like them. The day and night shifts arent bad at all because its practically the same as any other job.

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being a officer is a really fun job but you always have to be focused. The pay is also pretty good too. I am really considering this as a career.

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This is the career im looking toward as my future job. Although i wont be a Poloce officer persay i want to join WSP, Washington State Patrol, up in District 6 and im really looking forward to training and the experince of being in Law Enforcement.

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Top Criminal Justice Programs in Texas

Top Criminal Justice Programs in Texas | Police Officer | Scoop.it
Texas is home to some of the top schools in the United States and certainly has a fair share of top criminal justice colleges. Each year, about 6,400 students graduate with the criminal justice degree in Texas.

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This might be one of my choices for a college to go to ven though i dont want to leave Washington, schools in texas have a high number of students that graduate from the schools and get there degrees in criminal justice.

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how to become a police officer

how to become a police officer | Police Officer | Scoop.it

Application Process


1. Review Reinhardt University Police Academy Entrance Standards


2.Obtain the following required documents:


 Official high school/ GED transcript.

(Sealed Official Copies Only)

 Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended whether the applicant graduated or not (Sealed Official Copies Only)

 Original high school / GED diploma (required in addition to transcript)

 Original college diploma for highest degree earned (required in addition to transcript)

 Original birth certificate or certified copy with raised seal

 Certified Georgia driver’s history obtained from Georgia Department of Driver Services for the last 7 years

 Certified driver’s history from any other state that applicant has held a license in during the last 10 years

 Original or certified copy of DD-214 (member 4 version)

 Required if applicants served in the U.S. Armed Forces

Valid Georgia drivers licenseSocial Security Card

 Other documentation is required for naturalized U.S. Citizens (contact Phyllis May for details).


3. Once required documents have been obtained, contact Phyllis May at 770-720-5925 or by email at pjm@reinhardt.eduto schedule an appointment.


4. Bring all required documents to the scheduled meeting. An initial review of applicant qualifications will be conducted and remaining processes will be explained.


Applicants are highly encouraged to begin this process at least 15 weeks prior to start date. Please see Course Schedule.


Contact Phyllis May with questions and to schedule an initial appointment.


PJM@reinhardt.edu Print Out Application Process

Reinhardt University
North Fulton Center
4100 Old Milton Parkway
Alpharetta, Georgia 30005


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yayyyyyy cops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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I actualy found this really interesting and really helpful.