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What are the types and efficiencies of current phovoltaic materials? This Wikimedia Commons graph is a great, constantly updated reference to various photovoltaic technologies under research. The classification is to following types of cells:


1) multijunction

2) single-junction GaAs

3) crystalline Si

4) thin-film (CIGS, CdTe, amorphous and other forms of Si )

5) emerging (perovskite, quantum dot, organic, inorganic, dye-sensitized)

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* Nature Photonics has a focus issue on a set of cutting-edge solar cell technologies. It covers quantum dot, polymer, dye-sensitized and intermediate-band solar cells:

The editorial 'A sunny outlook':

 * Brief info on CdTe:  Figure: By NREL (US Department of Energy) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons