Truro Residence: Contemporary Green Architecture by ZeroEnergy Design | Le flux d' |

Designed by ZeroEnergy Design, this modern green home featuring a spectacular water and sunset view is located in Truro, Massachusetts.


The west-facing orientation for glazing isn’t ideal for energy performance, so the rest of the building envelope was designed to offset the expansive view windows. Double stud framing allows a continuous layer of foam insulation and a geothermal system, coupled with a radiant heating system, will supply all of the heating and cooling for the year. In addition to energy efficient appliances and water heaters, all of the spaces are well illuminated using energy efficient fixtures.

The roof sports a large solar electric array to offset energy usage through the use of net metering. A battery back-up and energy management system will store electricity from the solar array; the combination the energy efficient building envelope and systems will allow the home to produce nearly as much energy as it uses over the course of a year...


Via Lauren Moss