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Personalized learning has been discussed, analyzed and debated among educators from every perspective. In most cases, we agree that student voice and choice is a key ingredient in creating personalized learning environments. Last spring, a senior from Kettle Moraine School District was invited to be a guest blogger on The Institute @ CESA #1 blog to share her thoughts about personalized learning. Gillian Locke, a senior at KM Global Charter School, shared her perspective on the advantages she had in participating in a personalized learning environment and in owning her learning. 


Here is just one excerpt from this insightful blog:


"Unlike most seniors in high school, I have the freedom to choose what I want to do when I wake up each morning. I am not limited to an 8 hour bell schedule like my peers, nor does my learning stop when I drive off the high school parking lot at 2:30 pm."


Thank you Gillian for giving a student voice to personalized learning.


Via Kathleen McClaskey