Germany’s Mybet Holdings thinks it can make money in its home country’s new gambling-unfriendly regulatory environment, though it may have to push things along in court, said president Mathias Dahms.

Most of Germany’s states have passed a package of gambling rules that leave out online poker and casino and impose a 5 percent tax on betting wagers that companies such as William Hill and 188Bet say is unworkable.


Mybet and some rivals that are staying in the market plan to pass that tax on to customers, which will lead to “minimal negative effect” on earnings, the company said.


The Schleswig-Holstein-based operator will also challenge some of what it believes are rules that violate European Union or German law, Dahms said.


“There will be issues with advertising regulations which will be unacceptable to us, and we will go to court again,” Dahms told GamblingCompliance on Wednesday. “It’s getting to be a normal operation for us.”