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Police Officer


The police officers were by far the most entertaining presentation. John Gilbert demonstrated what he does in his everyday life and what it takes to become a police officer. He told us how he approaches people when they have committed a crime and told us to be calm at any time in any situation. John Gilbert told us how he had become a cop and the adventures and tasks he had gone throughout his journey. He told us about the force wheel and how that helps them manage certain circumstances and situations that they deal with. To become a police officer you have to be in very good shape and need 2 years post-secondary education. The wages that police officers get paid is also a great amount of money. For a starting police officer they make $44 an hour, then when they get promoted and get there badge and they make a wage of $53 an hour. After 4 years of being a certified police officer you can make up to $83,000 which is incredible considering the average income is $46,000 a year! The hours are also good as days and afternoons are only 10 hour shifts and nights are only 8 hour shifts. Police officer looks like a very interesting and exciting job and after this presentation it made me consider this as a career.