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Fox News: Two years of testing and trapping have shown that an invasive species that led to vineyard quarantines across Northern California and threatened the state's wine industry has been eradicated...


The European grapevine moth managed to destroy an entire Napa County vineyard's crop at peak harvest time before anyone recognized the new invader in September 2009. Detection of the moth - one of the grape industry's most feared pests - triggered an aggressive state and federal eradication campaign to keep it from taking hold.

Intensive spraying and a quarantine that restricted movement of fruit and equipment failed to contain the voracious eater, which quickly spread into neighboring Sonoma County. A year later the moth spread to the southern Central Valley, before spreading out to the coast and a small area of the Sierra foothills.

Nobody yet knows how the moth got here, though some suspect it hitchhiked in on smuggled grapevine cuttings.

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