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But how realistic is it that the US States will actually operate, Nevada seems to be likely to be the first with online poker, but most realistically 7-10 months away from operational and still lawmakers there are not 100% certain that they are able to do it at State level!


Since the US DOJ announced its outright ban on Internet gambling, states are scrambling to figure out what the decision might mean for them.


California, Illinois, Iowa, New York and New Jersey are among other states that are expected to move quickly to get in on the action. That is precisely what Nevada has done, but Nevada put some pieces in place before the ruling in a way that some of the other states have not done and they are still some way off going online.


No one really knows for sure how many Americans gamble online or how much revenue states will be able to collect if it is legal. The American Gaming Association figures that worldwide, online gambling generates $30 billion a year. The group figures that states could collect up to $2 billion in tax revenue if online poker were legalized.