Fuji X-T1 Review :: Yep. It’s A Fuji / ZACKarias dedpxl | Photography | Scoop.it

I have now had the Fuji X-T1 since February of this year. I have traveled to Dubai, Morocco, Cuba, and numerous places through the US with the XT and the new 10-24mm f4, 56mm 1.2, and 27mm 2.8 pancake lenses. I’ve shot street, portraits, personal work, and paid work with this camera and these lenses. Fuji sent the camera and lenses to me and then I picked up a second body because these are now my small camera work horses. I no longer own a single piece of DSLR gear. I shoot my PhaseOne on some jobs and I shoot Fuji’s for the rest. I do not foresee going back to DSLR’s any time soon.

Via Stanford E Moore