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Poetry for inspiration
Opening of Soul through Poetry
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Rescooped by MARY HELEN FERRIS from Awakenings: America & Beyond

Awakenings: Beauty of America: Lighthouses

Awakenings: Beauty of America: Lighthouses | Poetry for inspiration | Scoop.it

Lighthouses have been the sentinels, the protectors, of shoreline after shoreline for centuries upon centuries. In the beginning, these were not 'houses' at all but instead simply bonfires built on hillsides as beacons to guide ships. Many a seafaring vessel would have crashed upon the rocks had it not been for the angel of light shining through the darkest of night or penetrating the thickest fog. Throughout history, the lighthouse has cast mysterious auras, sometimes romantic and often times echoing a ghostly resonance.

Via Sharla Shults

this writer and her subject of lighthouses   is pure poetry to me....thanks Sharla Schultz

Sharla Shults's curator insight, March 20, 2013 11:57 PM

Have you ever vacationed or lived near a lighthouse? If so, did you sense its romanticism or feel a ghostly presence?

Marilyn Armstrong's curator insight, March 21, 2013 12:19 AM

New England has so many beautiful lighthouses ... all up and down the coast.

Rescooped by MARY HELEN FERRIS from 4businessand life

Awakenings: Pre-Christmas Cheer

Awakenings: Pre-Christmas Cheer | Poetry for inspiration | Scoop.it

Let's get into the soul of Christmas with song: What better way to spread joyful news than through music! As you watch and listen to the first video, keep in mind its purpose is to stir the heart and lift the spirit as we enter the Christmas season.

Via Sharla Shults, MARY HELEN FERRIS
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