Plant Gene Seeker -PGS
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Plant Gene Seeker -PGS
Absolutely Fascinated for plant & genomes
Curated by Andres Zurita
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Rescooped by Andres Zurita from Open Science!

We have already paid for science: we should enjoy it for free

We have already paid for science: we should enjoy it for free | Plant Gene Seeker -PGS |

Most scientific research is publicly funded, and yet we have to pay to access it. This absurd situation should not be allowed to continue. (...) - Magazine Ouishare, by Sara Rodriguez Marin, 25 February 2015

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Tree of Science's curator insight, March 30, 2015 11:58 AM

Promote #openaccess for #openscience, #openresearch. and more generally #openknowledge.

Rescooped by Andres Zurita from visual data!

High-Resolution Maps of Science

High-Resolution Maps of Science | Plant Gene Seeker -PGS |

'Maps of science derived from citation data visualize the relationships among scholarly publications or disciplines. They are valuable instruments for exploring the structure and evolution of scholarly activity. Much like early world charts, these maps of science provide an overall visual perspective of science as well as a reference system that stimulates further exploration. However, these maps are also significantly biased due to the nature of the citation data from which they are derived: existing citation databases overrepresent the natural sciences; substantial delays typical of journal publication yield insights in science past, not present; and connections between scientific disciplines are tracked in a manner that ignores informal cross-fertilization..'

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