Stimulating talks from the International Conference on Arabidopsis Research | Plant molecular Biology and biotechnology |

As usual the ICAR meeting has been full of fascinating talks and new ideas. The full abstract book is available on line here

Here are links to a few topics that are particularly novel, exciting, or otherwise just interesting:


Proto-oncogenes and de novo gene birth ( Not a plant talk, but a fascinating model of where new genes come, from studies in yeast. Proto-genes are genes being born; after they die they become pseudogenes.


The power of small molecules for genetic disection - (chemical biology) - probing the endomembrane system through chemical biology, by Natasha Raikhel. Here's their latest Annu Rev article: (


Jonathan Jones and Marie-Cecile Caillaud talked about oomycete pathogens of Arabidopsis and how effectors like to move into the nucleus - here's a taste (


Jenny Russinova and Mark Estelle both talked about using fluorescently-tagged molecules to look at hormone and hormone receptor dynamics. Here's a BR analogue: ( Estelle described studies using a fluorescently labeled GA.


 And, here's a very exciting integrative biology post-doc opportunity at VIB in Gent, Belgium

Via Mary Williams