Annual Review of Phytopathology: Volume 50, 2012 | Plant Defense Compounds |

• Stagonospora nodorum: From Pathology to Genomics and Host Resistance Richard P. Oliver, Timothy L. Friesen, Justin D. Faris, and Peter S. Solomon

• Pathogenomics of the Ralstonia solanacearum Species Complex Stéphane Genin and Timothy P. Denny

• The Genomics of Obligate (and Nonobligate) Biotrophs Pietro D. Spanu

• Genome-Enabled Perspectives on the Composition, Evolution, and Expression of Virulence Determinants in Bacterial Plant Pathogens Magdalen Lindeberg

• Plant Defense Compounds: Systems Approaches to Metabolic Analysis Daniel J. Kliebenstein

• Role of Nematode Peptides and Other Small Molecules in Plant Parasitism Melissa G. Mitchum, Xiaohong Wang, Jianying Wang, and Eric L. Davis

• Somatic Hybridization in the Uredinales Robert F. Park and Colin R. Wellings

• Plant Immunity to Necrotrophs Tesfaye Mengiste

• Mechanisms and Evolution of Virulence in Oomycetes Rays H.Y. Jiang and Brett M. Tyler

• Variation and Selection of Quantitative Traits in Plant Pathogens Christian Lannou

• Gall Midges (Hessian Flies) as Plant Pathogens Jeff J. Stuart, Ming-Shun Chen, Richard Shukle, and Marion O. Harris

• Phytophthora Beyond Agriculture Everett M. Hansen, Paul W. Reeser, and Wendy Sutton

• Diversity and Natural Functions of Antibiotics Produced by Beneficial and Plant Pathogenic Bacteria Jos M. Raaijmakers and Mark Mazzola

• The Role of Secretion Systems and Small Molecules in Soft-Rot Enterobacteriaceae Pathogenicity Amy Charkowski, et al.

• Receptor Kinase Signaling Pathways in Plant-Microbe Interactions Meritxell Antolín-Llovera, Martina K. Ried, Andreas Binder, and Martin Parniske

• Fire Blight: Applied Genomic Insights of the Pathogen and Host Mickael Malnoy, Stefan Martens, John L. Norelli, Marie-Anne Barny, George W. Sundin, Theo H.M. Smits, and Brion Duffy

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