The Canon EOS-1D C is Different Than the EOS-1D X on the Inside « Canon Rumors
The EOS-1D C isn't just firmware There have been reports around the web that the upcoming Canon EOS-1D C is the exact same camera internally as the EOS-1D X (other than the PC sync port) and Canon is...
Nikon D600 sensor’s dust spots caused by a gap around the shutter?
Lomography announces Belair X 6-12 bellows camera
Lomography announced new line of bellows cameras called Belair X 6-12.
Nikon 1 V2 mirrorless camera will be announced next
Pin It The next Nikon announcement will be for the Nikon 1 V2 mirrorless camera. This is not a surprise after the huge price V1 drop reported few days ago.
Pentax talks full frame again
Pin It DC.Watch published an interview with Pentax Japan development chief Toshiyuki Kitazawa.