Our beautiful human brain is amazingly effective at image recognition . All it took was just a few seconds for your brain encoded the images into your memory.
Many experiments have been conducted on human image memory and those experiments have concluded some interesting facts. First, image memory is very durable and long-lasting. If you were to go away and come back to this test 24 hours or even a week later, you would still perform very well. Second, one recent experiment conducted at MIT, participants watched 3000 images for about 3 seconds a piece. That's about 2 hours and 30 minutes. The experimenters then presented these participants with pairs of images. One showed the older images and the other new, much like what you did just now. The study showed that the participants were able to correctly pick out the correct image, 92 percent of the time.
The human brain is simply very, very good at encoding and later recognizing images. It seems to be something that we are just built to do. Like most individuals out there, you may feel that your memory is limited, but trust me, it is remarkable. The problem is not due to your bad memory but the lack of memory training, for there is no such thing as a bad memory, but only an untrained ones.
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