metal probe pinpointer
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metal probe pinpointer
  Metalprobe®    It is rainproof and new in color box  With Belt mountable Holster/Cover   Comes with rechargeable battery and charger  offer plug: EU or UK and US for your choice   It is very effective in easily detecting even the smallest of ( grain size ) metallic objects in a wide variety of hunting conditions, including sand, mud, dirt and wet places.   'METALPROBE' Pinpointer pinpoints the exact location of your find   Sensitivity:  0.9 inch coins, deepth: 1.5 inch  find dia. 0.15 inch gold grain  find dia. 0.12 inch silver grain    Metalprobe Features:   Sensitivity adjuster: to adjust sensitivity for different media ( air, water, sand, mud ... )   Also has a light to help you see down your hole  can adjust brightness for different environment   LED probe light for low level light conditions  Audio or Vibration on/off switch   0.5 inch prode shaft so it can move in sand or mud no difficult.   One body probe shaft can deg mud sand or rock without spade   Visual LED target indication - green ready - red target located   Powered by 9V Li battery ( included)  Weight: 180g  The Probe is only 7 inch  easy handling and carrying.   2 year warranty    
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