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ROASTING AND QUALITY CONTROL Once the coffee beans have been harvested the beans are dried and sent to a Dry Mill, which is known as a “Roaster”. Here the parchment skin is removed and the coffee bean is now referred to as a green bean. The green beans are then sorted in categories by bean size. My specifications to the Roaster are only the best formed beans are then sent for roasting and packaging. All the roasting of the beans is carefully monitored assuring the quality of the final coffee product.   We package our coffee in vacuum re-sealable, vented bag. The bags are vented due to the natural gases created by the coffee bean. This allows the gases to be released and keep the beans fresher.   We offer to types of Coffee, Dark and Medium Roasted. Dark Roast has less caffeine and a robust flavor where as Medium Roasted has more caffeine and less robust flavor. Most people prefer the Dark Roast, but we offer the Medium Roast to those that want a different taste.   If