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Photo: J. Martin, Spain


New addition to the EPPO Alert list: Zigzag elm sawfly Aproceros leucopoda (Hymenoptera: Argidae). 


Severe defoliation and branch dieback of native and non-native elms in central Europe caused by an East-Asian sawfly Aproceros leucopoda has been reported several times in last years. The pest is a multivoltine species having four generations per year with female populations reproducing by parthenogenesis.


Due to its observation already in 10 countries in the region it is very likely that A. leucopoda is able to establish in the centre and south of the EPPO region where cultivated or wild elms are grown.


Considering that the abundance of elm trees has dramatically declined in Europe over the last decades due to Dutch elm disease and the fact that the new pest has a high potential for spread and damage, the EPPO Secretariat decided to add A. leucopoda to the EPPO Alert List.