THQ CEO is looking to do a turn-around, VentureBeat | Poker & eGaming News |

The THQ  stock price has plummeted and 118 people recently had to leave THQ, one of the most well-known game developers in te world. Last years, ending March 31 2012, revenues were 831 MUSD and 240 MUSD in loss.


A major failure explaining the outstanding losses for the game developer problems are related to last years investments in hardware and software for the console concept uDraw: Never heard about it, well that's why it failed.


THQ have well-known titles like Warhammer 40 000, Company of Heroes (done by in-house studio Relic) and recently announced Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC for EA Sports. THQ also is a publisher of Homefront developed by Crytek and another game done by Turtle Rock (creators of Left 4 Dead).