WOW! 100+ Royalty Free PSD Product Branding Mock-Up Templates for Free! | Photoshop Mockups |


Creating glossy product mockups to showcase your branding designs can be a lengthy process, in many cases taking as long as the initial brand design!


We can help you compress those hours of work into a few short minutes with a freebie product mockup bundle.


Inkydeal has partnered with the guys from PSD Covers to bring you an amazing deal... more than 100 of their most popular Photoshop Actions that can generate mockups for a wide variety of products, including bags, hardcover ebooks, magazines, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, paperback ebooks, envelopes, business cards, compact discs, cd jewel cases and bluray discs!


These Actions can render your mockups up to 12,400 x 9300 pixels at 300 DPI and come with a royalty free license, making them perfect for websites, flyers, banners, presentations, backgrounds or whatever you can think of!


Best of all, because these product mockup templates are stored as Photoshop Actions the entire bundle is barely 6MB!


Every single one of these eye-catching Actions is free.


That’s 100% off, permanently!



Via Mhd.Shadi Khudr