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Scooped by Maria Sol!

'Blight resistant potato' ready for cultivation - The Eastern Tribune

'Blight resistant potato' ready for cultivation - The Eastern Tribune | Plant-microbe Ecology |
'Blight resistant potato' ready for cultivation
The Eastern Tribune
This research started in 2010, scientists started genetic mutation of potatoes by adding a gene from South American Potato.
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Rescooped by Maria Sol from Colletotrichum!

Overexpression of a novel biotrophy-specific Colletotrichum truncatum effector, CtNUDIX, in hemibiotrophic fungal phytopathogens causes incompatibility with their host plants.

The hemibiotrophic fungus Colletotrichum truncatum causes anthracnose disease on lentil, and few other grain legumes. It shows an initial symptomless intracellular growth wherein colonized host cells remain viable (biotrophy) and then switches to necrotrophic growth killing the colonized host plant tissues. We herein report a novel effector gene CtNUDIX from C. truncatum that exclusively expresses during the late-biotrophic phase (before the switch to necrotrophy) and elicits a hypersensitive response (HR)-like cell death in tobacco leaves transiently expressing the effector. CtNUDIX homologs, which contain a signal peptide and a Nudix hydrolase domain, may be unique to hemibiotrophic fungal and fungus-like plant pathogens. CtNUDIX lacking a signal peptide or a Nudix motif failed to induce cell death in tobacco. Expression of CtNUDIX:eGFP in tobacco suggested that the fusion protein might act on the host cell plasma membrane. Overexpression of CtNUDIX in C. truncatum and the rice blast pathogen, Magnaporthe oryzae resulted in incompatibility with hosts lentil and barley, respectively, by causing a HR-like response in infected host cells associated with the biotrophic invasive hyphae. These results suggest that C. truncatum and possibly M. oryzae elicits cell death to signal the transition from biotrophy to necrotrophy.

Via Serenella A Sukno
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