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I use my page to help myself and others learn more about quality photography. I'm not a perfect photographer as well, but I really want to learn more about the photography.

It is so easy to interact with my community. can be shared by the facebook, google+, Twitter, and Linkedin. Although I only use the facebook among these 4 big Social Networks, the can easily connect with my community who actually uses the

Besides, sends the users daily summary by e-mail notifications. You can choose from the setting option whether you get daily or weekly or Never. I really like the e-mail notification systems. By accepting them, the users get newletters, tips, notifications from topic I follow, curate, and also on my community activities. I can easily catch up with all the information regardless of any topic I follow. users need to be gradually contributed to the Page. There are not many times when many uploads were done within a few minutes. The Page is not made for NMT class, but it lasts forever if you do not get rid of account. We can get bunch of ideas, information even after this semester is over. I will also try to keep it in my mind.

My favorite was about Asia’s biggest photo and imaging exhibition. The place to be to learn the latest trends, technologies and accessories about photography and imaging,’2013 PHOTO & IMAGING’ started April 4th in SEOUL, South Korea. As I got this post, I started to think what kind of camera would meet my expectation. I think that selecting a camera is the first step to be familiar with the photography rather than any other tips.